Best VPS Hosting For ASP.NET Websites

Best VPS Hosting For ASP.NET Websites

The best VPS hosting for ASP.NET websites is ranked out for price, server resources, control panel, ASP.NET optimized server, performance, and technical support, designed for customers whose websites have gone out of the shared web hosting resources.

After reviewing 50+ famous Windows VPS hosting, we finally name GoDaddy VPS hosting as the best VPS hosting for ASP.NET websites. The VPS plans are award-winning over the Internet recommended by many VPS review sites for the affordable price, guaranteed resources, advanced ASP.NET features, excellent performance, and professional support.

Rank Company Features Price
1 GoDaddy VPS
  • Windows 2012 Standard 64-bit & IIS 8.0
  • 2 GB RAM, 2,000 GB/mo Bandwidth
  • 3 dedicated IPs & Free SSL certificates
  • Plesk control panel & remote desktop

Why GoDaddy Is the Best VPS ASP.NET Hosting?

Wondering why we have picked GoDaddy out of the rest and honored it as the best VPS hosting for ASP.NET websites? The cause is not far to seek. As the following list shows, there are several important checkpoints that we have strictly followed during the whole rating process.

  • The latest version of Windows OS: The latest Windows OS is an indispensable ingredient of a quality VPS ASP.NET hosting provider. The recommended Windows operating systems are Windows Server 2012R2, Windows Server 2012, and Windows 2008R2.
  • Top-notch servers with high specifications: As the key component of the hosting infrastructures, the servers that a trustworthy VPS web host utilizes should be equipped with high specifications.
  • Keep pace with the latest MS technologies: The best VPS ASP.NET hosting company should take advantage of the latest MS technologies, such as the latest versions of ASP.NET frameworks, MVC,and more.
  • Sufficient allocation of RAM: Usually configured in IIS application pool, RAM refers to the maximum memory in the server that users can use. With sufficient allocation of RAM, users are able to run their websites in a smooth manner.
  • Advanced MSSQL Edition: As a Windows-based database, MSSQL is important to store the data from users’ websites. In this case, the best VPS ASP.NET hosting company need to provide advanced MSSQL edition.
  • Standard managed services: The company should takes care of patching, security monitoring, backups, and other standard managed services to help users focus on their business without worrying at these points.
  • Scalable and affordable hosting packages: To cover users’ needs at different stages, the company should provide multiple scalable hosting packages at affordable prices, granting users with more flexibility to upgrade or downgrade their current packages.
  • Excellent hosting performance: As the best VPS ASP.NET hosting, the company shall guarantee excellent uptime and fast page loading speed.
  • Responsive and 24×7 available technical support: Users are able to ask for help at any time and any place once they have encountered some technical problems through various communication methods.

There are mulitple excellent Windows hosting solutions designed for ASP.NET websites, but only a few of them are offering packages powered by a virtual private server. In below, we introduce the winner – GoDaddy in details, to explain why it is worthy this award.

GoDaddy – Hosting Plans & Prices

GoDaddy Windows VPS hosting has 5 upgradeable plans that come with unlimited bandwidth and mainly differ in the allocation of RAM. These plans are priced from $34.99/mo to $109.99/mo. The detailed prices and features of all plans are listed in the list as below.

  • 2GB RAM: Priced at $34.99/mo, with a 12% discount, 40GB disk space.
  • 2GB RAM: Priced at $39.99/mo, with a 20% discount, 60GB disk space.
  • 3GB RAM: Priced at $44.99/mo, with a 25% discount, 90GB disk space.
  • 4GB RAM: Priced at $59.99/mo, with a 25% discount, 120GB disk space.
  • 8GB RAM: Priced at $109.99/mo, with a 26% discount, 240GB disk space.

Note that disk space includes operating system files, which can be close to 16 GB on a Windows server. Please take that into consideration when choosing a server size that best fits your needs.

In addition, all plans include free rapid setup, free SSL certificate, free 10 Fotolia credits and 3 dedicated IP addresses. And GoDaddy also provides 10% and 20% discount for the 12 and 24 months billing plans.

GoDaddy – Hosting Feature

GoDaddy Windows VPS hosting installs the Windows Version 2012 Standard 64-bit by default so that customers can enjoy the latest features of Windows OS. And it also allows multiple websites hosted on 1 server account and gives users full ability to access to the operating system and install applications and software as they need.

GoDaddy Windows VPS hosting is semi-managed so customers can select the control panel and backup service as they prefer. The optional features are listed in the below.

  • Parallels Plesk Panel for up to 30 Domains: $4.99/mo
  • Parallels Plesk Panel for up to 100 Domains: $6.99/mo
  • Parallels Plesk Panel for Unlimited Domains: $9.99/
  • 15 GB FTP backup: $3.99/mo
  • 30 GB FTP backup: $7.99/mo
  • 60 GB FTP backup: $12.99/mo
  • 120 GB FTP backup: $19.99/mo

In addition to the standard bandwidth included, GoDaddy also offers every additional 500 GB bandwidth for $14.99/mo, to help the video or other websites included large data fields avoid potential overage fees when the traffic spikes.

With the optimized and versatile features, GoDaddy Windows VPS hosting can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including gaming, virtual hosting, and hosting of traffic-intensive websites.

GoDaddy – Hosting Performance

GoDaddy delivers an excellent performance to ensure the hosting websites running fast and secure. It powers the VPS hosting service with multiple data centers located in the US, Europe and Asia, which give the visitors fast page loading speed and better experience.

With the best–of-breed equipment for routers, firewalls and servers, the hosting websites can always keep online. As well, the full network redundancy and 24×7 dedicated prevention systems ensure the network and hosting website remaining secure and safe. As a result, GoDaddy easily achieves it 99.9% uptime guarantee and delivers 99.99% actually.

GoDaddy – Experienced Support

Founded in 1997, GoDaddy is exactly an experienced web hosting provider. It understands VPs hosting services and customer requirements and provides 24×7 telephone, email and web-based technical support to help customers hand the ASP.NET related questions.

All the support staffs are Microsoft certificated engineers and well-trained with VPS hosting knowledge. So no matter customers meet issues about network, hardware or just setup process, they can get the best professional Windows services effectively and instantly.

Besides, there is an online Support Center where includes blogs, forums, groups, idea shares, and so on.