How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider?

How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider?

For either personal or professional reasons, customers may need to create a website, for example, a blog to share something they are interested with friends and family; a business website to do e-commerce. In general, people in modern society use website as a method for determining the legitimacy of a company and often they prefer to conduct business over the Internet.

No matter which type of website you want to start, you have to choose a good web hosting provider first. In order to make sure you get the best possible service, there are some important factors you may take into consideration.


Reliability or uptime is of vital importance for a website. When choosing a web hosting provider, you should consider it carefully. Once the hosting service is down, it will bring data loss and even thousands of dollars in revenue lost, especially for a business website. So an uptime guarantee is necessary.

Note that there are times that some unforeseen or unexpected problems or scheduled maintenance may cause your website to be out of service for a short period.

What you should pay more attention is the actual uptime percentage of the company and the specific server where your website resides. You can check the uptime percentage of the company’s historical data. In general, web hosts in modern society with advanced technology can provide an uptime guarantee.

Customer Service

With high-quality customer service, people can save a lot of money and energy, so people always consider it as an important aspect. Customer service may include pre sales questions, billing and technical support. Many web hosts provide customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a variety of methods, so that you can get help promptly.

Some of the main options:

Telephone support
Though telephone support, you can chat with a live operator to deal with your issues. But be careful with the availability, whether it is available round the clock or business hours only, as well as hold times and knowledge of the representatives.

Email support
You can choose email support via a help desk system where your query in put into a queue and answered in the order it comes in. What you should consider is the response time and how thorough the response is.

Live Internet chat
By this way, you can actually chat with the representative on the Internet. And you should consider the amount of time it takes for an operator to response and the available time for the service.


Research the cost for the hosting companies you are considering to check whether their price is competitive. Note that there may be some variances in cost based on the available features. So make sure you narrow your choices to the needed ones. Choose the best combination of cost and features. In addition, many web hosts may offer a discount if customers pay an entire year up front. It’s necessary to consider the payment plans to see whether there is any convenience for you.

Some people may consider a free web hosting. In fact, it’s not recommended, especially for business users. Most free hosts make money by ads, which will disrupt your website with pop ups or banners that cannot be removed. Also, free web hosts always have a lower uptime percentage.

Company Stability

If companies come and go, the web hosting industry can be particularly prone to fly-by-night companies. So company stability is critical. Longevity is often an indication of stability. If your host is established in the industry you have a better chance of them being there for a long term, so you won’t have to move to another web hosting company.

Space and Bandwidth

In hosting plans, space and bandwidth are important factors. The amount of space you need depends on the number and size of the files you will have on your site. But note that, in general, a website does not need a lot of disk space, even if your website has large sites. Let alone some web hosts offer unlimited disk space.

Bandwidth is used to describe how much information can be transmitted in a given period of time. The more bandwidth, the faster the speed is. So make sure you have enough to accommodate your needs.

Many web hosts provide various graduating packages available where you can upgrade to additional space and bandwidth if needed. However, you should make sure to research the cost of exceeding the plan specifications and policies for how it is handled.

There are many other aspects you may consider. Consider these most frequent questions to ask about a web host, you may save a lot of time and energy in the long run. Also, with careful research, you can choose a best possible web host with a high-quality service at a competitive price. At the same time get you needs fulfilled.

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