How to Fix Email Sending and Receiving Issues

How to Fix Email Sending and Receiving Issues

Have you often suffered from email sending & receiving issues and that makes you mailbox out of order? If so, then this guide shows you effective methods to deal with that issue. It is true of readers using any email services, like Yahoo!, Outlook, FoxMail, and so on. In general, there are three situations you may have encountered, including unable to send email, unable to receive email and neither sends email nor receives email.

Here, we are going to list the common reasons that cause such embarrassing situations and then troubleshoot each issue in detail. That can be issues with improper email account settings, false firewall settings, offline mail server, and so on. Check more possibilities as below and get started to fight for an emergency measure right now.

False Email Account Settings

False email account settings directly cause the sending & receiving issues and that should be taken into consideration at first. When configuring an email account, you should pay much attention to the mail server properties. In most cases, you are required to make right configuration for both SMTP and POP3.

The SMTP is the server used to send email, which cannot work well if you set the server address incorrectly. As thus, check if there is something wrong with the SMTP settings and that is a great solution for email sending issue. Besides, the email receiving issue occurs if there is a wrong setup for POP3 server that is used to receive emails. Make sure that he server address is written in the right form, like “”, “” or “”.

Error in Email Receiver Address

error in email receiver addressThat is one of the most common error giving rise to sending issue. If there is a typo in the address bar, especially for an ignorance of a full stop, a hyphen or an underline, then the email will not be sent to the right direction. To avoid such embarrassing situation, you should pay special attention to the complicated email receiving address and double check it when filling out the address.

In addition to the spelling mistake, sending email to an invalid address can also result in sending issue. Take Outlook as an example. When repeating this error on Outlook, the email is automatically intercepted and put into Unread Mail box. Therefore, you should check if there are any interceptions in your mail box after sending an email.

When sending emails in group, make sure that you have filled out all receiving addresses correctly and separate each address with semicolon. That is especially true of Outlook users.

Email Server Crash

Email server crash is possible for both SMTP and POP3, which is commonly caused by hacker attack, heavy network load, server update or other reasons result in trouble. For SMTP server crash, you can turn to another server for email sending on condition that you have more than one email accounts.

Besides, sending email with a remailer, like Advanced Direct Reminder, is a great solution for that emergency. That is easily configured to any email client and allows you to send an email without using SMTP server.

The receiving issue is always caused by failures occurring on POP3 server, which happens unknowingly. In most cases, SMTP server will automatically resend the email failed to be sent within 48 hours. If there is nothing changed, the email is sent back to the sender who will be encouraged to inform the receiver with other methods.

Poor Network Conditions

poor network conditionsUnstable Internet connection takes a bad effect for both email sending and receiving, especially for email group sending & receiving or the large mail files transfer. Before everything, check if there is a good network condition and then close any other actions of high bandwidth occupied.

In this way, sufficient bandwidth is left for sending or receiving email. By the way, you’d better compress a large file and convert it to a zip file so as to make email transfer more smoothly.

Oversized Email

The sending & receiving issues caused by oversized email often happens to the mail server offered by ISP (Internet Service Provider). By default, ISP limits email size for taking a good use of network resource with higher efficiency and allows users to send an email within 4MB every time. Since there is a need to send an email over 4MB, you should compress the files at first or assign the oversized attachment into several emails. That is especially valid for sending issue.

In fact, oversized email can also lead to receiving issue because the email service providers leave limited space for received emails. Currently, email service provider enables 50MB to 100MB space for users free of charge. When sending and receiving email with over size, you are encouraged to turn to SMTP and POP3 server. That is a well-advised way to avoid sending & receiving issues.

Hacker Attack & Viruses

Normally, the port for SMTP server is 25 while that for POP3 server is 110. Since the servers are attacked by hackers or Trojan viruses, the port will be tampered maliciously. That is also a common reason leading to sending & receiving issues. As thus, you are required to check and kill any threats on your computer regularly so as to stop all malicious attacks in advance.

Overprotective Security Settings

enhance security systemSince most users hate spammers and try every means to stop spam, the blacklist is born to limit certain email addresses and IPs. If you are listed in the blacklist by your direction, then there is no way to deliver that email successfully. In this way, you can achieve the goal by means of other email account or to do so with local server instead of using SMTP.

Most email servers reject sending or receiving anonymous email, namely, an email with the “From” field blank or invalid. You should provide valid sending address before email transfer.

Firewall Settings

Firewall is used to enhance the security level of your network and that takes control of all network traffic. Users are allowed to customize certain settings of the firewall to make full use of this great security system. Since the sending & receiving error happens after updating the current email client, you should reset the firewall settings to release the email service again.