A2Hosting VS WinHost on ASP.NET Hosting

A2Hosting VS WinHost on ASP.NET Hosting

A2Hosting and WinHost are two web hosts who have served a great number of webmasters. A2Hosting known for the Linux-based shared hosting is a relatively green hand for the Windows-based hosting. However, WinHost has accumulated rich hosting experience on providing a quality ASP.NET hosting service. The A2Hosting VS WinHost is written to answer whether A2Hosting coming late gets ahead of WinHost.

We have reviewed the two web hosts from the perspectives of the plans, hosting performance, and technical support so as to present you with a comprehensive comparison. The below scores are based on our objective conclusion towards their ASP.NET hosting service.

Rating A2Hosting WinHost
Price 4.5 5
Feature 5 4.5
Reliability 5 5
Performance 4.5 5
Tech Support 5 4.5
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Company Information

Since the inception in 2003, A2Hosting has never stopped the steps to provide multiple hosting services. As a partner of Carbonfund.org, A2Hosting also takes participation in the battle against global warming. So far, A2Hosting has made its own contribution by purchasing renewable energy, planting trees, and many more.

Unlike A2Hosting, WinHost has been always focusing on the affordable Windows hosting, not trying to be all things to all webmasters. Identifying itself as an ASP.NET hosting expert, WinHost develops its own control panel and servers. In addition, it has made many efforts to ensure a stable and reliable hosting environment.

A2Hosting VS WinHost on Prices

In order to meet the needs for individuals and businesses, A2Hosting and WinHost both have released three ASP.NET hosting solutions. In this way, you can purchase one according to your business size and budget.

The A2Hosting Windows plans (Lite, Swift, and Turbo) are at the prices of $9.99/mo, $11.99/mo, and $21.99/mo in the regular time. To make the plans more budget-friendly, the regular prices are now replaced by $4.90/mo, $5.88/mo, and $10.78/mo.

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WinHost sets the prices for the Windows plans (Basic Plan, Max Plan, and Ultimate Plan) from $3.95/mo, $7.95/mo, and $15.95/mo, which are available for 2-year payment. You are required to pay $4.95/mo, $9.95/mo, and $19.95/mo for 1-year payment. If you go with monthly payment, you need to pay $5.95/mo, $11.95/mo, and $21.95/mo. The longer billing term you choose, the more money you will save.

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If you worry about whether the hosting service is worth your money, the 30-day full money back guarantee can protect you from the worry. Even better, you are backed by an anytime pro-rated refund policy if you place an order on A2Hosting.

A2Hosting VS WinHost on Feature

Having learned the pricing and the refund policy, you may now care much about the features inside the Windows hosting solutions. Considering that the prices of Lite and Basic Plan are similar, we have listed out the core features of them in below.

Features A2Hosting WinHost
Plan Lite Basic Plan
Disk Space Unlimited 3 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 50 GB
Control Panel Plesk Custom
1-Click Free Installation Yes Yes
Windows Server 2012 2008/2012
ASP.NET 2.x/3.x/4.x 2.0/3.5/4.5.2/4.6
ASP.NET MVC 4/5 1/2/3/4/5/6
MSSQL 2014 2008/2012/2014/2016
IIS 8.5 7/8
PHP 5.x/7.x 5.x/7
Price $4.90/mo $3.95/mo
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The table shows that the two web hosts have their own edges. The Lite plan comes with more disk space and bandwidth while the Basic Plan is equipped with the latest version of ASP.NET MVC and MSSQL. A2Hosting offers a popular control panel while WinHost builds its own ASP.NET control panel which can be tested before your subscription.

A2Hosting VS WinHost on Performance

Indeed, it is difficult to tell which one is the winner according to our monitoring results. Both of them have reached more than 99.9% uptime which is much better than the guarantee. It is no wonder that A2Hosting dares to provide a service credit for more than 0.1% downtime.

At the same time, the two web hosts are able to guarantee a fast hosting environment. Our results show that they both have achieved less than 400ms server response time. Judging from the same price level, we find that WinHost is slightly faster than A2Hosting. However, the Turbo plan released by A2Hosting allows you to enjoy a 20x faster speed with the help of SwiftServer platform.

A2Hosting VS WinHost on Technical Support

Admittedly, the support team members of both web hosts are selected to make a quick response to your problems. During our survey, we find that A2Hosting is able to provide more considerate technical support than WinHost since there is a gap between the contact methods.

A2Hosting allows you to ask for help via email, phone, as well as live chat while email support is only available for the WinHost users. Though email is a good way to fix complex problems, it is still not as efficient as live chat and phone.


After an in-depth review on A2Hosting and WinHost, we believe that both of them are trustworthy for you to run a site. A2Hosting is a wise choice if you are in want of a longer money guarantee and more considerate customer service. WinHost is a great hosting provider if you have a higher requirement on the price and professionalism.