GoDaddy VS Network Solutions for Better Windows Hosting

GoDaddy VS Network Solutions for Better Windows Hosting

Since many companies tend to team with Microsoft, there are more and more Windows hosting companies releasing good or bad solutions, among which GoDaddy and Network Solutions both aim to offer cost-effective Windows hosting service. However, choosing a suitable hosting provider from the two options seems a hard decision for most readers. This comparison between GoDaddy and Network Solutions below will have an effect here.

GoDaddy has been favored by over 12 million customers in the world for its high-quality hosting solutions. Network Solutions is also an experienced web host who makes full use of advanced Microsoft technologies to deploy premium Windows hosting service. For more details, let’s continue to learn them as below.

GoDaddy VS Network Solutions > Similarities

When it comes to uptime, access speed, and technical support, GoDaddy and Network Solutions are well-matched in strength. For better or worse, we list detailed information in turn.

Uptime – Both Achieve at Least 99.9% Uptime

GoDaddy locates its facilities covering more than 14 regions in the world, each of which integrates with the state-of-the-art technologies so as to deliver at least 99.9% uptime to hosted websites. For Network Solutions, it also performs noticeably well in this aspect by using the top-level datacenter with robust servers. To give testimony, our editors test the uptime record of GoDaddy in the past 30 days.

Access Speed – Both Fail to Offer Fast Page Loading Speed

To be frank, if you expect much on hosting speed, the two companies may disappoint you. In addition to monitoring the uptime record, our editors also take a long time to collect the statistics of the server response time. On average, GoDaddy and Network Solutions both consume over 700ms to respond. Compared with some other excellent web hosts, like WinHost, those two companies may not be the ideal choices.

Technical Support – Both Fail to Offer 24/7 Support Service

GoDaddy offers three communication methods including phone, chat, and email, among which phone and email are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What’s more, customers always need to wait for over 7 minutes to get through. Network Solutions offers email and phone. And also, several hot lines are only available 9am to 9pm EST, Monday to Friday.

GoDaddy VS Network Solutions > Differences

There are a lot of differences on their price and features so that readers can make a choice between GoDaddy and Network Solutions according those two factors.

Plans & Pricing – GoDaddy is Much Cheaper

GoDaddy customers can choose the most suitable solution from three Windows hosting packages, including Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. And now, with the exclusive 50% discount, the prices that are starting at $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo are reduced to $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $7.49/mo respectively. When customers are not 100% satisfied with the service within the first 45 days, they are promised to get their money back promptly.

godaddy price

Network Solutions also releases three Windows hosting solutions called Essential, Professional and Premium, pricing at $7.74/mo, $15.52/mo and $38.85/mo. For there is no discount allowed, all plans are much more expensive than GoDaddy. Besides, this company allows 30 days money back guarantee.

Features – GoDaddy Allocates More Resources

Although GoDaddy is cheaper than Network Solutions, it enables more resource allocation to customers. Each plan of GoDaddy includes one free domain, at least 100GB disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. It also supports Windows Server 2012 R1, MSSQL 2012, ASP.NET v2.0/3.0/3.5/v4.0, ASP.NET MVC3, IIS8 and Silverlight 4/5. The Parallel Plesk control panel is of great importance to create and manage website for it comes with multiple applications and an understandable user interface.

Network Solutions offers up to 5GB disk space with unlimited bandwidth and exempts the charge of setup. Likewise, each plan of this company includes one free domain to make the service much more affordable. All plans feature Microsoft Office Integration, calendars, tasks, a large amount of email boxes, application templates, etc.

Summary – Not Recommended

For GoDaddy and Network Solutions both have drawbacks in each plan, we don’t suggest you to choose either of them. In fact, there are some other Windows hosting providers offering fast, affordable, rich-featured, reliable and guaranteed services, like HostGator, WinHost and DiscountASP.NET. Check the following ranking table to view more information.