Best Windows VPS Hosting with Affordable Price and High Performance

Best Windows VPS Hosting with Affordable Price and High Performance

Since the Windows VPS web hosts available in this industry vary considerably in quality, it is usually not easy for users to choose a trustworthy one relying on their own efforts. That’s why our editors have done the hard work behind the scenes.

After carefully surveying and reviewing 50+ companies, we finally rank out Host4ASP.NET, Arvixe, and GoDaddy as the best Windows VPS hosting providers as shown in the following table.

Host4ASP.NET Arvixe GoDaddy
Windows OS 2008/2012 2012 2008/2012
Memory 1GB 2GB 2GB
Disk Space 40GB 50GB 40GB
Bandwidth 400GB Unlimited Unlimited
IP Addresses 1 2 3
Control Panel WebSitePanel WebSitePanel Parallels Plesk
Refund Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 60 Days
Price $24.95/mo $60/mo $34.99/mo
More Give a Try Pick a Plan Sign it Up

Brief Introduction to the Three Companies

Host4ASP.NET is a Microsoft golden web hosting provider under the Microsoft’s SPLA program. Since the inception, this company has rapidly grown to become an up-rising star in the Windows VPS hosting industry. Recommended by official ASP.NET site, it has been dedicated to provideing affordable, high performance and reliable hosting services for worldwide users.

Established in 2003, Arvixe has been favored by a plenty of developers, bloggers, and designer mainly due to its cutting-edge technologies and cheap pricing. Over the years, it has undergone a fast growth. At present, it has over 4,000 new customers increased for every month. Based on these facts, Arvixe is an indisputable leader in the whole industry.

As another great web host, GoDaddy also has been providing hosting service for many years. It was founded in 1997. It has been providing an extensive range of hosting services on a global scale. Up to now, this company has hosted more than 55 million domain names for 11+ million customers from tens of countries.

Based on our real-time testing outcomes and hundreds of verified webmasters’ feedback, the three companies have outperformed most competitors in the field regarding multiple aspects, such as cost effectiveness, reliability, performance, and technical support. Scroll down to check more detailed advantages that have made them stand out.

#1: Scalable & Affordable Hosting Plans

All of the three companies are offering multiple hosting plans with affordable charges and flexible server resources. With these budget-friendly plans, users are granted with more freedom to upgrade or downgrade according to their own needs.


This company provides four plans that are tailored to different groups of users, namely, Barebone VPS, Developers VPS, Business VPS, and Managed VPS. Pricing from $24.95/mo, the company is now offering an up to 17% discount for the plans through this exclusive promotional link.

Host4ASP.NET Promotion Link Activation

Check the following table for more detailed rates and included resources about Host4ASP.NET hosting plans.

Resources Barbone VPS Developers VPS Business VPS Managed VPS
Disk Space 40GB 60GB 60GB 60GB
CPU Core 1 2 2 2
IP 1 1 1 1
Bandwidth 400GB 600GB 2400GB 2400GB
Price $24.95/mo $34.95/mo $35.95/mo $34.95/mo


Arvixe designs two VPS plans running on Windows operating systems, including VPS Class ASP and VPS Class ASP Pro. It charges $60/mo and $100/mo respectively for these plans. These prices are net without any other hidden fees. Besides, Arvixe provides rich server resources with each plan, including unlimited bandwidth, hosting accounts, FTP accounts, etc.

The following list displays more details about the two plans’ feature offerings.

  • VPS Class ASP: Comes with 50GB disk space, 2GB memory, 4 CPU cores.
  • VPS Class ASP Pro: Comes with 100GB disk space, 4GB memory, 8 CPU cores.


The company is also a good choice in terms of cost effectiveness. GoDaddy provides a total of five hosting plans that mainly differ in RAM and disk space. These plans are priced from $34.99/mo to $109.99/mo along with unlimited bandwidth, 2-8GB RAM, and 40-240GB storage.

Besdies, all of these plans come with unlimited monthly transfer. Scroll down to check the following list for more detailed information their prices and basic feature offerings.

  • Plan 1 – Priced at $34.99/mo, this plan includes 2GB RAM and 40GB disk space.
  • Plan 2 – Priced at $3999/mo, this plan includes 2GB RAM and 60GB disk space.
  • Plan 3 – Priced at $44.99/mo, this plan includes 3GB RAM and 90GB disk space.
  • Plan 4 – Priced at $59.99/mo, this plan includes 4GB RAM and 120GB disk space.
  • Plan 5 – Priced at $109.99/mo, this plan includes 8GB RAM and 240GB disk space.

#2: Reliable Hosting With 99.93% and Above Uptime

It is a common sense shared by users worldwide that guaranteeing extremely stable uptime is one of the most important ingredients of a reputable web host. That’s the case of the three companies.

To ensure users with an optimized hosting environment, all of these companies utilize multiple state-of-the-art data centers featuring uninterrupted power supplies, redundant backup generators, high-performance Dell servers, 24×7 technician monitoring, advanced cooling systems and more.

Reliable HostingWith the help of their robust facilities, all of these companies are granted with the confidence to ensure that users’ websites are up at least 99.9% of the time.

According to our monitoring results, Arvixe has achieved an average of 99.96% uptime in the past thirty days while GoDaddy has also done a good job for guaranteeing 99.93% uptime.

As for Host4APS.NET, this company is worthy of its reputation as one of the most reliable hosts in the field. By monitoring statistics, it has delivered almost full uptime, which is displayed as below.

#3: Excellent Windows VPS Hosting Performance

Users around the world are very concerned about hosting performance. However, those reputable hosting providers retain a keener interest in it.

To make sure that each user is able to enjoy a fast loading speed, these companies have made constant efforts. They keep pace with cutting-edge Microsoft technologies like the latest Windows operating systems. Besides, they all utilize a multi-layer network and other solid infrastructures to shorten the distance between users’ websites and their audiences.

To make it more intuitive for understanding, we have made a comparison between Host4ASP.NET, Arvixe, and GoDaddy server response time. Check the following chart for more dynamic statistics.

As shown in the chart above, Host4ASP.NET is the fastest that takes merely 309ms for responding to a server request, which is one of the main reasons why we rank it first as the best Windows VPS hosting provider. When it comes to the other two companies, their performances are also excellent.

#4: Responsive & 24×7 Available Technical Support

The three companies offer responsive technical support that is available 24x7x365. They maintain multiple widely-used communication channels, such as live chat, phone, email, and ticket, for users to raise any questions and get experts’ professional assistance. Also, they provide numerous self-help solutions via well-formed tutorials, guides, and other materials.

Moreover, the three companies enables users to exchange views and experience with each other via their official blog, forum, and some popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

#5: Other Merits of the Three Companies

Besides the advantages mentioned above, Host4ASP.NET, Arvixe, and GoDaddy share some more edges in the following aspects over their peers.

  • They support the latest Windows server 2012 edition with IIS 8, multiple versions of ASP.NET, the latest versions of ASP.NET MVC, etc.
  • Host4ASP.NET and Arvixe provide WebSitePanel control panel for users to manage their websites and accounts in a simplified manner. GoDaddy offers Parallels Plesk control panel that is also user-friendly.
  • All of these companies offer a hassle-free refund policy to minimize the risks that users may face with their hosting services. Host4ASP.NET and GoDaddy offers a 30-day full money back guarantee while Arvixe even lengthens this period to 60 days.
  • They all enjoy a good reputation in the Windows VPS hosting community and achieve a high customer satisfaction rate.