DotBlock Review – Do You Really Need Windows VPS Hosting

DotBlock Review – Do You Really Need Windows VPS Hosting

DotBlock is a child company of HostRocket who was founded in 1999. There are always many choices ahead of customers, so one company has to gain certain edge to win the competition. Thus, DotBlock strives to provide hosting services featuring by good customer service and affordable price. So far, they have served nearly 50,000 websites.

In addition, the company focuses on providing VPS hosting such as Windows VPS, virtual Linux host, VPS server hosting and so on. And this review is mainly about its Windows VPS hosting by analyzing its price, feature, performance and technical support.


Unlike their Linux VPS hosting, the company only supports unmanaged plans for Windows VPS solutions. Distinguishing from the amount of RAM, the company offers you 24 options, which are quite a lot of options so that customers can find the one plan that suits their needs best.

As for price, those plans vary from $9.95/mo to $239.95/mo, so this part is going to introduce their primary packages with a relative affordable price. The primary plans that DotBlock provides are named 1 Block, 2 Block, 3 Block and 4 Block which are priced at $9.95/mo, $19.95/mo, $29.95/mo and $39.95/mo respectively. Besides, the company accepts credit card and PayPal when you make payments. And unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee for Windows VPS hosting.


Primary plans are the most popular plans, so this part is going to introduce two of the company’s primary plans. According to their official website, we have listed some major features below for your references.

Feature 1 Block 2 Block
CPU 1 Core 2 Cores
Monthly Data Transfer 500 GB 1 TB
Storage 20 GB 30 GB
OS Windows 2012 Windows 2012
Control Panel N/A N/A
Backup $10/mo $10/mo
Price $9.95/mo $19.95/mo
Conclusion Not Recommended Not Recommended

From the table above, you can notice that their packages cannot stand out for their limitations in resources like RAM, storage and bandwidth. For resources, some Windows shared hosting plans provided by some good companies like Host4ASP.NET can catch up with or even beat the company’s VPS hosting plans.

Besides, the company doesn’t provide any control panel. And you have to buy a Windows server package at the price at $14.95/mo. Thus, even if you don’t buy any add-on services, you have to pay at least $24.9/mo.


reliabilityThe company has four datacenters located in New York, Chicago, San Jose and Amsterdam. Under such condition, geographic distance won’t be a problem for fast speed. Besides, the company has built high end gigabit Ethernet infrastructure so as to provide high speed for data transit.

The company claims that the maximum download speed would vary from 7MB/s to 9MB/s, which is acceptable in most cases. In fact, sometimes the download time is too slow as well as the server response time.

The company has made lots of efforts on reliability. DotBlock states that they have made hardware redundancy on every level so that your websites can be moved to failover equipments once a failure happens. And the company makes it clear that you are backed by 99.99% uptime guarantee. But the reality says in another way. According to statistics, the company had 3 outages simply in Jan 2015. Also, some real users complain that their websites are down frequently.

Technical Support

The company holds customer services very crucial for hosting companies, but it seems they do things quite the opposite. Most companies support live chat while DotBlock doesn’t support this service. And their phone support is only available from 8:00 AM to 11:59 PM (EST). All in all, DotBlock customer services are quite inconvenient judging from the perspective of channels or available time.

Actually, what really matters is the response time and efficiency of one’s technical support when issues happen. But sorry, the company’s technical support is terrible in this way. Customers complain that once an issue happens, you cannot count on them because their support staffs are not professional enough to handle those issues.


All in all, DotBlock is not competitive whether in price, feature, performance or technical support. And there are actually many good Windows shared hosting providers who can provide much affordable plans and as excellent performance as VPS hosting. So, we recommend the following companies for the references.

DotBlock ASP.NET Hosting

Plan 1 Block
Regular Price $9.95/mo
Discount N/A
Coupon Code Link Activation
Effective Price $9.95/mo
Purchase Security
Full Refund Trial Unspecified
Anytime Pro-Rated Money Back N/A
Credit Card Yes
PayPal Yes
Check N/A
Basic Features
Free Domain N/A
Addon Domain Unlimited
Hosting Sites Unlimited
Disk Space 20 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 500 GB
FTP Account Yes
Email Unspecified
Green Powered Yes
OS Windows 2012
Trust Level Unspecified
Application Pool Yes
Classic ASP N/A
Silverlight Yes
MSSQL Usage Unspecified
Extra Technology
URLRewrite2 N/A
Remote IIS Management N/A
SQL Management Studio Access N/A
Web Matrix N/A
MS Web Deploy N/A
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