DiscountASP.NET vs TMDHosting on Windows Hosting

DiscountASP.NET vs TMDHosting on Windows Hosting

Though Linux has served 70% webmasters worldwide, there are some instances when you need Windows operating system to be responsible for executing scripts and databases. DiscountASP.NET, a Microsoft Golden partner, is an ASP.NET hosting expert with more than 20 years’ hosting experience. And TMDHosting is relatively a young hosting provider who also opens Windows hosting service to the public. It is a mystery whether the latecomer surpasses the early starter. The DiscountASP.NET vs TMDHosting comparison will solve the mystery in a professional way.

When shopping for a Windows hosting solution, you should take price, feature, uptime, speed, and support into consideration. In this way, you are able to make a right choice and then avoid many troubles in the future. To start with, we invite you to have a look at the overall performance based on our investigation.

Rating DiscountASP.NET TMDHosting
Price 4.5 4.5
Feature 4 4
Uptime 4.5 4
Speed 5 4,5
Speed 5 2
Support 5 3.5
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Both Budget-Friendly Hosting Solutions

If you are tight on your budget, the good news is that DiscountASP.NET and TMDHosting support monthly payment and yearly payment. Certainly, you will receive a considerable discount if you sign up for a long-term contract. The starting price of DiscountASP.NET is $5/mo and that of TMDHosting is $3.99/mo.

DiscountASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

With the promotional link, you can activate the DiscountASP.NET discount when you pay a yearly subscription. However, you will take a higher risk to go with TMDHosting because you need to go with TMDHosting for a much longer term. The pricing information is available for you to have a quick view.

Price DiscountASP.NET TMDHosting
Plan Base Plan Starter
1-Month Payment $10/mo No
3-Month Payment $10/mo $8.99/mo
1-Year Payment $5/mo $5.99/mo
2-Year Payment $5/mo $4.99/mo
3-Year Payment $5/mo $3.99/mo

Both Have Edge on Features

With TMDHosting, you don’t need to worry about the excessive usage on disk space and bandwidth. And you can have a domain name without the need to pay extra money. What’s more, there are multiple websites available for you. However, DiscountASP.NET includes limited server resources with the Windows hosting. If you have more needs, you need to purchase the add-on services.

If you are a fan of latest technologies, DiscountASP.NET will meet your needs. Thanks to the golden relationship with Microsoft, this web hosts is able to provide you with the very latest Microsoft web platform as soon as possible. To your disappointment, TMDHosting does not open the specific version of features like PHP and MSSQL known to the public.

Feature DiscountASP.NET TMDHosting
Plan Base Plan Starter
Free Domain 0 1
Website(s) 1 6
Disk Storage 1000 MB Unlimited
Bandwidth 80 GB Unlimited
Email Accounts 500 Unknown
FTP Accounts 4 Unknown
Classic ASP Yes No
Windows Server 2012/2008 2012
ASP.NET Core 1.0.1/4.6.x/4.5.2/3.5/2.0 5
ASP.NET MVC 6/5/4/3 Unknown
MSSQL 2016/2014/2012 Unknown
Trust Level Full Unknown
PHP 7/5.x Unknown
IIS 8.x/7.x Unknown
Control Panel Custom Plesk
Application Pool Dedicated Dedicated
Full Refund 30 Days 60 Days
Current Price $5/mo $3.99/mo
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Both Have a Good Uptime

To create a popular website, you should not only create quality content during the management but also select a good web host from the beginning. The constant downtime has a direct impact on your revenue and SEO ranking. Fortunately, DiscountASP.NET and TMDHosting can ensure that your website remains accessible to your visitors almost all the time.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies and advanced facilities, both web hosts have delivered better than 99.9% uptime on average in the past 30 days. In the industry, it is impossible for a web host to guarantee a 100% uptime. To be honest, DiscountASP.NET has tried their best to minimize the downtime, leaving a deep impression on us.

DiscountASP.NET Delivers a Much Faster Speed

DiscountASP.NET beats TMDHosting on hosting performance with the 288ms server response time on average. TMDHosting is far away from being a fast hosting provider who needs more than 800ms to answer each server request. DiscountASP.NET mainly owes the achievement to the utilization of multiple data centers (One in US and another in London), DELL servers, Cisco enterprise switches, etc.

DiscountASP.NET Provides More Professional Support

The only way you can get technical assistance from real person is to submit a ticket, which is the same as DiscountASP.NET. Though ticket is not as responsive as live chat and phone, you can provide as much detail as possible with it and give the support team some time to work out a solution.

Both web hosts can answer the technical support inquiries within 15 minutes. But there are some complaints about TMDHosting who lacks professionalism in dealing with issues perfectly. Things turn different with DiscountASP.NET who shows their rich experience in the Windows hosting service. Besides, DiscountASP.NET also provides you with a community forum where you can have a discussion with technicians.

Wrap Up

As a whole, TMDHosting is a good option if you care about how much you need to pay and how many server resources you can get. Otherwise, DiscountASP.NET is the better choice because you will be backed by an excellent hosting environment, a professional support team, and the latest technologies with affordable hosting fees.