DiscountASP.NET VS InterServer on ASP.NET Hosting

DiscountASP.NET VS InterServer on ASP.NET Hosting

The DiscountASP.NET VS InterServer comparison aims to give you an exact answer to the question that which one is the better ASP.NET hosting provider. Bearing that question in mind, we make a detailed comparison on the core factors which have a direct influence on the hosting experience. They are hosting fees, available features, hosting uptime, hosting performance, and technical support.

With the goal to reveal the fact, we mainly take the following measures. To start with, we get the basic information from their official website. Next, we collect feedbacks from real users on the forum. Besides, we get real statistics about the hosting environment from our personal monitoring. Finally, we make tests to check the support holding time and professionalism. Based on our investigation, a conclusion can be drawn that DiscountASP.NET is the better one in the long run. For your better understanding, you can have a quick view on the below rating table and then move on to learn more details on their edges.

Rating DiscountASP.NET InterServer
Server Resources 4 5
Contact Methods 4 5
Hosting Fees 4.5 5
Reliability 5 3
Performance 5 3.5
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InterServer Edges over DiscountASP.NET

Price lock guarantee

As a whole, both web hosts try to be as budget-friendly as possible with the release of promotional link and the selecting freedom of your billing cycle (monthly/yearly payment). In detail, the starting price of DiscountASP.NET is $5/mo and that of InterServer is $4/mo. With the below promotional link, you can receive a 50% discount from DiscountASP.NET.

DiscountASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

However, InterServer distinguishes itself from the competition with an announcement of a ‘price lock guarantee’ program. To put it simply, the price you sign up with InterServer is your guaranteed lifetime locked in price. In the industry, almost all web hosts differentiate the sign-up price from the renewal one.

Price DiscountASP.NET InterServer
1-Month Payment $10/mo $5
3-Month Payment $10/mo
6-Month Payment $4.75/mo
1-Year Payment $5/mo $4.50/mo
2-Year Payment $5/mo $4.25/mo
3-Year Payment $5/mo $4/mo
Full Refund 30 Days 30 Days

Sufficient server resources allocation

Then how many server resources you can get from DiscountASP.NET and InterServer? In fact, there is a gap between the two web hosts. The former one requires you to purchase add-on services if you have more needs while the latter one sets sufficient allocation for server resources. What’ more, InterServer provides you with free ad credits to help you to help you better promote you website on the main search engines like Google and Bing.

Basic Features DiscountASP.NET InterServer
Hosted Domains 1 25
Storage 1 GB Unlimited
Data Transfer 80 GB Unlimited
Mailboxes 500 Unlimited
FTP Users Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 3 Unlimited
Marketing Credits No Yes

Multiple contact methods

With either DiscountASP.NET or InterServer, the dedicated support team works around the clock to help you solve the issues which happen to your website. The final goal is to improve your hosting experience. However, they have some differences in the contact methods.

When faced with complicated situations, you can submit a help ticket that comes with as much details as possible. With InterServer, however, you have more freedom to choose how you get in touch with the support team: live chat, phone call, or ticket system.

DiscountASP.NET Edges over InterServer

Developer-friendly features

If you are a developer, DiscountASP.NET will meet you requirement for the latest Microsoft technology. With the long-term partnership with Microsoft, DiscountASP.NET has a competitive advantage for launching new technologies quickly. For example, DiscountASP.NET allows you to have access to Classic ASP, ASP.NET MVC 6, IIS 8.x, and other newer versions of development features.

To improve the security of your website and data, DiscountASP.NET hosts your website on a dedicated application pool and creates daily backs for your website. What’s more, this web host develops their own control panel without relying on a third party.

Development Features DiscountASP.NET InterServer
Classic ASP Yes No
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
SSL Certificate Yes Yes
MS Web Deploy Yes Yes
Backup Daily Weekly
Windows Server 2012/2008 2012
MSSQL 2016/2014/2012 2012
ASP.NET Core 1.0.1/4.6.x/4.5.2/3.5/2.0 Core 1/4.5/4.0/3.5/2.0
ASP.NET MVC 6/5/4/3 5
IIS 8.x/7.x Unknown
Trust Level Full Full
Control Panel Custom Plesk
Application Pool Dedicated Shared
Backup Daily Weekly
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended

High hosting reliability

With rich experience, we stick to the idea that you should choose a reliable hosting provider at the beginning. In any case, you must make sure that your website can be accessible by your visitors. In this way, you are able to reach your goal to create a popular website or anything else. Therefore, you are advised to leave InterServer out of consideration because this web host has a bad uptime record.

However, you don’t need to worry about your hosting reliability with DiscountASP.NET who not only has received public praises on the Internet but also has achieved more than 99.9% uptime during our monitoring. The two data centers, one in US and another in UK, host quality servers featuring firewalls and DDos mitigation hardware and software to protect your physical and traffic security. In addition, the systems undergo daily disaster recovery backups.

Excellent hosting performance

There are some instances when you need a fast hosting environment. In this case, DiscountASP.NET is also superior to InterServer because it ONLY takes less than 3 seconds for each page loading while InterServer doubles the time. DiscountASP.NET allows you to choose the data center location on the basis of where you work and your target users live. Also, the Dell servers are configured with dual-core Xeon processor, Cisco enterprise switches, and more.

Wrap Up

In the long run, DiscountASP.NET is the better ASP.NET hosting provider. With this web host, you can embrace the very latest technologies and enjoy the excellent hosting environment.