ASPHostPortal VS HostGator on ASP.NET Hosting

ASPHostPortal VS HostGator on ASP.NET Hosting

Are you hanging between ASPHostPortal and HostGator when shopping for an ASP.NET hosting solution? The former one claims to be the Microsoft No.1 hosting partner who has the ability to provide the latest Microsoft and ASP.NET technologies. And the latter one may have your attention due to the affordable hosting plans.

In order to help you make a final decision, the ASPHostPortal vs HostGator will show whether the two web hosts are able to provide quality ASP.NET hosting service based on the analysis of the hosting plans, server resources, hosting environment, and customer service. To start with, we would like to present you with a rating table which works as an introduction to our detailed comparison.

Rating ASPHostPortal HostGator
Uptime 3.5 4.5
Price 3.5 4.5
Features 3.5 4
Speed 2.5 4.5
Support 2.5 4.5
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Similarities between ASPHostPortal and HostGator

Plesk control panel

With ASPHostPortal or HostGator, the powerful control panel- Plesk – will be available for you to directly control over your Windows-based hosting account through a web-based interface. Due to the ease of use, Plesk has ranked itself as one of the most popular control panels. Therefore, it is nice for the two web hosts to include Plesk with all the ASP.NET hosting plans.

Refund policy

For online transactions, you take a high risk to try a new web host. In this case, your money security will be backed by a full refund policy. To your delight, ASPHostPortal and HostGator allow you to have a free trial within 30 days and 45 days respectively. During the time period, you are free to check the quality of the hosting service and request a full refund if you are desperate about it.

Both good uptime

Thanks to the reliable data centers, redundant power systems, and well-connected networks, both web hosts are able to provide a reliable hosting environment, living up to your expectations. In the past 30 days, both have achieved better than 99.9% uptime. Below is our record of HostGator for you to get more statistics.

Differences between ASPHostPortal and HostGator

HostGator provides more affordable plans

Though you have much more freedom to choose an ASP.NET hosting plan from ASPHostPortal, you will be disappointed about it because you have to sign up for a 5-year contract to get the best value from $3.81/mo and pay at least $7.99/mo after the first term.

The HostGator plans are much more budget-friendly, starting at $5.95/mo in the regular time and $3.27/mo with the coupon HG45PERCENT at present. You can either choose the 3-year billing cycle to get the lowest price or go with the monthly plan which will ease the burden of your budget to some extent.

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Both have their own edge on the feature

From the below table, it is obvious that HostGator comes with much richer server resources which are enough for you to host a website with rich media and heavy traffic. While ASPHostPortal, a partner of Microsoft, is able to provide the latest technology for you as soon as possible. That is to say, you will have an access to ASP.NET 5, ASP.NET MVC 6, SQL Server 2016, etc. with ASPHostPortal.

Feature ASPHostPortal HostGator
Plan Host One Personal Plan
Hosted Domains Unlimited 1
Data Transfer 60 GB Unlimited
Storage 5 GB Unlimited
Mailboxes 200 MB Unlimited
MSSQL Databases 2 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 3 Unlimited
Control Panel Plesk Plesk
Full Refund 30 Days 45 Days
Application Pool Dedicated Dedicated
Trust Level Full Medium
SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008 2012
Windows Server 2016/2012/2008 2012
ASP.NET 5/Core/4.x/3.5/2.0 4.x/3.5/2.0
PHP 7/5.x 5
Classic ASP Yes Yes
SSL Certificate No Yes
Regular Price $7.99/mo $5.95/mo
Current Price $3.81/mo $3.27/mo
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HostGator guarantees a faster speed

Though ASPHostPortal can have a high uptime, it fails to deliver a fast speed. With more than 700ms server response time, there is no doubt your users will have a bad using experience. However, HostGator just consumes less than 340ms to answer a server request because it purchases high performance gear from Juniper and Cisco, provides massive bandwidth capacity, and utilizes multiple network carriers.

HostGator provides a better customer service

When you fall into troubles and need real-person help, you can get hold of ASPHostPortal through email system ONLY which requires you to enter your full name, email address, and more, while you can contact HostGator through a toll-free phone call, an online chat, and an email. Therefore, it is not a surprise that you can get much more responsive support from HostGator.

Though email is not a timely method to get your problems solved, it gives much more time for technicians to investigate problems and then provide helpful solutions. Certainly, HostGator can also provide a good customer service through live chat and phone call because it hand-picks technicians to guide you out of problems.

HostGator Is the Better ASP.NET Hosting Provider

To sum up, it is unwise for you to go with ASPHostPortal in pursuit of the latest technologies. You will get a headache when you suffer from the limited server resources, the slow speed, and poor customer service. However, things will be totally different with HostGator. At the same time, you will be backed by a long-term full refund policy.