ASPHostPortal VS Host4ASP.NET – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

ASPHostPortal VS Host4ASP.NET – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

As two web hosts that are listed on official ASP.NET website and have gained recognition from Microsoft, ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP.NET are the hot topics on many ASP.NET hosting review sites.

They do offer many features in common, such as dedicated application pool, ASP.NET 5, ASP.NET MVC and Classic ASP, which makes it quite a difficult decision for those unfamiliar with them to make a choice. However, we have found large differences between them in several decisive factors including price, technical support and speed.

In the comparison below, we will detail the similarities between ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP.NET first, and then show you the differences and their own highlights.

The table below presents the service ratings we have given to the two web hosts based on all the available information.

Rating ASPHostPortal Host4ASP.NET
Reliability 4 5
Speed 3 4.5
Technical Support 2.5 5
Feature 3 5
Price 3 5
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Praiseworthy Aspects of Both Web Hosts

Multiple plans

Both of ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP.NET provide sufficient plans for you to upgrade and downgrade at any time. At the standard shared hosting level, the former has prepared 4 plans and the latter has 3 with different prices and server resources. This guarantees good flexibility for new customers’ first purchase.

Besides shared hosting, the two web hosts also offer more advanced solutions – cloud server (ASPHostPortal) and VPS hosting (Host4ASP.NET) – to meet even higher needs. You can always keep your mind in peace because the changing demands are well covered.

Ease of use

The ease of use of an ASP.NET hosting package is largely decided by the control panel included in it. With a user-friendly control panel, you can gain a much happier experience when setting up emails, creating websites, managing databases and completing many other hosting tasks. The quality of the control panel is especially important if you don’t have coding skills.

Fortunately, both ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP.NET offer an easy-to-use control panel. The former uses Plesk, a popular Windows hosting control panel that is optimized and updated constantly, and the latter provides WebSitePanel, another top choice with an icon-based design. Both control panels are great choices.


Having been offering ASP.NET hosting for some years, ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP.NET are given a high rating on reliability because they have been delivering good uptime that keeps above the average. To guarantee the uninterrupted availability of their facilities and infrastructures, the two web hosts:

  • Maintain redundant power infrastructures featuring outstanding electrical capacity, conditioned UPS, and onsite generators.
  • Offer full network capacity and redundant networks. Traffic is routed over multiple Internet backbones so there is always a route available in the case of any network failure.
  • Equip their data centers with a state-of-the-art cooling and fire suppression system.

The real-time monitoring conducted by us has shown that the two companies can provide 99.9% uptime successfully. Host4ASP.NET does even better by offering averagely more than 99.95% uptime in the past year.

Below are the most recent uptime statistics of Host4ASP.NET.

30-day refund

Both of ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP.NET guarantee 30-day full refund. With such a guarantee, you are able to try their plans and cancel without suffering a loss if you are not completely satisfied.

Host4ASP.NET Advantages over ASPHostPortal

Attractive discounts

All the ASP.NET hosting plans of the two companies are priced reasonably. However, when the available discounts are applied, the plans offered by Host4ASP.NET are even more affordable than the ones of ASPHostPortal.

ASPHostPortal provides 4 standard shared hosting plans. The intro-level plan is priced from $1/mo, which is unbelievably cheap and attractive for ASP.NET hosting. However, as you can only get what you pay for, this plan is actually valueless if you want a reliable online presence. The reasons will be analyzed later.

For the other 3 plans, the prices seem quite normal in the industry – $5/mo, $9/mo and $14/mo. These prices are set for 3-year terms, and when the term shortens, the cost raises. For example, the Host One plan is priced at $5/mo for 3-year billing, $6/mo for 1-year billing, and $8/mo for 3-month billing.

Currently, ASPHostPortal doesn’t give any discount for either the initial purchase or renewal.

Host4ASP.NET, however, has been selling all ASP.NET hosting plans at an appealing discount.

  • Basic: $2.95/mo, 40% off the regular $4.95/mo.
  • Advance: $3.95/mo, 43% off the regular $6.95/mo.
  • Business: $9.95/mo, 38% off the regular $15.95/mo.

