Host4ASP.NET VS iPower on Windows Hosting

Host4ASP.NET VS iPower on Windows Hosting

Host4ASP.NET has been dedicated to Windows hosting for many years since its inception. It utilizes the latest Windows technologies and offers great ease of use. iPower has had some experience in providing Windows hosting, too, but at the same time, it also supplies some other hosting solutions.

This comparison between the two Windows hosting providers is made to clarify the information about their server performance, price, technical support, and hosting features. From the details you can see their edges over each other, so that you are able to make a decision more easily.

Here are the general service ratings of Host4ASP.NET and iPower.

Rating Host4ASP.NET iPower
Prices 5 2.5
Features 4.5 2.5
Reliability 5 3
Speed 4.5 2.5
Technical Support 4.5 3
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Host4ASP.NET Edges over iPower

During our reviews and monitoring, Host4ASP.NET performs better than iPower in almost all aspects including the cost-effectiveness, ease of use and after-sale support. The edges are detailed in below.

More plans with affordable prices

Host4ASP.NET now offers 3 Windows hosting plans which charge low hosting fees. What’s more attractive is that all the plans come with a large discount if you place an order by clicking through the company’s promotional link. The discounts, special prices and renewal prices of the plans are as follows.

  • Basic: $2.95/mo, 41% off the regular $4.95/mo.
  • Advance: $3.95/mo, 44% off the regular $6.95/mo.
  • Business: $9.95/mo, 38% off the regular $15.95/mo.

For all the plans, Host4ASP.NET provides a 30-day refund guarantee. In the case you want to leave after signing up, you can terminate your account within 30 days and then receive a refund.

Besides, you may want to know that the most expensive Business plan includes one free domain, free private SSL certificate, and one dedicated IP.

Host4ASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

Being contrary to Host4ASP.NET, iPower offers one Windows hosting plan only which is priced at $10.95/mo, $11.95/mo, $12.95/mo and $12.95/mo for 36/24/12/1-month terms. These prices are much too expensive for a basic hosting plan.

Currently, iPower is promoting the plan, too, so that you can make a purchase at a lower cost of $6.95/mo when choosing an annual term. No coupon code is required.

Better Windows hosting features

Host4ASP.NET wins over its competitor both in the Windows technologies and the ease of use of the hosting service.

It offers WebSitePanel as the control panel, which enables you to complete a lot of common hosting tasks like domain management, billing information update, email setup and database creation without acquiring any coding knowledge. WebSitePanel is great to use due to the intuitive interface and rich features. On the contrary, iPower adopts an outdated control panel which is not as easy-to-use as WebSitePanel.

Besides, Host4ASP.NET provides the latest Windows Server, IIS, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, etc, while iPower doesn’t. For more feature information, read the following comparison between Host4ASP.NET Advance plan and iPower Windows Pro Plan.

Feature Host4ASP.NET iPower
Plan Advance Windows Pro Plan
Hosted Site(s) 6 25
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Windows Server 2012 R2 Unspecified
IIS 8.5 Unspecified
SQL Server 2012/2014 Unspecified
ASP.NET 4.5/5 2.0/3.0
ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5/6 Yes
Full Trust Yes No
Silverlight 4/5 No
Regular Price $6.95/mo $10.95/mo
Discount 44% 37%
Special Price $3.95/mo $6.95/mo
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Higher uptime

Host4ASP.NET has released a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all Windows hosting users. To cover the guarantee, it powers all websites from top-level data centers featuring robust servers, redundant power supply, a multi-layered network, and 24×7 security.

Host4ASP.NET has gained great results from our uptime monitoring. You can see some statistics in below.

iPower doesn’t provide any guarantee for the uptime of its Windows hosting service. According to our monitoring, the company can deliver 99.9% uptime sometimes, but in about half of the months, the uptime is lower than 99.9%. Here is the monitoring.

Faster speed

Host4ASP.NET has invested in optimizing the performance of its servers and network. Its servers are customized by engineers to run optimally, and the network is routed and monitored intelligently to prevent slowness. Besides, CloudFlare CDN is utilized to speed up the delivery of website content.

With these facilities, Host4ASP.NET has been offering faster hosting speed than iPower. The evidence is presented in the following monitoring results of the two companies’ server response time.

More responsive technical support

Both Host4ASP.NET and iPower offer customer support via live chat and a ticket system on a 24×7 basis, so you can rest assured that a support agent is always reachable when you need help.

However, when it comes to the support waiting time and the professionalism of answers, Host4ASP.NET has done better indeed. Since this company is dedicated to Windows hosting, all the support agents have extensive knowledge. Besides, they reply tickets within two hours and chats within two minutes.

iPower Edge over Host4ASP.NET – Phone Support

After comparing the two web hosts’ Windows hosting services from multiple aspects in detail, we have found only one edge possessed by iPower, which is the phone support.

iPower provides 24×7 technical support via a toll-free phone number, so that you can call the support team at any time to ask for a quick solution to your trouble. Phone support is convenient and efficient.

However, you need to note that this support method is more suitable for resolving simple issues. If you have a server-side issue, you will still be asked to open a ticket.

Which Web Host Wins?

Undoubtedly, Host4ASP.NET is the winner because it provides much more quality Windows hosting services at lower prices. In addition, the company’s different plans leave much room for your website or application to grow.

Therefore, if you are hesitating between these two web hosts, we’d suggest you try Host4ASP.NET.