The Best Umbraco Hosting Providers 2018

The Best Umbraco Hosting Providers 2018

As one of the industry-leading .NET-based open source content management software, Umbraco is tagged for publishing content on the intranets and the World Wide Web. It gains a diverse range of appreciation and support from webmasters and hosting providers.

With the purpose to select the best Umbraco hosting providers, we have tested and reviewed over 100 web hosting companies. The results tell us that HostGator, WinHost and DiscountASP.NET are the ones that are worth recommending. Because they are not only cheap in price, but also rich in hosting features. There is more detailed information about them presented as follows.

HostGator – 45% Off

HostGatorHaving been in business over a decade, HostGator is a well-established hosting provider which specializes in both Linux and Window web hosting service. As for the Windows hosting, although it is slightly pricey than the Linux hosting, it includes more added Windows software which is undoubtedly not free. In terms of the ASP.NET hosting, this company offers a total of two different level plans – Personal and Enterprise.

Although the plans are initially priced at $5.95/mo and $17.95/mo, they are purchasable at the 45%-discounted price of $3.27/mo and $9.87/mo for webmasters using the coupon code HostUCan. Apart from the low price, this web host provides people with bountiful extras, including a shared SSL certificate and free website transfer. A 45-day unconditional money back guarantee is available in the meantime.

As technical support has been attached more and more importance, HostGator hires a group of well-trained and passionate support staffs who are standing by the phone call and on-site live chat all day long. Besides, the company offers email ticket option for customers who want to elaborately describe their own hosting issues. For some independent customers who intend to solve problems independently, this provider also prepares them with adequate hosting-related solutions in the help center section.

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WinHost – 20% Off

WinHostAs a popular ASP.NET web hosting company, WinHost releases three selectable hosting packages – Basic, Max and Ultimate. To cover as many users’ abilities and demands as possible, this company prices the plans at different prices of $4.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $19.95/mo initially. And now, it provides visitors going through the promotional link in below with time-limited 20% discount, which cut the price down to $3.95/mo, $7.95/mo and $15.95/mo. Note that a 30 days risk-free money back guarantee is available.

WinHost, as a premium and robust Windows hosting company, embeds a bundle of advanced hosting features in all plans – Basic, Max and Ultimate. As each plan consists of different amount of monthly data transfer, disk space, MySQL database, we list the details as follows.

  • Basic Plan – 50GB monthly bandwidth, one SQL database, 3GB disk space, 500MB SQL disk space, free domain privacy and 250 email accounts with 250MB storage;
  • Max Plan – unlimited monthly bandwidth, SQL database and disk space, 2GB SQL disk space, free domain registration and privacy, 500 email accounts with 500MB storage;
  • Ultimate Plan – unlimited monthly bandwidth, SQL database and disk space, 5GB SQL disk space, free SiteLock security, domain privacy and registration, unlimited email accounts with 1000MB storage.

Moreover, WinHost utilizes a visual and bugless control panel, which comes with a one-click auto-installer. That means, customers are able to have a simple and instant installation of their Umbraco software by using the built-in installation tool.

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DiscountASP.NET – 40% Off

DiscountASP.NETLike most other hosting companies, DiscountASP.NET provides webmasters a valid 50% discount with which the price is down to $5/mo. Attention that webmasters need to go through the promotional link in below to acquire the mentioned sale price. Of course, a 30 days money back guarantee is provided.

As performance and reliability can directly affect the site traffic and quality, DiscountASP.NET uses constantly-innovated technologies and facilities. For example, it applies IIS Manager Access, WCF RIA services, ASP.NET Ajax, Silverlight, Full Trust, isolated application pool, etc. In regards to the actual network condition, this company has been keeping a good and reliable record of speed and uptime. According to our testing data, DiscountASP.NET uptime far surpasses the guaranteed 99.9% and its server response speed averages 300ms.

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Why They Are the Best Umbraco Hosting Providers?

It is true that when it comes to the Umbrco hosting, you have a lot of choices available in today’s dazzling industry. However, as an ASP.NET-based content management system, Umbrco poses fairly high requirements on the hosting environment. Therefor, it is usually difficult for most users, especially those who are new to this field, to choose a real trustworthy provider of quality Umbraco hosting services. That’s why our editors come to help.

Out of a tremendous number of candidates, we have finally picked out the three companies mentioned above and honored them as the best Umbrco hosting providers. During this evaluation and rating process, we have followed some specific criteria listed as below. By sharing them with you, we hope that you can get inspired from these criteria or say tips and make a choice that is best for you between the three companies.

  • The latest Microsoft technologies – DiscountASP.NET, HostGator, WinHost and Host4ASP.NET all support the newest versions of ASP.NET framework and other cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to grant their users with a 100% Umbraco compatible hosting environment.
  • Scalable and affordable plans – Since users needs are subject to changing, the three companies have well-tailored multiple scalable hosting plans to leave more room for users to upgrade or downgrade their current plans. Also, they charge their services at reasonable prices that most users are able to afford.
  • Hassle-free refund policies – These companies offer hassle-free money back guarantees that are usually valid for more than 30 days to help relieve the risks that users may face after their purchases.
  • All-inclusive hosting features – They all include abundant resources and other critical features within their hosting plans, enabling users to focus on their online business without worrying about this aspect.
  • Excellent server uptime and loading speed – As three trust-worthy Umbraco hosting providers, these companies provide users with 99.9% and above uptime. Besides, they deliver users’ website contents in a blazing-fast manner.
  • 24×7 available and responsive supports – The three companies hire the most experienced and friendly experts to form their support teams. What’s more, they offer multiple channels that are available for 24×7 for users to get timely and professional assistance once they have encountered any unexpected problems.