GoDaddy ASP.NET Web Hosting Review & Secret Revealed

GoDaddy ASP.NET Web Hosting Review & Secret Revealed

GoDaddy is famous for being the world’s largest domain name registrar. Up to now, the company owns more than 55 million domains under management and over 12 million customers around the world.

There is no better option for people to choose various affordable and secure domain name registration service. However, is GoDaddy ASP.NET web hosting service a good choice for developers and small business owners? To make that clear, we have reviewed GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting from several aspects, including price, features, performance, reliability, and technical support.


GoDaddy has released 3 ASP.NET hosting plans named as Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate, the regular price of which starts from $6.99/mo. Now, the company is offering a considerable 50% discount, with which the price is cut down to $3.49/mo.

GoDaddy Economy Host4ASP.NET Basic
Regular $6.99/mo 6.95/mo
Discount 50% 58%
Discounted Rate $3.49/mo $2.95/mo

Although this level of rate doesn’t lead much burden for webmasters, it is not budget-friendly as compared with many other hosting providers such as Host4ASP.NET, which prices the quality ASP.NET hosting starting at $2.95/mo effectively using a special promotion link.

Host4ASP.NET Promotion Link Activation

ASP.NET Features

When choosing an appropriate web host, not only business owners but also individuals value features very much. A good ASP.NET hosting service should contain a lot of useful features like sufficient disk space, monthly data transfer, MSSQL databases, MySQL databases, full trust application support, dedicated application pools, and so on. GoDaddy ASP.NET web hosting is such a rich-featured one. In below, let’s take its Economy package as an example.

  • Windows Sever 2012 with IIS8. With the latest windows severs provided by GoDaddy, ASP.NET users are able to run their websites securely and fast.
  • Sufficient disk space & Bandwidth. 100 GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth are available, which are enough to meet the growing demands of customers’ needs to run their websites.
  • Full Trust Spport. GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting supports Full Trust, which is a very important feature that allows ASP.NET websites to fully use the .NET framework libraries to ensure the ASP.NET websites to run smoothly and securely in the shared environment.
  • Plesk Control Panel. GoDaddy offers the latest Plesk control panel which enables customers to manage their websites effortlessly.

GoDaddy ASP.NET Hosting Uptime

GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting is one of the most reliable hosting solutions among all of the ones that we have reviewed so far. The company has invested a large number of capitals to build its 9 state-of-the-art data centers, all of which are equipped with high performance servers, UPS power, a diesel generator, and so on. All of these world class facilities have resulted in a solid uptime – even better than the 99.9% uptime guarantee.

In addition, the professional and knowledgeable technicians and engineers in this company are monitoring all of the severs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so any issue can be found and resolved before becoming serious, which ensures customers websites to be always online.

Below is the reliability testing we have done on GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting.

In terms of page loading speed, however, this company doesn’t have the good reputation. We have compared this aspect between GoDaddy and Host4ASP.NET in the real world, and have found that Host4ASP.NET is up to 154% faster than Godaddy.

Quality Technical Support

As a leading internet company, GoDaddy provides high level of technical support. The technical support staffs are very knowledgeable, professional, well-trained and experienced, offering instant and efficient help for customers to resolve hosting issues through 24×7 toll-free phone call and email.

Moreover, the technical support is very fast. We called them for help at last Monday night, and just after 30 seconds, we got a response. 15 minutes later, we solved our issues with one of the friendly technical support staffs.

Besides, in the online knowledgebase, the company has developed a lot of in-depth articles and detailed video tutorials to help customers learn more about ASP.NET hosting and teach them to deal with the common issues. Furthermore, customers can get useful information about GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting from the company’s discussion forum.


Considering the rich ASP.NET features, good uptime and technical support, GoDaddy is really one of the best ASP.NET hosting choices. When it comes to the cheap price and page loading speed, however, this company may not be a good option.

In the following, we have given some great alternatives that do an excellent job in all the aspects for ensuring the quality ASP.NET hosting service.

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 9 reviews

Utsave, I know so many websites that don’t answer or take too much time to respond on weekends, never had that issue with GoDaddy.

So impressed with on time 24/7 availability. Got through in less than a minute most of the time. Helped me a lot and listened to all my doubts.

Agree with you on rating Ali. I have called their customer service 4 times now, patient and quick every time.

I bought a domain name an year ago. Received on time support from them for both domains and products. 10/10 for the price.

They have a very good platform for Windows and also Linux hosting. The Linx hosting service is not provided by every web host and GoDaddy is very professional with the service.

Yes Carter, I’m also using this with Linux operating system and it has been working great. I had issues but figured them out with their help

My experience with Godaddy has been pretty good so far. I am happy with the unlimited bandwidth it provides, the large amount of disk space, and the subscription rate for the software. I do wish the trial period was a little longer, but I have no complaints since I have had a comfortable experience with the software.

I have been using GoDaddy for a long time now and I have most of the times experienced a good interaction with GoDaddy. Although, initially with GoDaddy, I was facing a problem with the interface it was behaving overwhelmed. But with their 24*7 service with cooperating attitude helped me a lot to learn interface. I’ m really enjoying their great service and satisfied with the money I pay.

For the past 5 years, I have been a fan of GoDaddy. They have a very good platform for Windows hosting and an exclusive one for Linux Hosting. They are highly professional when it comes to the support and customer care. They ensure that the problem is sorted once and for all, thereby saving us the time and cost.

GoDaddy ASP.NET Hosting

Plan Economy Plan
Regular Price $6.99/mo
Discount 28% Off
Coupon Code Promo Link
Effective Price $4.99/mo
Purchase Security
Full Refund Trial 30 Days
Anytime Pro-Rated Money Back Yes
Credit Card Yes
PayPal No
Check Yes
Basic Features
Free Domain N/A
Addon Domain unimited
Hosting Sites Unlimited
Disk Space 100 GB
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited
FTP Account Unlimited
Email Yes
Green Powered Yes
OS Windows 2012
IIS 8.0
Trust Level Full
Application Pool 6
Classic ASP Yes
ASP.NET 2/3.5SP1/4.5
Silverlight 4/5
MSSQL 2012
MSSQL Usage Unlimited
Extra Technology
URLRewrite2 Yes
Remote IIS Management Yes
SQL Management Studio Access Yes
Web Matrix Yes
MS Web Deploy No
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