BigRock VS DiscountASP.NET on Windows Hosting

BigRock VS DiscountASP.NET on Windows Hosting

Taking Linux and Windows hosting users as target customers, BigRock has covered multiple hosting solutions since 2010. On the other hand, DiscountASP.NET has been focused on Windows hosting service with a single goal since 2003. If you are hanging between them, this article will make it easier for you to make a choice after you know how they compete with each other and what their own edges are.

The service rating table, involved in pricing, feature, uptime, speed, and speed, is presented firstly. And the detailed explanation which is backed by monitoring results and verified customer review will come later.

Rating BigRock DiscountASP.NET
Pricing 4.5 4
Feature 4.5 4
Performance 2.5 5
Support 3 4.5
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Similarities between BigRock and DiscountASP.NET

Though there are many differences between them, they do share some similarities, like good control panel and the same refund policy. To show you clearly, we have listed out the points as below.

  • Easy-to-Use control panel: BigRock provides Plesk which is a popular control panel on the market to help its users manage hosting accounts. Though the DiscountASP.NET control panel is custom built, it is driven by advanced ASP.NET technology with great features. Having been tested by the market, it is also convenient for green hands to use.
  • 30 days refund policy: The two web hosts both promise full money back within the initial thirty days, so you can submit your request for refund if you are not satisfied with their services.

BigRock Advantages over DiscountASP.NET

Cheaper Windows Hosting Plan

Four Windows hosting solutions (Essential, Premium, Business, and Pro) are provided by BigRock. They are priced from $1.59/mo, $4.39/mo, $8.29/mo, and $10.49/mo respectively. If you want to get a package at the prices we have mentioned, you must sign up for a certain billing term, even long enough for 10 years.

As for DiscountASP.NET, it has released only one ASP.NET hosting solution, starting from $10/mo in regular time. Activating the promotional link, you can get the plan at the price which will be cut down to $5/mo with 50% off for the annual subscription.

DiscountASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

Richer Basic Features

Given the similar prices, we select BigRock Premium and DiscountASP.NET plan as target comparison. It is admitted that DiscountASP.NET is better in terms of the advanced features like Isolated Application Pool, Node.js, MS Web Deploy and more. However it sets limitations for the basic features, such as the disk space, bandwidth, etc. The table below may help you have a better understanding.

Feature BigRock DiscountASP.NET
Plan Premium Base
Disk Space Unlimited 1000 MB
Bandwidth Unlimited 80 GB
Email Accounts Unlimited 500 MB
Windows Servers 2008 R2 2012/2008 R2
ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 2.0/3.5/4.5.2/4.6.x/5
ASP.NET MVC 4/5 3/4/5/6
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
IIS Remote Management Yes Yes
Isolated Application Pool No Yes
Node.js No Yes
MS Web Deploy No Yes
Price $4.39/mo $5/mo
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In comparison, BigRock provides its plans with cheaper prices and richer basic features than the other. However, does it mean that you should go with BigRock when shopping for a Windows hosting service? The answer is definitely “No” because we must take more factors into consideration before subscription. We will take a look at what advantages DiscountASP.NET has over BigRock.

DiscountASP.NET Advantages over BigRock

Better Uptime and Faster Speed

Like most web hosts, the two hosting companies are also committed to at least 99.9% uptime with a reliable and secure hosting environment. According to our monitoring, BigRock has achieved an average of 99.93% hosting uptime and DiscountASP.NET 99.98% for the past 30 days. Below is the DiscountASP.NET uptime.

As for speed, BigRock requires over 700ms for server responses while DiscountASP.NET only needs less than 300ms. You can check more statistics which is recorded in the last 30 days, and then you will find the big gap between BigRock and DiscountASP.NET.

Better Technical Support

Both BigRock and DiscountASP.NET try to provide after-sale service within 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Their support team can be both contacted via the following ways.

  • Email: You are able to get help from the support team by sending an email. Once your email is read, the staff will make a response to your questions.
  • Ticket System: This support method which requires your control panel login to gain access to the helpdesk is suitable for users who are not urgent.
  • Knowledgebase: You can also do yourself a favor by consulting the helpful articles in the support center.

It seems BigRock is more responsive because it also provides live chat and phone, but things turn different when we contact the staff. It is a regret that we got a slow response from an unprofessional team and some of our tickets even were ignored unless we frequently called the team to get a reply.

Even without live chat and phone call, DiscountASP.NET is more responsive with professional knowledge as it promises that it never outsources its customer service to other companies. Besides, you can also look for solutions through the community forum and video tutorials.

Final Thought – DiscountASP.NET Is Recommended

In a big picture, we recommend DiscountASP.NET due to the much higher quality services including the higher uptime, faster speed, and better support. Though the Windows hosting plan charges for a little higher price, it is worth that because DiscountASP.NET is a Microsoft Gold-Certified hosting provider via its efforts in the single plan. It is no wonder that it has earned reputation among many Windows webmasters.