Best eCommerce Software Based on Windows Hosting Platform

Best eCommerce Software Based on Windows Hosting Platform

In 21st century, eCommerce is growing to become one of the major business forms. And in certain industry, eCommerce even takes the lead in profit. If you want to start your own online business, first of all, you need to choose a reliable hosting providerwith good performance. Next, you really need to pay lots of attention to eCommerce software.

Given that you are using Windows hosting platform, which eCommerce software is the best for your business? It can be tricky for people who know little about software and web hosting. So, this tutorial is going to help you out by introducing some popular eCommerce software such as nopCommerce, Kartris and PrestaShop.


nopcommercenopCommerce is an open-source software which has been downloaded over 1.5 million times. This software is totally free to download, and then through some simple instructions, you can install and start to use nopCommerce.

As for features, nopCommerce supports pluggable modular architecture which allows users to add more elements. Besides, the software supports many features which make online business easier and quicker.

First of all, the software enables you to create a mobile store so that you won’t lose potential customers who use mobile devices to shop. And it just takes one click to get all things done. In addition to that, nopCommerce also support multi-store which makes it easy to mange several stores via single Administration panel.

Except what mentioned above, nopCommerce is also ok with multi-vendor so that users can still sell products even if you doesn’t have the stock inventory or ship orders right now. And now, many web hosts develop nopCommerce web hosting for customers who wish to make a good use of this great software with ease, like HostGator and WinHost.


kartrisKartris is an eCommerce software which is designed particularly for ASP.NET hosting. This software is used under the GPL v2 license. Because it is totally free and has many easy-to-use features, Kartris owns a large group of users today. has presented details on features. This tutorial mainly talks about some key features that customers care mostly about.

First of all, this software supports more than 1,000,000 items and unlimited categories, which would make business operation free from worry when your store grows larger.

In addition, Kartris is also SEO-friendly which is very crucial for online business because the volume of website visits is very important for sales. Kartris provides automatic page title, meta-description, meta-keywords and GoogleBase/Froogle Feed.

Another feature that is worthy of attention is security. Security is the basis and guarantee for your own website and your customers’ information. In order to make online transaction more secure, Kartris supports SSL and password protection.


prestashopPrestaShop is one of the well-known eCommerce soft among online business. So far, it has served more than 200,000 online shops. Online business starters can build and operate their online shops at no cost because this software is free for both its open source and cloud-hybrid solutions.

PrestaShop supports many features such as templates, eMarketing, shopping cart and so on. In addition, PrestaShop supports various themes and over 2000 professional eCommerce-friendly templates which make your shop more unique and appealing.

Besides, this software enables your customers to choose from over 50 payment methods and gateways. And it can find out what carriers are right for your customers based on their shopping information.

In addition to that, PrestaShop supports a built-in-optimized shopping cart which makes your shops present beautifully no matter what devices your customers use. And it also support quick checkout on mobile devices. More importantly, users can manage their shops on mobile devices also. So, you are fully connected to your online shop.

What really needs to be highlighted is that PrestaShop supports 65 languages. So with PrestaShop, your shop is totally global. Also, it can localize currencies, taxies and related localization issues.


All of these eCommerce software mentioned above is user-friendly and powerful. So, there are lots of people who run their online business successfully taking benefits from those software. If you are considering to choose a eCommerce software, you can trust nopCommerce, Kartris and PrestaShop. Before you start your online shop, you would better choose a good Windows hosting provider. Here, we have listed some companies for your references.