Host4ASP.NET VS Webline Services – Windows Hosting Comparison

Host4ASP.NET VS Webline Services – Windows Hosting Comparison

The comparison between Host4ASP.NET and Webline Services is made on the Windows shared web hosting services of the two companies. To draw an informed judgement, we’ve made a deep analysis on the services’ features, price, control panel, performance and technical support.

As shown, we’ve given ratings to Host4ASP.NET and Webline Services, based on online feedbacks and the statistics collected from the websites hosted on the two platforms.

Ratings Host4ASP.NET Webline Services
Overall 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Features 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Loading Speed 4.5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 4.5 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Indepth Review Host4ASP.NET Review

A Short Intro to Host4ASP.NET & Webline Services

Both of Host4ASP.NET and Webline Services are well-established companies that have been focusing on developing and providing innovative Windows hosting products.

  • Found by a batch of experienced developers, Host4ASP.NET headquarters in HongKong and Chicago, with over 20,000 websites worldwide. To satisfy individual demands as possible, it has released Windows shared, VPS and reseller hosting products thus far.
  • Webline Services, a solutions-focused company, has been in the market for 14 years. This web host locates the data center in New York, USA and is registered under GoDaddy. Its products include Windows shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting.

For the purpose of this comparison, the intro-level plans of Host4ASP.NET and Webline Services will be instanced in below.

Price – Host4ASP.NET Wins

Needless to say, price is a must see especially for webmasters who are in a pinch for cash. As such, both of Host4ASP.NET and Webline Services fixe their “Basic” plans at $4.95/mo. It seems that the two companies are on par with each other, but the truth is quite different.

  • For HostASP.NET, $4.95/mo is just a price before discount. For any purchasers clicking through this exclusive promotional link, the regular price can be lowered as low as $2.95/mo only, nearly 41% off the initial term.
  • For Webline Services, $4.95/mo is the standard price for any registrants. That means, there is no promotion discount for all billing cycles, and the annual price for the plan will be $59.40. This is much higher than most companies.

Server Resources Allocation – Host4ASP.NET Wins

The hosting feature is what sets Host4ASP.NET apart from its competitor. Take a look at this table and know their differences in server resources allocation.

Features Host4ASP.NET Webline Services
Disk Space 10 GB 1000 MB
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited 50 GB
Sub-Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel WebSitePanel Plesk
Microsoft Server Database Version 2012 R2/2014 2008 R2
Internet Information Server IIS 8.5 IIS 7
.NET Framework Version ASP.NET 1.1/2/3.5/4.5/5 ASP.NET 4.5

Obviously, Host4ASP.NET furnishes IT professionals and developers with more hosting resources and options. In the further, the company supports all the leading ASP.NET technologies by leveraging the power of Windows Server 2012 R2 and IIS 8.5. In the feature list, it supplies:

  • Powerful Windows hosting environment where isolated application pool, Full Trust, IIS Manager remote access as well as SQL server session-state mode are allowed.
  • Programming & Frameworks. It includes .NET version switch, ASP.NET 1.1/2/3.5 (SP1)/4.5/5 hosting, ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5 and Silverlight 4/5, along with Node.js and PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4.
  • Database hosting features that include the latest MSSQL 2012, MSSQL 2014 as well as MySQL 5. The SQL management studio also plays an important part for managing SQL Server database.
  • One-click app installer & multiple web publishing tools that allow website owners to deploy any web project to a hosting provider using FTP, Web Deploy as well as WebMatrix. Inside the control panel, they can have one-click installation of the popular nopCommerce and DNN.

How About Satisfaction Guarantee?

Satisfaction guarantee can be one of the most important elements when choosing a hosting solution. In this regard,

  • Host4ASP.NET places unsatisfied customers at the first place and promises a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. In this case, a refund, be full or pro-rated, will be claimed upon cancellation.
  • Webline Services, on the other hand, only allows clients to get their full payment back within the first 7 days. This is much shorter than the industry standard.

What’s worse, refunds are forbidden if Webline Services users have used 10 GB or more of the allocated bandwidth usage. Plus, all cancellations require 30 day notice, and failure to do so may result in penalties. Really unethical!

Hosting Reliability & Speed – HostASP.NET Wins

Reliability is usually measured in terms of network uptime guarantee. At this point, Host4ASP.NET has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, while Webline Services does not release any document mentioning uptime guarantee. According to our long-time monitoring, the uptime statistics are:

  • Host4ASP.NET Uptime.
  • Host4ASP.NET Uptime

  • Webline Services Uptime.
  • Webline Services Uptime

From above, Host4ASP.NET scores approximately 100% in uptime during the past 30 days, while Webline Service averages 98.58% during that period. Plus, the former one loads much faster than its competitor using multi-layer and uninterrupted networks.

Host4ASP.NET VS Webline Services – Both Solid

Host4ASP.NET and Webline Services offer 24×7-based customer and technical support, with which customers can seek professional assistance when needed. There are so many resolving approaches:

  1. Phone call. It is the most effective way to get answers, and a team of technical engineers and experts are standing by the hotline all day long.
  2. Live chat. The multi-lingual chat representatives of Host4ASP.NET respond any inquiries in a professional and polite manner.
  3. Email ticket. This online ticketing system is meant for customers who are not hurry on their trivial problems.

By the way, Host4ASP.NET stops phone call support recently, but their live chat support quality is efficiently improved. I could say this is the one of best live chat support in budget shared web hosting businesses.

Aside from that, Host4ASP.NET also includes a “Blog” section where there are a bunch of articles and tutorials to help newcomers get acquainted with common terms and issues. For instance, webmasters can easily find instructions on control panel, security, speed optimization as well as security from this “Categories” section.

Host4ASP.NET Blog Categories

Summary – Host4ASP.NET Is the Clear Winner

From the above Host4ASP.NET VS Webline Services comparison, Host4ASP.NET is the clear winner for reasonable price, rich features and fast speed. We highly recommend this company to webmasters who don’t want to spend time and money to no purpose.