A2Hosting VS Arvixe on Windows Hosting

A2Hosting VS Arvixe on Windows Hosting

In order to pick up a Windows hosting solution, you may be exhausted on the road to look for a proper hosting provider. If it happens that A2Hosting and Arvixe are on your shopping list, you do not need to make a further exploration this time. This article has almost covered the factors you concern a lot.

Both A2Hosting and Arvixe have been trying to meet various needs for hosting services including Windows hosting. Then we are going to tell whether the two web hosts can provide a quality Windows hosting service for individuals and small/medium-sized businesses. According to the rating table, Arvixe is not a good Windows hosting provider because of the bad performance and poor support.

Rating A2Hosting Arvixe
Price 4.5 4
Feature 4.5 3.5
Performance 5 3
Tech Support 5 3
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A2Hosting VS Arvixe – Similarities

Though we have indicated that Arvixe is not a good choice, Arvixe also provides good Windows shared hosting plans with affordable prices and rich features. And Arvixe promises a competitive refund policy.

Acceptable Hosting Prices

A2Hosting titles the three Windows shared hosting plans as Lite, Swift, and Turbo. Under normal circumstances, the prices for them are at least $9.99/mo, $11.99/mo, and $21.99/mo. With the promotional link, the regular prices are replaced by $4.90/mo, $5.88/mo, and $10.78/mo.

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The two Arvixe plans are named after Personal Class and Personal Class Pro. They are regularly charged for $8/mo and $11/mo. Arvixe allows you to get a plan at a discount of up to 43%, charging you as low as $5/mo and $8/mo.

Some free extras inside the plans attract our attention. All the A2Hosting plans are packed with free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, SSD, and CloudFlare CDN. The Arvixe plans include a free domain name for life, $100 credits for Google AdWords and $100 credits for Yahoo!/Bing. In a word, both of them set affordable prices for the Windows shared hosting plans.

In addition, they both offer a user-friendly refund policy which is displayed in below. In normal conditions, most of their competitors ensure a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • A2Hosting: a full refund policy within 30 days and a pro-rated one after 30 days
  • Arvixe: a 60-day full refund policy

Rich Hosting Features

If the prices are acceptable, it is natural for you to care about what you can get from the plans. To be honest, A2Hosting and Arvixe attach a great importance to the cost-effectiveness since all the plans are featured with rich resources. You can find the evidence to our words in the feature table.

Features A2Hosting Arvixe
Plan Lite Personal Class
Domain(s) 1 6
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 25 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 5 Unlimited
MSSQL Databases 5 5
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Windows Server 2012 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 2014
ASP.NET 2.x/3.x/4.x 2.x/3.x/4.x
Silverlight Yes Yes
IIS 8.5 8.5
PHP 5.x/7.1 5.x/7
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A2Hosting VS Arvixe – Differences

Hosting Environment

How about their hosting environment? It is nice for A2Hosting to provide a good hosting environment for webmasters. However, we are really disappointed about the Arvixe uptime and speed because there is big gap between the reality and the desired effect.

It is no wonder that a great number of users have had a bad using experience, complaining a lot about the Arvixe downtime and latencies. The Arvixe uptime is beneath 99.9% and the server response time is around 700ms.

In comparison, one of the reasons why A2Hosting gains high customer satisfaction is that A2Hosting succeeds in guaranteeing over 99.9% uptime and less than 400ms server response time. Below is our record for the A2Hosting uptime and then follows by the performance comparison between A2Hosting and Arvixe.

Customer service

When some accidents inevitably happen to your site, you will get a great comfort from a solid support team. A poor customer service probably leads to the loss of customers because they are desperate to get a helpful support.

Both A2Hosting and Arvixe have created multiple methods for you to get support. On one hand, there is a knowledgebase available for you on their official site. On the other hand, it is convenient for you to use the ticket system, live chat, and toll-free phone number.

However, we have heard many bad voices about Arvixe on the Internet because of the long support holding time and unhelpful answers. Therefore, most of them have decided to leave for a better hosting provider. According to our test, Arvixe has not learned the lesson and shaped a solid support team.

Final Thought – A2Hosting Is Recommended

At the beginning, it is easy for you to choose a Windows hosting plan from Arvixe due to the cheap plans and rich features. However, you may get a headache because time will test the hosting environment and technical support. After reading this article, you must have found the reasons to sort out Arvixe.

Comparing Arvixe with A2Hosting, you will easily identity the better Windows hosting provider – A2Hosting. In fact, we are not surprised at our conclusion because A2Hosting has already built its own reputation via the edges.