Dotster VS GoDaddy on Windows Hosting

Dotster VS GoDaddy on Windows Hosting

With the prevalence of Windows hosting, more and more webmasters try to follow the trend. There are some instances where webmasters hang between Dotster and GoDaddy. It is true that both are well-known for their domain name registration service, but they may also be able to provide the quality Windows hosting service.

With that question in mind, we have made an in-depth exploration to get an exact answer. On the basis of what we have explored, the below rating table shows that webmasters should be on the way to look for another hosting provider. The reasons can be found from the following detailed explanations.

Rating Dotster GoDaddy
Pricing 3.5 4
Uptime 3 4.5
Feature 2.5 3
Support 3 3
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The GoDaddy Edges over Dotster

Indeed, GoDaddy has something worthy of praise: cheap hosting plans and a good server uptime.

Cheaper hosting fees

Dotster and GoDaddy have launched three Windows hosting plans which are designed to meet the need for a personal blog and business site. Regardless of the billing term: 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years, the Dotster discounted prices will remain $4.75/mo, $7.75/mo, and $14.75/mo. However, the GoDaddy discounted prices start at $3.99/mo which is only available for the 3-year plan.

However, the Dotster users will be easily overcharged because there is no detailed information about the renewal prices while GoDaddy marks the prices clearly which will start at $7.99/mo. In addition, Dotster claims a 30-day full refund policy which is valid for the credit card payments ONLY while GoDaddy sets no limitations for the 45-day one. Therefore, Dotster is inferior to GoDaddy due to the poor refund policy and nontransparent renewal prices.

Higher server uptime

Since Dotster makes no uptime guarantee, we have the reason to doubt that Dotster is not likely to provide a reliable hosting environment. Though GoDaddy claims 99.9% uptime, we also need to check whether it can carry out the promise. As a result, it is GoDaddy that achieves the average of 99.93% uptime while Dotster fails to reach 99.9% uptime.

During our investigation, we learned that GoDaddy has invested much in order to retain users. GoDaddy equips the 9 data centers located across the world with fully redundant UPS power system, 24/7 server monitoring, and data backup.

Common Points of Dotster and GoDaddy

It seems that webmasters can give priority to GoDaddy who not only offers cheaper hosting plans but also a more reliable hosting uptime. However, GoDaddy is far from a good choice due to the limited features and poor support which also exist in Dotster.

Limited features

Without an in-depth exploration, webmasters may easily take it for granted that Dotster is featured with rich server resources because they can enjoy a free domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, $200 ad credit, etc. At the same time, they are able to make their own contribution to the environment because they host their website on Dotster who not only purchases 150% wind energy power but also utilizes high-efficiency servers.

If webmasters are in pursuit of the latest Microsoft .NET technologies like ASP.NET 5, however, they’d better turn their eyes towards other Windows hosting providers like DiscountASP.NET who is a golden partner with Microsoft. Neither Dotster nor GoDaddy can meet the requirement because there are only the outdated .NET technologies available for the Windows hosting plans. In addition, webmasters will feel upset when in want of some advanced features like node.js.

Feature Dotster GoDaddy
Plan Basic Hosting Economy
Free Domain 1 0
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Storage Unlimited 100 GB
FTP Users 5 50
Mailboxes 100 100
MySQL Databases 10 10
ASP.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0 Unknown
PHP 5 5
IIS Unknown 8.5
Microsoft SQL 2012 2012/2014
Windows Server 2008 2012
Classic ASP Yes Yes
Ad Credits $200 No
MS Web Deploy No Yes
WebMatrix No Yes
Node.js No No
Free Site Builder Yes Yes
Green Hosting Yes No
Control Panel Custom Plesk
Trust Level Medium Full
Refund Policy 30 Days 45 Days

Poor support

There are two ways for webmasters to ask for help from GoDaddy: submitting a ticket or making a phone call. Webmasters should log in to the helpdesk in order to open a ticket. In addition, GoDaddy asks webmasters to pay for the phone calls which are made outside the specific area. What’s worse, there is no phone service in some areas. Therefore, GoDaddy is not professional enough in the customer service.

When turning eyes towards Dotster, webmasters have an access to multiple contact methods. However, they are required to fill out the information before having a live chat with Dotster, they cannot get a quick response to issues by sending emails which are often ignored, and sometimes they may get unprofessional answers from Dotster when making a phone call.

Better Windows Hosting Providers

In comparison, GoDaddy does a better job than Dotster on some aspects. However, GoDaddy still has a long way to be a good Windows hosting provider. For those who also need rich features and good technical support, they can select one from the below premium Windows hosting providers.