GoDaddy VS BigRock on Windows Hosting

GoDaddy VS BigRock on Windows Hosting

GoDaddy and BigRock are among the hosting providers that offer affordable Windows hosting solutions. Both of them have packages that cost less than $5/mo with which you can start a website within minutes. However, does this mean they are the right choices for you? Besides, which one of them is better?

To find the answers to these questions, we have reviewed and compared the two web hosts from multiple aspects, including the Windows hosting prices, refund guarantee, Windows technologies, technical support, and performance. As a result, we find that neither of them is a perfect choice no matter what you want to host is a personal blog, a business site, an eCommerce store or a development site.

In the details below, you will discover the two companies’ advantages and disadvantages compared with each other, and why they are not recommended by us for Windows hosting. But first of all, be sure to read some easy-to-understand ratings.

Rating GoDaddy BigRock
Prices 2.5 3.5
Reliability 4 3.5
Technical Support 3 2.5
Speed 2 2.5
Features 3 2.5
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GoDaddy Advantages over BigRock

GoDaddy, as a larger provider than BigRock, has been doing better in offering reliable and worry-free hosting services. Besides, it has adopted the latest Windows technologies to guarantee good functionality.

Free domain

All of GoDaddy Windows hosting plans include a free .co, .net, .com or .org domain if you select the 1/2/3-year plans when checking out. In comparison, BigRock doesn’t offer this freebie.

However, you need to pay attention that the domain is not free for life. The domain term length your can enjoy for free should be no longer than your hosting plan’ initial term length. After the free term, you have to pay a fee for the domain.

The latest Windows technologies

After reading the features offered by the two web hosts, we find that GoDaddy is able to keep their Windows server, SQL Server and many other technologies to the latest, while BigRock isn’t. Below is the detailed information about this.

  • GoDaddy: Windows Server 2012 R2 with IIS 8.5, SQL Server 2012/2014, and Silverlight 5.
  • BigRock: Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7, SQL Server 2008, ASP, and ASP.NET.

In fact, GoDaddy and BigRock don’t officially mention the available versions of some features, such as ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, so if you have specific requirements, you have to contact the sales team to know whether they provide the right version you need.

Better uptime

Both GoDaddy and BigRock guarantee 99.9% uptime for the users of their shared Windows hosting services. However, this guarantee is not backed by any promised compensation for the failure. Besides, the two web hosts are not offering details about their data centers or network infrastructures to help you get convincing information about their reliability.

In such a case, there are two ways to know the real condition of their uptime. One is to read the customer reviews in web hosting forums, and the other is to conduct uptime monitoring by yourself. We have combined the two ways, and the results tell that both companies are very good in uptime. Although there are downtimes indeed, they can provide 99.9% uptime in most of the months during our over one year’s monitoring.

Still, GoDaddy does a little better in reliability by providing 99.93% uptime on average. The percentage of BigRock is about 99.91%. You can read the monitoring statistics of GoDaddy in below.

Clearer refund guarantees

To eliminate new customers’ worries, GoDaddy promises 48-hour refunds for monthly terms, and 30-day refunds for annual terms. Comparatively, BigRock guarantees 30-day refunds for all terms.

The concern here is that GoDaddy makes all the policies clear, so that you can know which fees are non-refundable, while its competitor isn’t that considerate. BigRock doesn’t tell you the non-refundable fees and in which cases you are not eligible for refunds, so whether you can receive a refund and how much you will receive may solely depend on the decision of the provider.

BigRock Advantage – Cheap Windows Hosting Plans

The most attractive part of the Windows hosting services offered by BigRock is the cheap price. The company provides four plans all of which come with affordable prices even if no discount is applied. You can get some price information in the list below.

  • Essential: $2.89/mo, $2.69/mo and $2.59/mo for 1/2/3-year terms.
  • Premium: $6.09/mo, $5.99/mo and $5.09/mo for 1/2/3-year terms.
  • Business: $12.19/mo, $9.89/mo and 9.69/mo for 1/2/3-year terms.
  • Pro: $12.49/mo, $12.19//mo and $10.49/mo for 1/2/3-year terms.

