ASPHostPortal VS SmarterASP.NET – Who’s the Better Choice

ASPHostPortal VS SmarterASP.NET – Who’s the Better Choice

ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET are becoming widely known brands in the ASP.NET hosting field. Both of them concentrate much on offering ASP.NET hosting that satisfies all types of needs, and they have done a lot to guarantee the reliability of their services.

This comparison between the two companies, then, is going to make it clear whether they can really meet your needs, and what their unique disadvantages are. To get enough details, we have read the official information carefully, collected dozens of user reviews, and monitored the uptime and speed personally. The following ratings are based on those details.

Rating ASPHostPortal SmarterASP.NET
Uptime 3.5 3.5
Price 3 4
Feature 2.5 3
Speed 3 3
Support 3.5 3
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Similarities Between the Two Companies

There are a lot of similarities between the ASP.NET hosting services offered by ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET, for example, the support for most Microsoft technologies. Here are some details.

  • Good control panel – Both ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET provide a web-based control panel which is powerful and easy-to-use. You can complete many tasks with the control panel, including managing databases, installing scripts, configuring domains, etc.
  • Latest Microsoft and ASP.NET technologies – Everyone using the two companies’ ASP.NET hosting plans have access to Windows Server 2008/2012, MSSQL 2012/2014/2016, ASP.NET 4.5/4.6, ASP.NET MVC 5, Full Trust, Web Deploy, WebMatrix and Silverlight. Besides, ASPHostPortal also supports Windows Server 2016, ASP.NET 5 and ASP.NET MVC 6.
  • Money back guarantee – ASPHostPortal allows full refunds within 30 days. Comparatively, SmarterASP.NET is more confident to promise 60-day refund.
  • 99.9% uptime – Relying on multiple data centers to offer their hosting services, the two companies can ensure quite a high percentage of uptime. Their data centers are equipped with redundant power systems, and all servers are backed up regularly.
  • Helpful ticket support – ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET provide 24×7 ticket support, so you can submit a ticket at any time when you are troubled. It is promised that you will receive a reply from a professional.

Technical Support

After presenting the similarities, we will show some differences and other information that you may want to know.

Promotional Offers – Marketing Strategies

One of the most attractive things with ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET is that they both offer a low-cost plan for users to try. With these plans, you can get some resources to start a website by paying $1/mo or even less.

  • ASPHostPortal Host Intro: $1/mo for 36-month term and $2/mo for 12-month term, including 1 GB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth, while no database or email account is available.
  • SmarterASP.NET W60-US: Free trial for 60 days, including 1 GB disk space, 10 GB bandwidth, 1 FTP account, 1 MSSQL database, 1 MySQL database, but no email.

In fact, we don’t recommend these plans. The resources included in them cannot support a website well, even if the website is relatively small. Besides, with Host Intro, you cannot install any database-driven application, and for W60-US, you have to upgrade your plan after 60 days.

ASP.NET Hosting Price – SmarterASP.NET Is Cheaper

Besides Host Intro, ASPHostPortal offers 7 ASP.NET hosting plans which are priced from $5/mo to $70/mo. These prices are available for 36-month subscriptions, and if you choose a 12-month or 3-month plan, the costs are much higher. For example, Host One, which requires $5/mo for a 36-month term, costs $8/mo when the billing cycle is 3 months.

SmarterASP.NET provides 3 paid ASP.NET hosting plans. At present, the plans are available from $2.95/mo, $4.95/mo and $7.95/mo. Generally speaking, these plans are more affordable than those of ASPHostPortal.

Hosting Resources – Both Are Limited

ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET both have some cheap plans, but these plans include very limited resources. To show you the evidence, we will compare them with an affordable plan from Host4ASP.NET, another reputed ASP.NET hosting provider in the US.

Feature ASPHostPortal SmarterASP.NET Host4ASP.NET
Plan Host One W500-US Advance
Site(s) Unlimited 1 6
Storage 150 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 1000 GB Unlimited Unlimited
MSSQL DBs 20 1 Unlimited
MySQL DBs 20 1 Unlimited
Site Memory 512 MB
Concurrent Connections 200 Unlimited
Price $5/mo $2.95/mo $3.95/mo
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ASP.NET Hosting Speed – Neither Is Fast Enough

The two web hosts have built their network with multi-homed bandwidth that features connections to 4 or more bandwidth providers including Level 3 and UUNet. With their network equipment, your traffic is always routed intelligently to guarantee the speed. Besides, SmarterASP.NET also promises 30% bandwidth utilization to leave enough headroom.

However, what a little disappointing is that neither of the two companies has taken the top places in our speed tests. Among the 50+ web hosts we have monitored, they are only on the average level, which means they are not slow, but not fast, either.

Speed Comparison

Support Channels – Both with Limitations

As is mentioned before, ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET offer good ticket support. But in terms of other support channels and the online resources, there are a lot of limitations, which may affect your hosting experience.

  • They don’t offer support via live chat. SmarterASP.NET does maintain a live chat system, for sales inquiries.
  • Neither of them has made a toll-free phone number available for quick solutions to simple problems.
  • The two companies’ knowledgebase covers many hosting-related issues like database, email and backup, but the tutorials are not sufficient for beginners. For instance, ASPHostPortal only offers about 4 tutorials regarding MSSQL.

Should You Choose ASPHostPortal or SmarterASP.NET?

We don’t think ASPHostPortal or SmarterASP.NET is an ideal choice for hosting personal websites or small online businesses. You can get better features, performance and support with the same costs.

Therefore, we suggest you take the following ASP.NET hosting providers into the comparison before purchasing.