Brinkster Review on Windows Shared Hosting

Brinkster Review on Windows Shared Hosting

This Brinkster review is delivered to help readers evaluate whether the company is a good choice for Windows shared hosting. To make the review objective and accurate, we have collected hundreds of webmasters’ feedback along with our editors years of hosting review experience, hoping to thoroughly analyze the price, feature, uptime, speed, and customer support of Brinkster in the coming sections.

Brinkster Review

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Brief Introduction to Brinkster

Brinkster is a cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider founded in 1999. Originally named as WebCity, the company has relocated its headquarters from New Jersey to Phoenix, Arizona since 2004. Also, it has established a European headquarter in Frankfurt, Germany.

The company now offers shared hosting and dedicated servers that are available on both Linux and Windows platforms. Up to now, it has served more than 50,000 customers in 175 countries, which attests to its popularity in the field.

However, the above facts have gradually become a part of the history. Nowadays, Brinkster has a plenty of unhappy users complaining multiple aspects of its Windows shared hosting. Scroll down to check for more detailed illustrations.

Hosting Plan & Price

Speaking of Windows shared hosting, Brinkster provides a total of three options named as Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The company integrates these plans with different price tags mainly according to the resource amount included within each plan. To be more specific, it charges the three plans for $9.59/mo, $19.19/mo, and $41.99/mo in respective.

To be frank, Brinkster hosting prices are much higher than the majority of web hosts available in the field. For example, Host4ASP.NET, one of the best Windows web hosting providers, rates its three plans – Basic, Advance, Business, from $4.95/mo to %15.95/mo and offers an up to 40% discount for users to get their hosting journeys started with a minimum cost as low as $2.95/mo.

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Besides the expensive hosting fees, Brinkster also charges $1/mo for each email address, which is widely denounced by many users. Based on these facts, the company is far from competitive than other budget-friendly options.

Feature offering

When it comes to Brinkster feature offerings, there are both pros and cons. For convenience purpose, we have made a list as below to elaborate this point of view.

  • Pros of Brinkster hosting feature: Firstly, as many other web hosts have done, Brinkster includes all the plans with FTP access, site building tools, daily data backups, and a domain name manager. Secondly, the company provides a 90-day money back guarantee for safe purchases and $25 Yahoo search marketing voucher for users to promote their businesses. Thirdly, it offers a cPanel and 1-click installer to help users manage their websites and install applications with ease.
  • Cons of Brinkster hosting feature: First of all, the company puts quite strict limits on the disk storage, bandwidth, MySQL databases usages, and other server resources that users concern the most. Also, it fails to keep pace with the latest Microsoft technologies, offering to some extent outdated ASP.NET related feature.

In order to make it clear for users to check for more detailed information, we have made a table as below to showcase some key feature offerings of Brinkster three hosting plans.

Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Web Space 200GB 350GB 500GB
Web Traffic 2,000GB 3,500GB 6,000GB
Free Domain(s) 2 5
MySQL Database 250MB 250MB
MS SQL Server 250MB
Window Server 2008 R2 2008 R2 2008 R2
ASP.NET v4.0 v4.0
IIS 7.0 7.0 7.0
Classic ASP Yes Yes Yes
FTP Access Yes Yes Yes
Price $9.59/mo $19.19/mo $41.99/mo

What’s worth mentioning is that the free domains included with Level 2 and Level 3 plans are only valid for 1 year, after which you will be charged $18.99/year for each domain name. Besides, the former plan requires a 24-month sign-up while that of the latter is 12-month or 24-month.

From the illustrations above, Brinkster indeed has some highlights, which, however, are belittled by its intolerable limitations in server resources and other critical features. In consequence, considering the expensive prices and obvious feature limitations, the company, again, lacks competitiveness from the perspective of cost-effectiveness.

Hosting Performance

Brinkster claims to provide a stable and fast hosting environment for users of its shared hosting services. To achieve this goal, the company equips its data center with diesel power generator backup, 24x7x365 monitoring, advanced smoke detection, and other rock solid facilities and measures. Also, it leverages top-tier Internet connectivity with the aim of ensuring enterprise-class connectivity and performance.

Due to these robust hosting infrastructures and technologies, Brinkster should have the capability to achieve high performances regarding uptime and speed. However, the reality tells a quite different story.

As many webmasters have mentioned, the loading speed is not satisfying and there were frequent downtime issues that usually last for few minutes and above. Moreover, they have also found that the company’s servers are not as secure as expected, making their websites vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Customer Support

Customer support of Brinkster is another disappointing aspect that adds to the users’ woes. It is true that the company provides the live chat, phone, and email systems for users to get assistance. However, these communication channels and the support itself, as users have pointed out, are non-existent.

According to the reflections of registrants, whenever they are requesting for some technical supports, there will be a long waiting time before getting a response. In addition, if they are lucky enough to get connected to a support representative, they receive useless suggestions instead of a suitable solution to the problems that they are dealing with.

Summary – Brinkster Is not Recommended

By this comprehensive Brinkster review, the company is surely not a good choice for Windows shared hosting. It not only prices the services at a fairly high level but also performs poorly in uptime, speed, and support.

As a result, we recommend you the following better alternatives. Being widely-acclaimed by users worldwide, these companies are able to satisfy your needs on every aspect that you may concern about.

Brinkster ASP.NET Hosting

Plan Level 1
Regular Price $9.59/mo
Discount N/A
Coupon Code N/A
Effective Price $9.59/mo
Purchase Security
Full Refund Trial 90 Days
Anytime Pro-Rated Money Back N/A
Credit Card Yes
PayPal No
Check No
Basic Features
Free Domain N/A
Addon Domain Unspecified
Hosting Sites Unspecified
Disk Space 200GB
Monthly Bandwidth 2,000GB
FTP Account Unspecified
Email Unspecified
Green Powered Yes
OS Window Server 2008 R2
IIS 7.0
Trust Level Full
Application Pool Yes
Classic ASP Yes
Silverlight N/A
MSSQL Usage Unspecified
Extra Technology
URLRewrite2 N/A
Remote IIS Management N/A
SQL Management Studio Access N/A
Web Matrix N/A
MS Web Deploy N/A
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