Host4ASP.NET VPS Hosting Review

Host4ASP.NET VPS Hosting Review

Host4ASP.NET is a trustworthy ASP.NET hosting provider that offers the rich features, guaranteed stability and promptly customer service, achieving a high level of satisfaction for almost all the served customers.

At present, to better meet your needs to run some large and e-commerce websites, this hosting provider launches 4 packages for ASP.NET VPS hosting solution. To figure out whether this service is of high quality, we have made a Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting review based on the aspects of prices, features, technical support, page loading speed and achieved uptime. You can also check another review about their VPS hosting at this page.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Hosting
Host4ASP.NET VPS Review

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The Benefits You Get From Host4ASP.NET VPS Hosting

This web host strives to offer the most cost-effective VPS hosting service, thus offering all the useful features you may require at the most affordable hosting charges. Besides, with the utilization of quality DELL servers and world-class data centers, you can be ensured with the reliable virtually private hosting environment along with the peak performance.

Affordable Hosting Prices

There are 4 VPS hosting plans offered by this web host that are named as Barebone VPS, Developer VPS Business VPS and Managed VPS. By visiting through this exclusive promotional link, you can enjoy an up to 33% discount and purchase them starting at $19.95/mo, $29.95/mo, $34.95/mo and $29.95/mo respectively.

As the average charge of VPS hosting is ranging from $15/mo to $50/mo, these 4 packages are undoubtedly affordable for almost all the common webmasters with no serious financial burden.

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Rich Hosting Features

After checking the feature list of these 4 hosting plans, we have found that each of them is of rich features. Check the details as below.

  • Barebone VPS – Offers at least 40 GB of disk space, 1 GB of RAM, 1 core, 1 IP address and 400 GB of monthly bandwidth.
  • Developer VPS – Offers at least 60 GB of disk space, 1 GB of RAM, 2 cores, 1 IP address and 600 GB of monthly bandwidth.
  • Business VPS – Offers at least 60 GB of disk space, 2 GB of RAM, 2 cores, 2 IP address and 2400 GB of monthly bandwidth.
  • Managed VPS – Offers at least 60 GB of disk space, 1 GB of RAM, 2 cores, 1 IP address and 2400 GB of monthly bandwidth.

In addition to these sufficient server resources, you can also enjoy an easy management of your website and hosting account with the help of powerful WebSitePanel. This advanced control panel has been widely adopted by popular ASP.NET hosting providers that can help you manage your site, domains, emails, files, FTP and many more without any hassle.

With it, you can even start, shutdown, reboot your virtually private server with many other advanced functions including system re-installation, snapshot restoration, as well as the import and export of Hyper-V options. To know all the features of Host4ASP.NET VPS, please visit

The High Level of Hosting Freedom

Host4ASP.NET offers the managed VPS hosting solution to ease your burden of some server-side configurations and maintenance. In the meantime, however, this web host also gives you enough freedom to decide the features, server specifications and OS customization based on your own requirements thoroughly.


  • Operating system. You can choose between Windows 2012 R2 edition and Windows 2008 R2 edition.
  • Database – You can choose among MySQL 5, MS SQL 2012 and MS SQL 2008.
  • Mail server – You can choose it to install hMailServer that supports SMTP, IMAP and POP3.
  • FTP – You check this feature to activate and configure the IIS FTP features.
  • Web ready – This option can guarantee you a rich hosting environment that is pre-configured with all the features, including ASP.NET, URLRwrite, Web Deploy and many more.

Server Specifications

This is a highlighting feature of Host4ASP.NET. The allocation of disk space, RAM, bandwidth, CPU cores and dedicated IPs can be customized fully. Therefore, if you feel that the default volume of your selected plan may fail to meet your hosting requirements, you can purchase some additional resources.

  • 20 GB of disk storage can be got at the price of $1/mo.
  • 300 GB of bandwidth can be got at the price of $1/mo.
  • 1 GB of RAM can be got at the price of $2/mo.
  • 1 CPU core can be got at the price of $10/mo.
  • 1 IP can be got at the price of $2/mo.

Hyper-V Options

This technology gives the full control over your virtually private server instances from the ground up, such as the customization of operating system, the import and export of virtual machines, as well as the monitoring and managing of resources.

Great Uptime and Fast Page Loading Speed

Host4ASP.NET only utilizes the brand-new DELL web servers along with the Cisco hardware, the advanced SSD drives and tolerant RAID arrays. Therefore, all of their hosted websites can be guaranteed with the highest level of stability and uptime on the web.

In addition, this web host rents multiple data centers for locating these web servers. Each of these server spaces is equipped with the redundant network and power supply, BGP technology, fire suppression, cooling system and strict facility monitoring, all of which are used to ensure the uninterrupted running of web servers.

With these advanced technologies, this web host is confident enough to promise at least 99.99% uptime and fast hosting speed. To get the precise statistics, we have started a performance testing since the beginning of August. According to the result, Host4ASP.NET has fully kept the promise.

The Drawbacks of Host4ASP.NET VPS Hosting

In fact, the VPS hosting offered by this web host does not have any major drawbacks, but only two minor ones.

  • As there are many hosting providers now offer the anytime prorated refund, Host4ASP.NET only allows a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Once you are in trouble, you can contact their all-time-available support team via live chat, emails and the ticket system to get your issues resolved. The only disadvantage is that this web host does not offer the phone support that can achieve an instant troubleshooting.
  • This company only offers the Windows-based VPS hosting plans. If you’re looking for a trust-worth VPS hosting provider, you can get the reviewed VPS options at this site.


Undoubtedly, Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting is worth trying. With it, you can enjoy rich hosting features with great flexibility, fast page loading, no serious downtime and cheap hosting prices. Even the two minor drawbacks cannot affect your hosting experience to a large extent.

According to the customer review, almost all of their users are highly satisfied with their VPS hosting service.