DiscountASP.NET Review – In-depth ASP.NET Hosting Review

DiscountASP.NET Review – In-depth ASP.NET Hosting Review

DiscountASP.NET is a Microsoft Golden web hosting partner and has been recognized as a leading ASP.NET hosting provider. Unlike some companies that try to be everything to everybody by supporting every type of hosting platform, DiscountASP.NET has been focusing all of their resources in hosting solutions for the .NET developers since it was established in 2003.

In below, we have worked out a comprehensive review on DiscountASP.NET from several aspects, including price, features, reliability, performance and technical support. We have been with this company for 2 years and kept monitoring it closely, so this review is promised to be impartial.

Price & Discount

DiscountASP.NET offers ASP.NET hosting plan at affordable price and supports both annual billing and quarterly billing, which enables customers to get their websites up and running without a huge upfront investment. The regular price of the plan is $10/mo. Now, the company is offering a considerable 50% discount for the annual billing plan, so visitors going through this promotional link are able to get the service at $5/mo.

What’s more, the company offers 30 days money back guarantee, which enables customers to ask a refund within the first 30 days if they cancel their accounts. Besides, the company also offers $75 Yahoo!/Bing network Adwords credits, which saves a lot of money for customers in promoting their websites.

DiscountASP.NET Promotion Link Activation


DiscountASP.NET provides customers with rich features. The company offers Isolated Application Pool to prevent each customer’s site from being taken down by other clients due to runaway applications or bad code. Besides, Windows 2012 hosting is offered for customers to own updated version of Hyper-V, an IP address management role, a new version of Windows Task Manager, and so on. More highlighted features are listed in below.

  • ASP.NET 4.5/4/3.5/2 hosting
  • 1000 MB disk space
  • 80 GB monthly data transfer
  • Full Trust support
  • MVC 4 & Silverlight hosting
  • A free unique domain name
  • MS SQL CE4 & MS SQL Server 2012 & MySQL 5


DiscountASP.NET is a reliable ASP.NET hosting service provider that guarantees 99.9% uptime for their ASP.NET hosting service. The company has 2 data centers respectively located in California, USA and UK, both of which are in Tier 1 and secure. So customers can choose one of them to get better hosting experience according to their location. Besides, with 24×7 network monitoring service offered by DiscountASP.NET, all kinds of server and network issues can be found and resolved immediately before customers’ sites being affected.

We have set up a website uptime monitoring for all of our ASP.NET sites hosted with DiscountASP.NET for 2 years. In this period, our sites’ uptime is close to 99.95% – better than that guaranteed. The following statistics chart shows the monitoring result of DisocuntASP.NET uptime in the past 30 days.


DiscountASP.NET is able to provide high performance hosting services for customers to run websites owing to the following aspects.

  • Discount ASP.NET only uses 100% Dell servers, all of which are equipped with 64 bit operating system, dual quad-core, 32 GB RAM, RAID 10 disk arrays and internet connection with bandwidth over 100 MB, which guarantees a fast hosting environment.
  • Discount ASP.NET uses multiple Tier 1 telecom providers to provide fast speed of the Internet connection.
  • Discount ASP.NET network infrastructure is designed to steer clear of transit networks and shorten the network patch between websites, which increases the websites loading speed.
  • Discount ASP.NET also uses outstanding routing and switching technologies to offer high performance for customers to run websites.

Technical Support

DiscountASP.NET always offers high level technical support to help their customers run websites smoothly and stably. The company provides 24×7 customer support services via their support portal and email. Whenever customers coming across any technical issue, they can go directly to the support site and use their control panel login to gain access to the helpdesk.

Moreover, their email support is very fast. Last year, we emailed them several times for technical support, and after 2 hours we got response and useful assistance to resolve our issues. Besides, there are a pile of in-depth articles in the company’ knowledgebase, so customers are able to learn more about DiscountASP.NET hosting services and resolve common issues by themselves.


DiscountASP.NET provides rich-featured, reliable, and high performance ASP.NET hosting services at affordable price in practice. Besides, with quarterly billing support, 30 days money back guarantee, and $75 Yahoo! Bing Adwords, the purchase is pretty easy and risk-free so that we highly recommend DiscountASP.NET for all personal and small businesses.

DiscountASP.NET ASP.NET Hosting

Plan Professional Plan
Regular Price $10/mo
Discount 50% Off
Coupon Code Promo Link
Effective Price $5.0/mo
Purchase Security
Full Refund Trial 30 Days
Anytime Pro-Rated Money Back Yes
Credit Card Yes
PayPal No
Check Yes
Basic Features
Free Domain N/A
Addon Domain 0
Hosting Sites Ulimited
Disk Space 1 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 80 GB
FTP Account Unlimited
Email Yes
Green Powered Yes
OS Windows 2012
IIS 8.0
Trust Level Full
Application Pool Dedicated
Classic ASP Yes
ASP.NET 2/3.5SP1/4.5
Silverlight 4/5
MSSQL 2012
MSSQL Usage $5/mo
Extra Technology
URLRewrite2 Yes
Remote IIS Management Yes
SQL Management Studio Access Yes
Web Matrix Yes
MS Web Deploy Yes
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