Hong Kong ASP.NET Web Hosting Basis

Hong Kong ASP.NET Web Hosting Basis

Since ASP.NET web hosting is widely used by many web masters, you may be confused whether it is a good option to host your site. ASP.NET hosting solution is based on ASP.NET that is one of the most popular web development languages developed by Microsoft.

When planning to create a website on the Windows platform and looking for a comprehensive understanding about ASP.NET hosting, you can get more detailed information in the following article which includes the basic requirements of ASP.NET web hosting service.

Microsoft Certification

A Microsoft certification is used to demonstrate the expertise about Microsoft products or technology. The hosting company with MS certification can promise to provide qualified ASP.NET hosting service or other packages related to Microsoft, like ZhuJi91.com.hk, one of the most popular and reputable hosting companies in Hong Kong.

Besides, when you meet some issues, the Microsoft certificated engineers can help solve the problems immediately. Thus, when you choose an ASP.NET web hosting solution, it is necessary to consider whether the host has a Microsoft certification.

Windows Operating System

windows osAs the unique operating system to host ASP.NET hosting solution, you need to consider the OS version before choosing a web host. To be compatible with ASP.NET applications, the hosting company should offer Windows 2008 or better versions, like Windows 2008R2 and Windows 2012.

.NET Framework

.NET framework is a kind of software framework developed by Microsoft. There are several .NET framework versions and the latest version is 4.5. Besides, each of them is distributed with one edition of Windows operating system. For example, .NET framework 3.0 should be integrated with Windows 2008, 3.5 is suitable for Windows 2008R2 and 4.5 is designed for Windows 2012.

Internet Information Service

IIS7Internet information service (IIS) contains a web server and a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server, which is used to offer faster web page serving. IIS makes Microsoft rich-featured, including various applications for creating and managing websites. However, IIS is not configured by default, so you need to install it through the control panel.

Control Panel for Windows

The most common used control panel for ASP.NET hosting is WebSitePanel. It is easy-to-use and rich-featured. With WebSitePanel, you can easily manage the website and set up various applications. Some reliable Hong Kong hosting providers integrate with WebSitePanel for their ASP.NET hosting packages, like ZHUJI91.com.hk.

The Best ASP.NET Hosting in Hong Kong

According to this article, you can have a better understanding about ASP.NET web hosting. In addition, when choosing an ASP.NET hosting solution, you should consider whether the service includes those basic features. There are many ASP.NET hosting providers out there, and ZhuJi91.com.hk is the most popular one among them.

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ZhuJi91 Review

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ZhuJi91 provides the latest Microsoft technologies in their ASP.NET hosting packages, including Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS7.5, ASP.NET 2/3.5SP1/4.5, ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5 and MSSQL 2012. In addition to those necessary features, this company also guarantees a reliable and fast hosting environment along with professional customer service, only pricing at $5.95/mo.