A2Hosting VS GoDaddy on Windows Hosting

A2Hosting VS GoDaddy on Windows Hosting

A2Hosting and GoDaddy were not started as Windows hosting providers. But during the years of development, they have built their own servers and facilities which can support them to offer more services including Windows hosting in a reliable environment.

Your hesitation towards the two web hosts should come from the uncertainty about their Windows hosting service quality since they charge similar rates for their plans. This comparison will get rid of your confusion by comparing the two companies’ Windows hosting plans side by side.

To begin with, read the following service ratings.

Rating A2Hosting GoDaddy
Price 4 4
Features 4.5 3
Reliability 4.5 3.5
Hosting Speed 4.5 2.5
Support 5 3.5
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Who Offers More Cost-Effective Windows Hosting?

A2Hosting and GoDaddy both offer upgradable plans and charge almost the same fees for the plans. But when features are considered, A2Hosting wins a little because it utilizes the latest technologies.

Windows hosting price – Both are affordable

A2Hosting provides three different plans based on the available server resources. With regular prices starting from $9.99/mo to $21.99/mo, the plans come with an introductory offer for all new customers clicking the promo link below – a 51% discount. So now you can buy the plans with lower rates starting at $4.9/mo only.

Free SSD, R1Soft backups, website transfer, and Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate are included in all the plans. And you can benefit from the anytime refund guarantee.

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GoDaddy has the same pricing strategy as A2Hosting. It offers three plans with regular rates starting from $7.99/mo to $16.99/mo, and a 50% discount is valid for new customers so the effective price is lowered to $3.99/mo. 30-day refund is promised.

Features – A2Hosting offers newer Microsoft technologies

Both A2Hosting and GoDaddy allow 1 website to be hosted in their basic plan, but unlimited sites in other plans. In terms of other features, there are also some similarities.

  • Both offer the Plesk control panel to make the management of websites and the hosting accounts easy.
  • Both provide MSSQL 2014 databases, Silverlight 5, Classic ASP, etc.
  • A2Hosting uses Windows Server 2012, and GoDaddy offers Windows Server 2012 R2.

Despite these facts, A2Hosting is more considerate in providing the new things, such as PHP 7.0/7.1, ASP.NET MVC 5 and .NET Core 1.1. Now see why in the following table.

Feature A2Hosting GoDaddy
Plan Lite Economy
Storage Unlimited 100 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Website 1 1
MySQL DBs 5 10
Email Accounts 25 1
ASP.NET 4.x Yes Yes
.NET Core 1.1 Yes No
PHP 7.x Yes No
SSD Yes No
Price $4.9/mo $3.99/mo
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Who Has the Better Web Hosting Performance?

Understanding the importance of keeping servers online all the time, A2Hosting and GoDaddy provide all users with the guarantee of 99.9% uptime. But for the hosting speed, they are quite different.

Another difference to note is that A2Hosting has always been focusing on eco-friendly hosting services. The company takes multiple measures to reduce the pollution, such as planting trees, investing in clean energy and preventing unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Uptime – Both are reliable

A2Hosting has three facilities on the global to serve customers in different countries – one in the US, one in Asia, and another in Europe. The company owns all the web servers, and is responsible for them. With a UPS system for the facilities, multihomed network, 24×7 monitoring, and advanced security, A2Hosting has not surprised us by delivering over 99.9% service uptime during the past 12 months.

GoDaddy has about ten facilities which are distributed around the world. Owning and operating the facilities, this company has invested a lot to make them reliable enough to power all types of users. So there is no surprise to find that GoDaddy can offer 99.9% uptime, too.

Speed – A2Hosting wins a lot

A2Hosting has done a lot of things to make the content stored on its servers displayed in visitors’ web browsers in a faster speed.

  • Its servers all featured SSDs that accelerate the database, OS and files. Besides, every server comes with a minimum of 12 cores and 64 GB RAM.
  • It offers free CloudFlare ServerShield to deliver content with the fastest route.
  • It offers fast 10 Gb/s network.

Compared with GoDaddy which is widely known for being slow, A2Hosting is much faster. You can see a detailed comparison in the chart below.

Who Is More Helpful for the After-Sale Problems?

To help customers solve simple problems quickly, the two web hosts both offer a knowlegebase and some FAQs that cover the basic Windows hosting issues such as account setup, control panel, and application installation. Also, they provide real expert help, too.

Contact channels – A2Hosting makes it easier to contact

When a problem arises, you can contact A2Hosting and GoDaddy via the helpdesk, live chat, and phone. Both web hosts make their phone support available 24×7. However, for some other support channels, there are differences.

  • A2Hosting live chat system is usable 24×7, so you can start a chat with the support staff at any time. GoDaddy only provides chat service during the work hours.
  • A2Hosting allows contacts through emails, while GoDaddy doesn’t.

Problem solving – Both are professional

Fortunately, both A2Hosting and GoDaddy are reliable hosting providers hiring all knowledgeable support staff. You can rest assured that the problems sent to them can be resolved properly, and you are able to get an answer in time.

Which Is the Proper Choice?

A2Hosting and GoDaddy are reliable. But if you are serious about the website development and performance, we’d recommend the former more. A2Hosting has been keeping a good user rating due to the ease of use, developer-friendly tools and helpful support. Also, you can start a trial without risks with the anytime refund guarantee.