ASPHostPortal VS 1and1 on Windows Hosting

ASPHostPortal VS 1and1 on Windows Hosting

ASPHostPortal and 1and1 have been providing Windows hosting plans for years. ASPHostPortal focuses much on Windows shared hosting, and it always adopts the newest technologies. 1and1 is larger in the business size, while this web host has distributed the concentration to various services like cloud hosting and domain registration.

This comparison between ASPHostPortal and 1and1 will show their pros and cons from several important factors such as the price, feature, speed, and customer service. The detailed information is helpful for deciding whether one of the two web hosts is a great option for you.

Rating ASPHostPortal 1and1
Prices 3 3.5
Features 3.5 3
Uptime 4 4
Speed 2.5 2.5
Tech Support 3 3.5
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Both Provide Affordable Plans

In fact, ASPHostPortal provides more Windows hosting plans than 1and1, and the two web hosts have their different pricing policies. However, their plans indeed come with affordable prices.

ASPHostPortal has prepared plans for users ranging from newbies to medium-sized businesses. The 8 plans are priced from $0.99/mo to $50.99/mo. The following things are worth your attention.

  • These prices are valid for 5-year subscriptions only. The 3/1-year terms come with higher rates, and the 3-month subscriptions are the most expensive. For example, the Host One plan is priced at $3.81/mo, $4.92/mo, $5.77/mo and $7.99/mo now for 5/3/1-year and 3-month terms respectively.
  • The $0.99/mo plan is not good-to-use since there is no database or email space. Besides, only 1 GB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth are included.
  • The purchases of any ASPHostPortal plan are backed by the 30-day refund guarantee.

1and1 provides 3 plans which are promoted at the special prices starting at $0.99/mo only. Different from ASPHostPortal, 1and1 charges the low fees for the first 12 months, and then the prices go back to the regular ones starting at $7.99/mo. For these plans, 30-day refund is guaranteed.

If your budget is strictly limited, you can try 1and1 for the cheap price in the first year. But if you want to save more from a longer contract, ASPHostPortal is the cheaper choice.

Feature Comparison – Many Differences Exist

Both ASPHostPortal and 1and1 provide unlimited websites, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, PHP, LINQ, AJAX, etc. However, we still find some differences which show the strengths and weakness of the two web hosts clearly.

  • 1and1 provides unlimited disk space in all plans, while ASPHostPortal doesn’t.
  • The Windows hosting services from ASPHostPortal are easier-to-use because of the Plesk control panel. 1and1 uses a custom control panel.
  • ASPHostPortal adopts some newer technologies, for example, ASP.NET 5, ASP.NET MVC 6, and Silverlight 6. These things are absent from 1and1 feature list.

More feature information is presented in the following table.

Feature ASPHostPortal 1and1
Plan Host One Unlimited Windows
Websites Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 5 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 60 GB Unlimited
MSSQL Databases 2 5
MySQL Databases 3 Unknown
Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 2016
MSSQL 2016 Yes Yes
ASP.NET 4.5/4.6 Yes Yes
ASP.NET 5 Yes No
PHP 7 Yes Yes
ASP.NET MVC 5.x/6 3/4/5
WebDeploy/WebMatrix Yes No
Full Trust Yes Yes
Free Domain No Yes
Discounted Price (1-Year) $5.77/mo $0.99/mo
Regular Price $6.79/mo $7.99/mo

Both Offer Good Uptime

Being the home to thousands of websites, ASPHostPortal and 1and1 are doing well in the service reliability. They didn’t fail our expectation in our expert monitoring because both can exceed the standard of 99.9% uptime, which is highly appreciated. In below, we will show the uptime statistics of 1and1.

When using the service from either web host, you can rest assured that it uses reliable global data centers with redundant power and well-connected networks. There won’t be frequent downtime issues.

Neither Is Fast Enough

Though the uptime is good, you may be disappointed when looking at the speed records of ASPHostPortal and 1and1. 1and1 needs 700ms or more for server responses, and the time is even longer for ASPHostPortal. Page loads, then, usually take over 5 seconds.

These two companies are not the slowest in the industry. However, they are not excellent, either. You can easily find a Windows hosting provider that consumes about 300ms only for server responses and keeps the page loading time under 3 seconds. Fast speed is critical for any online success, after all.

Technical Support – Limitations Exist

Both ASPHostPortal and 1and1 can provide 24×7 technical support through a ticket system which can be accessed by logging into your account. But pay attention that tickets are usually of low efficiency because you may need to spend over 24 hours waiting for a reply. Resolving a real issue by communicating through tickets could take a couple of days.

Also, some other support resources are available with the two web hosts, for example, the knowledgebase which includes written materials for addressing the common problems.

However, if you need much help from the hosting provider, please be aware of the following facts.

  • You can reach the 1and1 support team by making calls, but ASPHostPortal doesn’t allow you to do this because there is no phone number available.
  • Neither of the two web hosts provides live chat.

Which Web Host Should You Go?

ASPHostPortal and 1and1 are affordable options for Windows hosting, but they are not among the best. The former doesn’t perform well in the speed and support, and the latter lacks some great features. So as a conclusion, we don’t recommend either of them for businesses and the serious bloggers.

Instead, you’d better take a look at more Windows hosting providers and find the best one. Below are several of the reputable choices which are worth a review.