ASPHostPortal VS Arvixe – Choose Better ASP.NET Hosting

ASPHostPortal VS Arvixe – Choose Better ASP.NET Hosting

ASPHostPortal and Arvixe are two Windows hosting providers that have won a good reputation for offering reliable and affordable hosting solutions to individuals, small businesses, families, as well as many businesses that are in a larger size.

As choosing the right hosting provider will surely improve your online presence and accelerate your success, we now would like to make a comparison between ASPHostPortal and Arvixe to assist those who want to make a choice between the two web hosts.

Details of the hosting costs, refund guarantees, performance, features and more are all presented in below. And for a better overall understanding, you can read some ratings first.

Rating ASPHostPortal Arvixe
Pricing 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 3 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Performance 3.5 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Support 2.5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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ASP.NET Hosting Costs

Both of ASPHostPortal and Arvixe provide affordable ASP.NET hosting plans that are priced at the average level or lower. However, the two companies are quite different in terms of the refund guarantee.

Hosting prices

ASPHostPortal offers 4 entry-level ASP.NET hosting plans and 4 advanced plans. The former type of plans is priced from $1/mo, designed for small businesses and individuals, while the latter type is available from $23/mo, almost equal to a Windows VPS.

The $1/mo Host Intro plan seems very appealing because you may not have found such a cheap offer anywhere else. However, the following two facts are worth attention.

  • The low price of $1/mo is restricted to a 36-month term. 12-month terms require $2/mo, and there is no other billing cycle to choose.
  • Except for Host Intro, the other entry-level plans are all priced at the average level on the market, starting at $5/mo.

It is reasonable to believe that the Host Intro plan is mainly offered with a marketing or promotion purpose, because the plan is actually with low real value to use, which you can learn later.

In contrast with ASPHostPortal, Arvixe doesn’t provide a wide range of choices for ASP.NET users to choose. For shared hosting, the company only offers two plans whose only difference is the number of websites allowed to host.

Priced from $5/mo and $8/mo for regular users, the two plans can be purchased at $3.5/mo and $5.6/mo only with the exclusive 30% discount available through the coupon code BWH360. These prices are affordable indeed.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

A value-adding point of Arvixe ASP.NET hosting plans is the freebies worth over $250, including:

  • A lifetime free .net, .com, .us or .org domain name.
  • $100 voucher for Google AdWords.
  • $100 voucher for Yahoo/Bing search.

Refund guarantees

ASPHostPortal provides a 30-day refund guarantee to all hosting customers. If you terminate the service within 30 days of the signup, you are entitled to a full refund. However, you have to note that a $15 setup fee will be deducted no matter which plan you have purchased. Besides, the refund guarantee is not applicable to account upgrades or any service cancelled after 30 days.

Arvixe is somewhat more confident in its services as it promises 60-day refund. With this company, you can get 30 days more to try, which is enough to see the service quality by yourself. If you are in uncertainty about which hosting provider to go, trying Arvixe first is a good solution.

ASP.NET Hosting Features

After reading the complete feature lists of the two companies, we have found that Arvixe ASP.NET hosting plans are a little more feature rich than those offered by ASPHostPortal although all of them come with various Windows technologies and many other features required to set up a website.

Control panel

In the feature lists of the ASP.NET hosting plans, ASPHostPortal doesn’t mention the control panel. However, according to our researches, the company indeed offers Plesk for ASP.NET hosting users. One exception is that the cheapest Host Intro plan is not covered by the control panel, and there is no information about which control panel you can access after purchasing Host Intro.

On the contrary, Arvixe provides the WebSitePanel control panel in both of its ASP.NET hosting plans. As a popular Windows hosting control panel, WebSitePanel has a built-in application installer and backup/restore tools, and it comes with great security and usability.

Server Resources & Windows technologies

Though both providing many features including the latest versions of MSSQL, MySQL, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Classic ASP and URL Rewrite, Arvixe is much more generous than its competitor in offering disk storage, email storage, databases, etc.

Let’s take an example. ASPHostPortal Host One plan and Arvixe PersonalClass ASP plan come with almost the same regular prices. The former includes 5 GB disk storage, 60 GB bandwidth and 2 MSSQL databases, while the latter doesn’t set any limit on all of these resources.

To show the differences more clearly, we have compared the Host Intro and Host One plans from ASPHostPortal with Arvixe PersonalClass ASP. Read the detailed information in below.

Feature ASPHostPortal ASPHostPortal Arvixe
Plan Host Intro Host One PersonalClass ASP
Disk Space 1 GB 5 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 10 GB 60 GB Unlimited
Website(s) 1 Unlimited 6
Email Storage No 200 MB Unlimited
Email Lists No No Unlimited
MSSQL DB No 2 Unlimited
MySQL DB No 3 Unlimited
Windows Server 2008/2012 2008/2012 2012 R2
Trust Level Full Trust Full Trust Medium/Full Trust
Backups Nightly Nightly Daily
Regular Price $1/mo $5/mo $5/mo
Discount No No 30%
Special Offer No No $2.8/mo
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ASP.NET Hosting Performance

Both of ASPHostPortal and Arvixe offer multiple data center locations and utilize many advanced technologies to guarantee the uptime and speed of their ASP.NET hosting services. However, Arvixe has achieved better results during our monitoring.

Server locations

ASPHostPortal provides altogether 12 data center locations in multiple countries including the US, the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, India, Italy, Australia and Singapore. Besides, there are two choices inside the US – Washington DC and Seattle. When placing an order, you are able to select a location based on your demands.

Compared with ASPHostPortal, Arvixe offers fewer choices in terms of the server locations. But still, the company enables you to host in the US (Dallas), Asia (Singapore) and Europe (Amsterdam). These locations should meet most business needs.


The good reputation of ASPHostPortal and Arvixe attributes much to the reliability of their ASP.NET hosting services. Since the inception, the two web hosts have been delivering satisfying uptime and a high level of security. There are few complaints about downtimes and hacking issues that can be found for them.

By utilizing reliability-enhancing measures like backup generators, UPS systems, hacking protection and NOC monitoring, the two companies have been delivering good uptime averaging over 99.9% in the past year. The records of Arvixe are shown in below.


Regarding the hosting speed, our monitoring shows that ASPHostPortal cannot compete with Arvixe in this aspect. The average server response time you can expect with the former is about 700ms while this figure is reduced to approximately 500ms with the latter. The main reasons should include:

  • Arvixe uses SSDs to store files, databases and emails so that these contents are served several times faster than on HDDs.
  • Arvixe utilizes advanced technologies to separate each website on shared servers apart so as to ensure the optimal performance.
  • CloudFlare CDN can be enabled at any time to speed up the delivery of your static website content.

Technical Support

The only common point between the support services of ASPHostPortal and Arvixe is that they both offer a ticket system that is available 24×7. But when other support channels and the support waiting time are taken into consideration, Arvixe edges out its competitor without any doubt.

The advantages of Arvixe technical support can be found in the following differences.

  • Besides tickets, Arvixe also offers technical support at any time through live chat and phone. With these two support channels, you are able to gain instant answers and solutions within minutes instead of waiting hours or even days for endless replies of tickets.
  • Arvixe usually replies tickets within one hour. However, this time doubles, or even triples for ASPHostPortal. Depending on your luck, you may have to wait half a day or longer for the answer to a simple question.

ASPHostPortal VS Arvixe – Final Judgment

From the comparison, we do hold the opinion that ASPHostPortal is a reliable ASP.NET hosting provider. However, we’d suggest you purchase from Arvixe because this company offers a better combination of quality and affordability. With the latter, you can enjoy richer features, faster speed and instant technical support.