As a 50%-discount promotion is going on, GoDaddy plans are not expensive, either. However, when you renew, you have to pay much more. Besides, the 50% discount is exclusive to 3-year terms. Shorter terms come with higher prices. The monthly terms shorter than 1 year are not discounted.

Now see GoDaddy discounted prices and renewal costs in below.

  • Economy: $5.49/mo, $4.99/mo and $3.99/mo for 1/2/3-year terms, $7.99/mo for renewals.
  • Deluxe: $6.99/mo, $4.99/mo and $4.99/mo for 1/2/3-year terms, $9.99/mo for renewals.
  • Ultimate: $9.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $7.99/mo for 1/2/3-year terms, $14.99/mo for renewals.

Generally speaking, BigRock plans, especially the primary plans, are much cheaper than those of GoDaddy.

The Common Disadvantages of the Two Web Hosts

Except for the aspects analyzed above, neither of the two web hosts does well enough in Windows hosting features, speed or technical support.

Somewhat limited features

The primary Windows hosting plans offered by GoDaddy and BigRock are affordable, but when the features included in them are considered, the plans are not among the most cost-effective choices in the industry. For example, both of GoDaddy Economy plan and BigRock Essential plan support one domain only, and they include limited disk storage.

To make it easier to understand, we have compared the two plans with an affordable yet rich-featured plan from Host4ASP.NET, a web host known for affordable Windows hosting services.

Feature GoDaddy BigRock Host4ASP.NET
Plan Economy Essential Basic
Disk Space 100 GB 10 GB 10 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website(s) 1 1 1
MySQL DBs Yes Yes Yes
MSSQL DBs 1 Unlimited 1
Email Accounts 100 200 10
Control Panel Plesk Plesk WebSitePanel
1-Click Installer Yes Yes Yes
Backups No No Daily
Refund 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Regular Price $7.99/mo $2.59/mo $4.95/mo
Discount 50% 40%
Special Price $3.99/mo $2.95/mo
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Slow speed

It is widely known that GoDaddy doesn’t offer fast hosting services. The slow server responses and network connections have already been the largest concerns when choosing this web host.

According to real-time monitoring and user reviews, BigRock is a bit faster than GoDaddy, but it hasn’t reached the average level in terms of speed, either.
Our monitoring points out that BigRock requires over 700ms for server responses, and the time is even longer for GoDaddy. Below are the recent 30 days’ records of GoDaddy.

If you want your visitors to have a smooth browsing experience on your website, neither of the two companies should be your hosting solution.

Technical support that needs improvements

Both GoDaddy and BigRock provide a knowledgebase in which you can search for the solutions to a lot of commonly seen hosting issues, such as the account setup, DNS, domain transfer, and the use of the control panel.

In terms of the technical support backed by real staff, the two companies also offer multiple contact methods, including phone, tickets, and live chat. All these contact methods are accessible 24×7 except for the live chat provided by GoDaddy which is only available during the work hours on weekdays.

However, there are some common complaints about the two web hosts’ technical support that you may want to pay attention.

  • GoDaddy has discontinued the email support. Besides, its chat support is always busy. You may have to wait over an hour to get connected to a support agent. It seems that the online chat system is not mature yet.
  • BigRock offers very slow responses to phone calls and tickets. Some tickets might even be completely ignored unless you make a call to ask for a reply. In addition, some of BigRock support agents are believed not to be professional enough for resolving complex issues.

GoDaddy or BigRock?

If you want a hosting package that keeps a good balance between quality and cost, we would recommend neither of these two web hosts for you. There’s no denying that the prices of their Windows hosting plans are affordable, but their slow speed and imperfect technical support are good reasons to stay away from them at present.

As hundreds of other choices are open to you, you can easily find a better Windows hosting provider than GoDaddy and BigRock. Need quick suggestions? Then check out the services offered by the following providers.