ASPHostPortal VS SeekDotNet – Which Is More Recommended?

ASPHostPortal VS SeekDotNet – Which Is More Recommended?

ASPHostPortal and SeekDotNet are positioning themselves as cheap and reliable ASP.NET hosting providers. They both offer cheap plans, utilize the latest Microsoft technologies, use reliable data centers, and offer ASP.NET hosting technical support.

However, we don’t mean the two web hosts are the best choices by presenting the facts above, because they indeed come with drawbacks. Before selecting one to host your Windows-based website, you’d better read more details carefully in order not to make the wrong decision.

First of all, you can read these ratings. The side-by-side comparison follows.

Rating ASPHostPortal SeekDotNet
Feature 3 3
Uptime 3.5 3.5
Price 2.5 3
Speed 2.5 2.5
Support 3.5 3
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Similar Things Between ASPHostPortal and SeekDotNet

In the same position, ASPHostPortal and SeekDotNet have some similarities in their ASP.NET hosting plans. These include the uptime, ease of use, and marketing strategy.

Good control panel and the latest technologies

The two web hosts offer an easy-to-use web-based control panel which can be accessed anywhere. These control panels make it easy and quick to configure the IIS server, install scripts, manage application pools, etc. They are suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Besides such a control panel, another highlight lying in the two companies’ ASP.NET hosting plans is the newest versions of the crucial technologies.

  • WebMatrix, Web Deploy, Classic ASP, URL Rewrite and Full Trust.
  • ASPHostPortal: Windows Server 2008/2012/2016, SQL Server 2008/2012/2014, ASP.NET 5, ASP.NET MVC 5.2, Silverlight 6.0, and PHP 7.
  • SeekDotNet: Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2008/2012, ASP.NET 5, ASP.NET MVC 5.2/6.0, and Silverlight 6.0.

Good uptime

ASPHostPortal uses 12 global data centers to power websites for customers around the world. Instead of collocation, SeekDotNet runs two US-based data centers by itself.

According to the two companies, all their data centers have advanced power systems, redundant bandwidth connectivity, regulated climate control, 24×7 security, etc, which helps them deliver a good uptime.

Our monitoring system tells that both ASPHostPortal and SeekDotNet can offer you a reliable hosting platform. You may be able to get some evidence from the following statistics about ASPHostPortal.

ASPHostPortal Uptime

Marketing offer – cheap price for a plan with no database

To attract the potential users and encourage them to place an order, ASPHostPortal and SeekDotNet have carried out the same marketing strategy – to offer a super cheap plan.

  • ASPHostPortal Host Intro: $1.99/mo for a 1-year plan, including 1 website, 1 GB disk space, 10 GB bandwidth, yet no MySQL/MSSQL database or email account.
  • SeekDotNet Windows Economy: Starting at $0.99/mo, including 1 website, 1 GB disk space, 25 GB bandwidth, 1 FTP account, 500 MB email space, and no database.

These plans are good for newbies to have a try, but they are of no value if you want to use applications like DotNetNuke, WordPress, and nopCommerce.

SeekDotNet Is Cheaper

As mentioned before, ASPHostPortal and SeekDotNet provide affordable ASP.NET hosting plans. Except for the cheap plan that is developed for marketing, ASPHostPortal also offers 7 plans which are priced from $5.79/mo to $69.99/mo for 3-year terms. If you choose the 5-year term, there would be a small discount.

SeekDotNet offers 3 other plans except for Windows Economy. These plans are cheaper than those of ASPHostPortal, and they are available from $2.99/mo to $19.99/mo. All plans come with a 30-day refund guarantee.

Limited Server Resources

To be honest, the beginner plans of ASPHostPortal and SeekDotNet are not expensive considering the Windows license fee and other hosting costs. The problem, however, is that the server resources are very limited if you choose those plans, so you may need to upgrade the plan with more money soon after setting up your website.

To show the details, we have selected two plans from the two companies for a comparison.

Feature ASPHostPortal SeekDotNet
Plan Host One Windows Business
Website(s) Unlimited 1
Disk Space 5 GB 3 GB
Bandwidth 60 GB 50 GB
MSSQL Databases 2 1
MySQL Databases 3 1
Email Space 200 MB 500 MB
FTP Account Unknown 1
Price $5.79/mo $2.99/mo

Not-Fast Windows Hosting Speed

Multiple data center choices usually mean faster speed because you can select the closest one. However, the distance is not all you should consider because the server hardware, network infrastructure and the data center management also have a great impact on the speed.

To our disappointment, neither of the two companies provides really fast speed. Their server response time averages over 600ms, and page loads take more than 4 seconds.

Below is a piece of the monitoring results of ASPHostPortal.

ASPHostPortal Speed

Technical Support – Both with Limitations

For technical support, both ASPHostPortal and SeekDotNet provide a helpdesk so that you can create a ticket for your problem. Their support team usually replies tickets within 12 hours.

However, there are limitations in the two web hosts’ support channels and resources.

  • Neither of them offers telephone support, which might be inconvenient.
  • SeekDotNet has a live chat system for sales inquiries and technical support, yet ASPHostPortal doesn’t.
  • SeekDotNet doesn’t have any knowledgebase or forum, which is not commonly seen on today’s market. ASPHostPortal has been maintaining a knowledgebase with the basic tutorials.

ASPHostPortal or SeekDotNet?

ASPHostPortal and SeekDotNet have their advantages in the price and feature, but their poor performance in the support, resource allocation and speed make them not the top choices for ASP.NET hosting if you care much about the growth, user experience and customer satisfaction of your website.

If you have decided to put them aside, we’d advise you to take the following providers into consideration due to their high-quality ASP.NET hosting plans.