DiscountASP.NET VS ASPHostPortal – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

DiscountASP.NET VS ASPHostPortal – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

DiscountASP.NET has been dedicated to Windows hosting since 2003, and it has cultivated many loyal customers due to the developer-friendly features and good performance. ASPHostPortal, on the other hand, offers multiple hosting solutions among which Windows hosting is gaining growing popularity.

In this comparison between the two web hosts, we will show how they compete with each other, and what their own edges are. The detailed analyses backed by monitoring statistics should be helpful if you are hanging between the choices.

First of all, here are the service ratings you may need.

Rating DiscountASP.NET ASPHostPortal
Reliability 4.5 3.5
Price 4.5 4
Feature 4.5 3
Speed 5 2,5
Support 4.5 3
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The Similarities of DiscountASP.NET and ASPHostPortal

DiscountASP.NET and ASPHostPortal are good when it comes to the ease of use of their hosting plans, the Windows technologies, service reliability, and several other aspects. Currently, they both offer the following things.

  • Advanced control panel – DiscountASP.NET has developed a control panel which comes with advanced functionality and great ease of use. ASPHostPortal, instead, utilizes the popular Plesk. Both control panels make it quite easy to manage websites.
  • Great Windows features – The two companies provide Windows Server 2008/2012, MSSQL Server 2012/2014/2016, ASP.NET Core 1.0, and ASP.NET 4.6/4.5.2/4.0/3.5/2.0. These features are great for both the normal users and developers.
  • 1-click script installation – Both companies offer a script installer to guarantee easy installation of the popular .NET and PHP applications.
  • 30-day refund – Buying a package from either company, you are able to cancel it and request a refund at any time within the first 30 days.
  • Data centers in both the US and Europe – When hosting with DiscountASP.NET or ASPHostPortal, you can select a server location from the multiple choices in the US and Europe.
  • 99.9% uptime – The two web hosts offer such a guarantee, and they can get it covered. This excellence attributes to their utilization of uninterrupted power, redundant network, and the personnel invested in server optimization and monitoring. The monitored uptime of DiscountASP.NET is displayed in below.

What Are the Differences You Have to Pay Attention?

There are many differences between DiscountASP.NET and ASPHostPortal which would affect your hosting choice. In below, you can see which company is better in the price, feature, support, and speed.

Hosting price – ASPHostPortal provides cheap plans

DiscountASP.NET provides one ASP.NET hosting plan which is named Base. The regular price of Base is $10/mo, but now you are able to obtain a 50% discount for $5/mo with the promo link below.

The company doesn’t trap new users with long terms. Besides, no setup fee is needed no matter you choose the quarterly or annual billing cycle.

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ASPHostPortal provides various ASP.NET hosting plans whose prices range from $1/mo to $70/mo. If you want to buy a cheap plan, you get three choices which are priced at $1/mo, $5/mo and $9/mo respectively.

However, you must pay attention that the prices of all ASPHostPortal plans are different depending on your choice of the billing cycle. For example, the Host One plan is available at $5/mo, $6/mo and $8/mo for 36/12/3-month terms. Currently, no extra discount is available.

Server resources & features – DiscountASP.NET wins

DiscountASP.NET provides almost all the features that may be needed by both the normal hosting users and developers. As a Microsoft partner, the company has been doing well in offering what ASP.NET users want.

ASPHostPortal is also good in feature, but it is not as developer-friendly as its competitor. The Host Intro plan, which attracts people with the low $1/mo price, doesn’t include any email storage or MSSQL database.

Considering these situations, we have taken ASPHostPortal Host One plan into the comparison below.

Feature DiscountASP.NET ASPHostPortal
Plan Base Host One
Website(s) Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Storage 1000 MB 5 GB
Bandwidth 80 GB 60 GB
Email Storage 500 MB 200 MB
Full Trust Yes Yes
Node.js Yes Yes
WebSockets Yes No
Isolated Application Pools Yes Yes
Additional Server Resources Yes No
Quarterly Price $5/mo $8/mo
Annual Price $5/mo $6/mo
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Speed – DiscountASP.NET is faster

DiscountASP.NET and ASPHostPortal have done much to ensure a satisfying user experience. To deliver better speed, they offer multiple server locations and handpick high-performance servers and network equipment. Besides, they offer redundant network connections and 24×7 network monitoring. All these things contribute much to the hosting speed.

However, DiscountASP.NET still has better performance, according to monitoring. This company is among the fastest ASP.NET hosting providers, while ASPHostPortal isn’t.

Our accurate monitoring tells that the server response time of DiscountASP.NET averages less than 300ms, which you can notice in the chart below, but that of ASPHostPortal is longer than 600ms.

Technical support – DiscountASP.NET is more responsive

DiscountASP.NET provides support via email and its ticket system, so does ASPHostPortal. The difference is, the former replies tickets and support emails in a quick speed of minutes while the waiting time for ASPHostPortal almost doubles.

The two companies also offer a knowledgebase which includes the details about their offerings and the answers to common questions. Besides, DiscountASP.NET has developed community forums in which you are able to get notified about maintenance and outages, and ask any hosting-related questions.

DiscountASP.NET Or ASPHostPortal?

Both web hosts are reliable indeed, but DiscountASP.NET has won the competition undoubtedly because of the better speed, support, and features. Although this company provides one plan only, it allows purchasing additional disk space, bandwidth, email storage and database storage, so you don’t need to worry about the scalability.

To try the ASP.NET hosting plan offered by DiscountASP.NET or to learn about the prices of its add-ons, visit the official website.