Arvixe VS DiscountASP.NET – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

Arvixe VS DiscountASP.NET – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

Since its foundation in 2003, Arvixe has developed a relatively complete product series including web hosting, blog hosting, CMS hosting, e-Commerce hosting and so on. ASP.NET hosting is also covered, and this service was favored by hundreds of users due to the affordable price.

As for DiscountASP.NET, the company is the same age as Arvixe. But unlike Arvixe, DiscountASP.NET focuses on Windows hosting only. And their commitment and dedication is paid with praises from the authorities and customers.

Both companies are experienced providers ofASP.NET hosting, but do you know their similarities and differences? If not, here comes this comparison which is going to analyze both companies from the perspectives of price, feature, performance and technical support.


Arvixe provides two packages for ASP.NET hosting: Personal Class ASP and Personal Class ASP Pro. And the company rates them at $5/mo and $8/mo. You cannot find any discount currently.

Considering DiscountASP.NET, the company only has one plan named Base Web Hosting Plan which is priced at $10/mo. But DiscountASP.NET has a special promotion for pre-paid one-year service. If you buy a one-year service, you have three-month free and only need to pay $90/yr. Besides, if you purchase their products through the promotional link below, you only need to pay $5/mo with a 50% discount.

DiscountASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

Both companies accept major credit cards for payment processing. As for money back guarantee, Arvixe supports 60 days money back while DiscountASP.NET provides 30 days.


For better comparison, we choose two plans with close price. Because DiscountASP.NET only has one plan at $5/mo, we choose Personal Class ASP from Arvixe which charges $5/mo. Both companies have presented details on feature, and we only select some major ones for your references.

Feature Arvixe DiscountASP.NET
Plan In Comparison Personal ClassASP Base Hosting
Sites on 1 Account 6 1
Disk Space Unlimited 1000MB
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited 80GB
OS Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2012
ASP.NET 4.5 4.5.2/4.6/5
MS SQL 2014 2012/2014/2016
PHP 5 5
IIS 8 8
WebSockets No Yes
Classic ASP No Yes
node.js No Yes
Full Trust Yes Yes
Control Panel WebSitePanel Custom Control Panel
Effective Price $5/mo $5.0/mo
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From the above, you can find out that both companies provide the basic features. Although DiscountASP.NET lags behind a little bit in resources, the company has great development features and many new technologies which are not available on Arvixe servers. Besides, those resources available are actually enough for shared hosting users, not to mention the fact that DiscountASP.NET allows purchasing additional resources.

Generally speaking, DiscountASP.NET wins in the aspect of ASP.NET hosting features.


Arvixe has three datacenters in USA, and it has invested a lot in datacenter infrastructures like power system. As for DiscountASP.NET, the company has datacenters in both USA and Europe. And they have 24×7 on-site staffs monitoring those datacenters so as to provide reliable services for users.

Despite these efforts, only DiscountASP.NET shows competitive edges in uptime by offering over 99.9% uptime in the real monitoring.

In terms of Arvixe, however, uptime is a major pain for most of its users. According to user reviews and the monitoring statistics, the company only delivers 99.7% uptime in most months. For this reason, we don’t suggest this provider for online businesses.

As for speed, DiscountASP.NET adopts top-class technologies, Dell servers and Tier 1 telecom providers to ensure fast network connections and data processing. For the latest technologies and dedicated engineers, this web host has been appreciated for fast speed. The reputation of Arvixe in speed, however, is much lower.

Technical Support

Both companies support email for communication while Arvixe also provides live chat. For self-help, you can go to their knowledgebase and forums where you will find FAQs and the alike. However, does that mean Arvixe provides better technical support for ASP.NET hosting users?

In fact, no matter how many channels one company provides, the most important thing is how they respond when issues happen to users’ websites. According to customer feedbacks, DiscountASP.NET has really knowledgeable support agents who know what’s wrong and what they can do when issues arise. Tickets are replied in a short time, and every server-related problem can be resolved properly. So, the majority of their users are satisfied with their technical support.

Arvixe, however, doesn’t provide good technical support although there are multiple communication channels available. Since the company offers a wide variety of hosting services, not all the support agents know well about ASP.NET. What’s worse, the support quality has been descending quickly in the past year as many people complain that the technical support is useless.

Arvixe Complaint About Technical Support


From the analyses above, you can notice DiscountASP.NET can live up to their good reputation for affordable price, good performance and efficient customer service, while Arvixe cannot. As a Microsoft certified Gold Hosting Partner, DiscountASP.NET has always been devoted to quality ASP.NET hosting, and its services are professional.

Therefore, if you are in need for quality ASP.NET hosting service, you can trust DiscountASP.NET more.