HostMantis VS GoDaddy – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

HostMantis VS GoDaddy – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

Both HostMantis and GoDaddy try to ensure their customers with reliable hosting at an affordable price. The former hosting company extends its business into a collection of Windows hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and more. The latter one is a leading hosting company who is well-known for its domain name registration. In order to make a wise choice between them, it is necessary for you to tell one from the other.

This article aims to present you a comprehensive comparison in an objective way so that you will have a clear idea about the two web hosts. When choosing an ASP.NET hosting solution, you must take some factors into consideration including the pricing, features, performance and support. A quick review on the comparison between the two web hosts is shown in the following table.

Rating HostMantis GoDaddy
Pricing 4.5 3.5
Feature 2.5 4
Performance 3 3
Support 3 4.5
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What Are the Similarities?

Indeed, we find that there are some similarities the two companies share during our survey. You can read the following list to know the detailed information.

  • Plesk control panel: All the users can have full control over various hosting services when taking advantage of Plesk control panel which is designed for Windows hosting webmasters.
  • Online support resources: Enabling you to look for answers to common issues on your own, the two web hosts both offer knowledgebase and video tutorials.
  • Full refund trial: Both of them ensure full refunds within the first 30 days so that webmasters can be worry-free to try the hosting service. However, the difference is that GoDaddy also supports anytime pro-rated money back.

What Are The Differences?

If you take a close look at the two web hosts, you will find many differences in some aspects. It is the differences that distinguish one from the other.

HostMantis VS GoDaddy on Pricing

The two hosting companies both have released multiple hosting solutions to meet the need of individuals and businesses, but they differ a little in pricing. HostMantis charges you for a package as low as $1.29/mo while you need to pay at least $4.99/mo for a GoDaddy plan even with up to 50% off the regular prices. In a word, you can pay much less to host with HostMantis.

HostMantis VS GoDaddy on Feature

When shopping for a proper web host, webmasters usually attach a great importance to features. A good ASP.NET hosting package should come with sufficient disk space, bandwidth, dedicated application pool, full trust, and more. In this part, we turn our eyes towards Advanced (HostMantis) and Economy (GoDaddy) when considering that they are both priced from $4.49/mo.

Feature HostMantis GoDaddy
Plan Advanced Economy
Free Domain No 1 Year
Disk Space 10 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB Unlimited
Windows Server 2012 2012
Website(s) Unlimited 1
FTP accounts Unlimited 50
MySQL Databases Unlimited 10
Dedicated Application Pool No 6
Trust Level Full Full

It is a pity that the two web hosts set limitation for disk space, bandwidth, databases, or FTP accounts. But GoDaddy wins a lot via the following points.

  • Much more disk space and bandwidth: Compared with those of HostMantis, 100 GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth are enough for the users to run their websites.
  • 1-year free domain: To your delight, a free domain is provided for you who subscribe an annual plan. In this sense, GoDaddy makes the plan more budget-friendly, helping you save a lot.
  • Dedicated application pool: By making websites separate, dedicated application pool can avoid one being involved in a disaster that happens to others.

HostMantis VS GoDaddy on Performance

Working at shaping a reliable and secure hosting environment, the two hosting companies both have invested a lot to build multiple state-of-the-art data centers and support cutting-edge technologies like UPS power, a diesel generator, and so on.

In addition, trained technicians are monitoring the servers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to make sure that all the servers can perform smoothly. Especially when something goes wrong with the servers, these professional engineers will fix the problems in time so that damages can be reduced to the largest extent.

According to our monitoring, the two web hosts have done a good job, achieving over 99.9% uptime. Below is the GoDaddy uptime which averages 99.93% in the past 30 days.

As for speed, both of them do not have a good reputation. For example, the GoDaddy server response time is about 800ms, which is unacceptable for many webmasters. You must be disappointed about the slow speed that GoDaddy has gotten.

HostMantis VS GoDaddy on Support

The support teams are both 24/7 available for you. The difference is that HostMantis allows you to ask for help via email and ticket while the GoDaddy support team can be contacted through toll-free phone and email. In comparison, there is no doubt that GoDaddy is more responsive to your problems.

Such is the fact that GoDaddy made a quicker response to our problems within 30 seconds and addressed them in 15 minutes. The support staff is not only friendly, but also professional and experienced.


Judging from the features, uptime, and support, GoDaddy is a good ASP.NET hosting choice. However, the reasons for staying away from this web host lie in the relatively expensive plans and slow speed.

In the following, we have listed out some great alternatives for you. All of them are brilliant in all the aspects, providing the high-quality ASP.NET hosting service.