A2Hosting vs 1and1 on Windows Hosting

A2Hosting vs 1and1 on Windows Hosting

The A2Hosting vs 1and1 comparison will have a detailed discussion on the Windows hosting which is suitable for websites powered by .NET language and framework. Since A2Hosting is well-known for the Linux hosting service, you may question whether this web host is a right choice on the Windows hosting. 1and1 is also one of the cheap hosting providers whose Windows hosting solutions are charged for much lower prices than the industry average. However, a question remains unanswered that whether the cheap hosting solutions come with quality Windows hosting service.

To answer the questions, we dig into the details on the hosting charges, available features, reliability, performance, and support. For the comprehensive information, we browse the official site for the basic information, take users’ feedbacks for reference, and monitor the hosting environment for real statistics. Then we are able to share the below rating table and detailed evidence with you.

Rating A2Hosting 1and1
Price 4.5 5
Feature 5 3
Uptime 4.5 4.5
Speed 4.5 2.5
Support 4.5 4
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1and1 Edges over A2Hosting

More Windows hosting scalability

In fact, A2Hosting is new to Windows hosting when compared with 1and1. Therefore, it is not surprising that A2Hosting is still on the way to optimize the VPS and dedicated servers for Windows hosting. However, you have more freedom to upgrade your package with 1and1. Frankly speaking, the Windows shared hosting service can meet the needs for a simple blog and small website.

Cheaper hosting charges

There must be many customers who are attracted by the 1and1 low prices which start at $0.99/mo, $3.99/mo, and $3.99/mo for the 12/12/36-month payment. After the first term, the starting prices will go up to $7.99/mo regardless of your billing cycles. And all the Windows hosting solutions include a 1-year free domain name which can help you have more control over the budget.

Certainly, there is no denying that A2Hosting also sets affordable hosting fees for the Windows shared hosting solutions which are priced from $9.99/mo in the regular time and $4.90/mo with a 51% discount. Below is the promotional link available for you to activate the discount. In addition, a good piece of news is that you can try A2Hosting with the monthly billing cycle.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

A2Hosting Edges over 1and1

More developer friendly features

If you are tight on your budget, it seems that there is no doubt that you need to go straightforward to 1and1. However, we would like to give you a negative answer. On one hand, the low prices are not covered with some developer friendly features, such as, MS Web Deploy, Silverlight, Node.js, and more. On the other hand, you are limited by the disk space usage, custom control panel, etc.

However, things will be different with A2Hosting who not only makes all the plans developer-friendly but also includes them with basic features like unlimited disk space and Plesk control panel. From this perspective, it is necessary for you to think twice before subscription.

Feature A2Hosting 1and1
Plan Lite Basic
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited 100 GB
Free Domain 0 1
Databases 5 25
Mailboxes 25 500
Control Panel Plesk Custom
Refund Anytime 30 Days
Windows Server Yes Yes
IIS Yes Yes
MS Web Deploy Yes No
Classic ASP Yes No
Silverlight Yes No
Node.js Yes No
Special Offer $4.90/mo $0.99/mo
Conclusion Recommended

Higher hosting reliability & performance

As a webmaster, you can ignore the importance of hosting reliability and performance. Therefore, A2Hosting and 1and1 are not exceptions who make the efforts to improve hosting environment. However, not all web hosts can get the desired effect like 1and1 who fails to deliver a fast speed. The 757ms server response time which is 47% longer than that of A2Hosting lacks competitiveness in the industry.

In most cases, web hosts have the ability to deliver higher than 99.9% uptime as long as they do not overload accounts on each server. Things will be much more complicated when it comes to the fast hosting environment. A2Hosting is the winner thanks to the multiple data centers, high-performance servers, SSD drives, CloudFlare CDN, and more.

More responsive support

During your hosting journey, an announcement is often made by web hosts that they will spare no efforts to provide 24/7 technical support whenever you need. However, you may be told with a different story when you hold expectations for the support team. Though multiple contact tunnels (phone call, live chat, and ticket system) are open to the public, we will check whether both web hosts cover their words on the basis of the users’ feedbacks and our tests.

To be honest, our test in accordance with the feedbacks from users speaks that 1and1 still needs improvement in responsiveness. A2Hosting can ensure the timely live support within 15 seconds and ticket system within 1 hour. It is worth mentioning that both web hosts have no problem to provide effective solutions.

Final Verdict

There is a saying that you get what you pay for. Therefore, I advise you to stay away from 1and1 who has a long way to be one of the best Windows hosting providers. It is a fact that A2Hosting is not a perfect choice, but you can have a try if you are bothered to look for the best one. What if you are not satisfied with the job, you would have the right to ask for a refund within 30 days with A2Hosting.