1and1 VS Arvixe – Which One Offers Better ASP.NET Hosting

1and1 VS Arvixe – Which One Offers Better ASP.NET Hosting

1and1 and Arvixe are two large hosting companies, which have hundreds and thousands of loyal clients. The business of 1and1 covers almost everything in the field, including domain registration, web hosting, servers, eCommerce and other products and services. While Arvixe, focusing on providing professional web hosting and relevant services, gains good reputation among customers and industry authorities.

There are many customers who are stuck with the two hosting giants in the market and have no idea about which one is better. So our editors spend some time to dig out real information about their hosting, hoping to provide useful guidance. In this 1and1 VS Arvixe, we discuss the weaknesses and strengths from aspects including pricing, features, performance and customer service.

Before reading the comparison, you may want to have a look at the service ratings below.

Rating 1and1 Arvixe
Pricing 3.5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 3 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Performance 3 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Support 2.5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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Windows Hosting Price

1and1 pricing

price1and1 offers three Windows shared hosting plans for all. The three plans include the Unlimited Windows, the Unlimited Plus Windows and the Unlimited Pro Windows, which are priced at $0.99/mo, $4.99/mo and $8.99/mo respectively.

At the first sight, you may be surprised that the company should provide such a low pricing. But you need to know that these prices are just the starting prices exclusive to the first term – 1 year. After the initial term, you need to pay for the plans at renewal prices – $6.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $14.99/mo. For the cheapest Unlimited Windows plan, the renewal price is almost 7 times the price of the initial term.

Arvix pricing

Arvixe has released two Windows hosting solutions: PersonalClass ASP and ASP-PRO. The two plans price at $5.00/mo and $8.00/mo. Frankly speaking, Arvixe is one of the few hosts who provide affordable Windows hosting solutions, not to mention the discounts provided by Arvixe which are available for all.

You can get 30% discounts for both plans by using coupon code BWH360 or clicking the Arvixe promotional link below. With these discounts, the cost can be kept to the minimum of $3.5/mo. On the whole, Arvixe is more affordable and cost-effective.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation


Both 1and1 and Arvixe provide freebies in all their Windows hosting plans to bring some more benefits to their users.

  • 1and1 offers a free domain in all annual plans.
  • Arvixe provides a free domain regardless of the length of the billing cycle. The domain is free for the lifetime of your hosting account. Besides, there are $100 Google AdWords credits and $100 Yahoo/Bing search marketing credits available for free, with which you are able to promote your business with paid ads.

Refund guarantees

Arvixe has a 60-day refund guarantee, which is much better than the 30-day money back guarantee of 1and1. The longer the refund period is, the more chances you get to try the hosting plan and test the support and performance.


featuresIt is undeniable that the feaures provided by 1and1 are disappointing. As usual, we select two plans that are at the same pricing level from the two companies respectively. So we focus on the Unlimited Windows of 1and1 and the PersonalClass ASP of Arvixe.

Clearly, although the two plans do share some features such as unlimited data transfer, the PersonalClass ASP is much more rich-featured than the Unlimited Windows. PersonalClass ASP includes unlimited disk space, domain aliases, subdomains, FTP accounts, mailboxes, autoresponders, email lists, and MS SQL 2012 databases, while Unlimited Windows only has 100 email accounts, 2 GB email storage, 100 subdomains, 20 FTP accounts and 5 MS SQL 2012 databases.

As all webmasters know, sufficient resources and space is a must for the smooth running of websites. Arvixe indeed gives rich features and enough space. Besides, it utilizes the most advanced technologies in all plans, which may contribute a lot to the management of websites. Get more information at this page.

In fact, in addition to the resources, there is another notable difference that you have to give attention – the control panel.

  • Arvixe offers WebSitePanel along with a demo for it. You can try the demo and see how this control panel is easy-to-use and rich-featured. Having been recognized as one of the best control panels for Windows hosting, WebSitePanel gives you enough tools to manage domains, files, emails, and more. And there is also an installer that automates the installation of dozens of applications like DotNetNuke, Kentico and WordPress.
  • 1and1 provides a custom control panel which has not been widely known or used. The company claims that the control panel is easy-to-use, however, user reviews say that the low ratings the company gets in usability attribute a lot to this control panel. It is good if you can contact the sales team and ask for a control panel demo before settling down on 1and1.


performance1and1 and Arvixe issue 99.9% uptime guarantee. Both of them have substantial strength in facilities and infrastructures. Arvixe has invested a lot on data centers and servers over these years, so as to ensure high performance and make customers satisfied. 1and1 has its own-managed data center, which is equipped with robust equipment and has complete monitoring and power supply system.

The two companies are stable, but sometimes 1and1 users experience frequent downtimes even offline especially in peaks, which may be attributed to occasional network failure or maintenance.

Speaking of speed, we’d like to show in the form of dynamic charts. The speed comparison chart below is made based on actual statistics we collected by testing them. And you can see that Arvixe is much faster than 1and1.

Customers Service

supportArvixe and 1and1 offer 24×7 customer service. But as mentioned above, 1and1 is a large company that has millions of different customers to deal with. Usually, customers cannot get timely responses because staffs are busy with dealing with other clients especially potential customers. Besides, 1and1 has no live chat support, which further slows down the speed of replies.

As for Arvixe, its technical support team is available anytime. Customers can reach its employees via multiple channels like email, phone call and live chat. All employees are well-trained and have much knowledge and experience in hosting services. In addition, there are so many video tutorials designed for FAQs on the official website.

Conclusion- Arvixe is Much Better

Undoubtedly, it is wise to choose Arvixe to cope with. With the same cost, you can get more features and better service. More importantly, quality support and high-speed are two fateful factors that you cannot get on 1and1.

Besides our recommendation to Arvixe, in fact there are a lot of positive voice to this company over the Internet. Take HostUCan an example. Currently, that site has received 156 Arvixe customer reviews, and the customer satisfaction rate is up to 96%. Read the following statistics chart.