With close regular prices as ASPHostPortal plans, the Host4ASP.NET plans are much cheaper for the initial term when the discounts are applied through the following promo link.

Host4ASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

Pay attention that Host4ASP.NET Business plan includes a free domain, free dedicated IP and free SSL certificate, while the $14/mo plan from ASPHostPortal doesn’t include any of these things for free.

Latest technologies and features

Within the feature lists of the two web hosts, you will probably find all the features you need, for example, PHP, ASP.NET MVC, WebDeploy, and email accounts. But at the same time, you will also notice the obvious differences between the two companies’ resource allocation.

Generally speaking, Host4ASP.NET offers more disk storage and bandwidth at the same pricing level. With this company, you can consume 10 GB disk storage and unlimited bandwidth at a cost of $2.95/mo, while the Host One plan ($5/mo) of ASPHostPortal comes with 5 GB disk storage and 60 GB bandwidth only.

What needs extra attention is that Host Intro, the $1/mo plan of ASPHostPortal, includes 1 GB disk storage and 10 GB bandwidth, but you get no MySQL/MSSQL database, no database storage, and no email account. That’s why we say this plan is valueless.

For more information about features, refer to the following comparison table.

Feature ASPHostPortal Host4ASP.NET
Plan Host One Basic
Disk Storage 5 GB 10 GB
Bandwidth 60 GB Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited 10
MySQL DBs Yes Yes
Windows Server 2008/2012 2012 R2
Full Trust Yes Yes
WebMatrix Yes Yes
Silverlight 4/5 Yes Yes
ASP.NET 4.6/5 4.5/5
Perl No Yes
Regular Price $5/mo $4.95/mo
Discount 40%
Sales Price $2.95/mo
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Blazing-fast hosting speed for North America and Asia

Both of ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP.NET have data centers in the US and Asia. The former offers locations including Washington, Seattle, Singapore and Hong Kong, and the latter provides Chicago and Hong Kong. These locations, combined with the multi-layered networks, can ensure good speed for most regions in North America and Asia.

To offer even faster speed, Host4ASP.NET also utilizes the following things.

  • Dell servers with 32 GB RAM and 2×12 CPU cores.
  • SSD drives which are over 10 times faster than HDDs.
  • CloudFlare CDN which is enabled for all accounts.

During our monitoring, Host4ASP.NET is approximately 30% faster than ASPHostPortal in server response speed and 40% faster in page loads. Below is the monitoring of Host4ASP.NET server response time.

Responsive support

Both of ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP.NET are able to offer 24×7 ticket support in a timely manner. Their support agents are knowledgeable about ASP.NET hosting and well-trained with enough patience to stay with you until the issue is resolved.

However, Host4ASP.NET still does better in technical support because of the following reasons.

  • The support agents typically give the first response to tickets within half an hour, and they always try to resolve issues quickly. The waiting time with ASPHostPortal is usually less than 4 hours, while it could be one day or longer sometimes.
  • In addition to the ticket system, you can also gain fast support from Host4ASP.NET via live chat. The company’s live chat is responsive, and the support agents are polite.

ASPHostPortal Advantage – More Server Locations

The only special merit we have found for ASPHostPortal is that the company offers additional server locations in Netherlands (Amsterdam), the UK (London), France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt), Italy (Milan), Australia (Melbourne), Canada (Toronto), Brazil (Sao Paulo), and India (Chennai).

When signing up with this web host, you can select any of these locations to keep your server closer to your audience without any additional cost. These locations make ASPHostPortal a faster choice if your target market is Europe, South America or Australia.

Final Thought: Host4ASP.NET Is More Recommended

In this comparison, Host4ASP.NET is undoubtedly the winner because of the more cost-effective plans, the better hosting speed, and the around-the-clock support through live chat. ASPHostPortal is also good, but it is less competitive.

To experience the ASP.NET hosting services of Host4ASP.NET by yourself, purchase a discounted plan through this special link and enjoy a 30-day trial.