How to Set Up an Email Account in Outlook, Mac Mail & Windows 8 Mail App

How to Set Up an Email Account in Outlook, Mac Mail & Windows 8 Mail App

How to set up a new email account on the personal computer has become a big concern of individuals used to contacting others with email. Considering the distinctions of operating systems, we would like to introduce the ways to set up an account in outlook, Mac Mail and Windows 8 mail app respectively.

That is great for beginners who are new to this field and seem all at sea at this very moment. Each part as below briefs you on a step-by-step guide for new email account setup. Take up those guides based on personal needs and get started to set up your email account accordingly.

Set Up an Email Account in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a member of Microsoft Office suite designed for personal information management. It has been trusted by millions of users worldwide as a tool for communicating with others, posting to website, or receiving feedbacks from visitors. We are going to carry out all processes on Microsoft Outlook 2007, which is almost the same with Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.

Open the Outlook Express on your computer and target Tools tab from the top menu bar. Expand this tab where enables a list of settings for email management and then click Account Settings.

expand outlook tools

An Account Settings box pops up, which enables an array of tabs for email account settings. Focus on the E-mail tab and this is where to manage existing email accounts or create a new one. Click “New” to add your new email account.

account settings box

The “Add New E-mail Account” box enables two email services for you, including “Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP” and “Other”. Check the first option and click “Next” button.

choose email service

Here comes to “Auto Account Setup” box for your new email account configuration. That allows you to complete configuration automatically by filling out all details as required, or do it manually.

Auto Account Setup

The way to set up an account automatically will be explained at first. Type your full name, email address and password in the fields and then go to the “Next” step. Note that, the email address should be offered by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

auto account setup

It takes a few seconds to configure your account. Since there is a message indicating that you have successfully finished configuration, click “Finish” button to confirm all settings and then “Close” the box.

Set Up Email Account Manually

Check the option “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and then click “Next” button. You are asked to select an email service from three options, among which “Internet E-mail” is selected in this guide.

select Internet email

And then, go to Internet E-mail Settings box. Here requires you to give the user information, server information and logon information. Type your full name in the “Your Name” field and fill out the email address offered by your ISP.

Internet email settings

The “Server Information” requires you to select an account type from POP3, IMAP and HTTP. Make a decision according to personal needs. For the selection of POP3 or IMAP, you should type the name of server in the “Incoming mail server” field, which is used to hold messages before being loaded to computer. Besides, type the name of your outgoing email server in lowercase letters.

POP IMAP server information

If you select HTTP, choose a HTTP service provider from the drop-down list. There is no need to make a change to the server URL if you select Hotmail or MSN. When choosing “other” HTTP service provider, you are required to type a server URL in this field manually.

http server information

The “Logon Information” mode requires you to fill out your username and then type the password offered by ISP. Check the option “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” if needed. Having all information confirmed, click “Test Account Settings” to check all phases of the configuration you have done before.

It is optional for you to click “More Settings”, which enable more advanced settings for your account. Since everything gets ready, click “Next” button and then “Finish” the whole process.

Set Up an Email Account in Mac Mail

This guide is made for readers who are using an Apple Mac and about to set up a new email account in Mac Mail. Since Mac Mail is a user-friendly build-in email client with a customizable interface, it is easy to complete the whole process of setup even for beginners. Expand the Mail tab shown on the top menu bar and click “Add Account”.

And then, a new window comes out and that requires you to select a mail account type to add. A list of options is available for you to choose from, like iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo!, and so on. Make a decision or check “Add Other Mail Account” if the given options cannot meet your needs. Here, we decide to add a new account and click “Continue” button to move to the next step.

Mac Mail add new account

An “Add a Mail Account” box pops up and asks you to provide your full name, email address and password. Since the name will be displayed on the outbound email, you’d better type your real name. Click “Create” button to confirm all settings.

add a mail account

The “incoming Mail Server Info” window is where to set the server information. Select an account type from two options, including IMAP and POP, and then type your mail server name. The IMAP account type is selected in this guide. Enter the email address in the User Name field and enter the password for that account in the Password field. Go to the “Next” step.

Here comes to an “Outgoing Mail Server Info” box and allows you to type the information of SMTP server, username and password. Make sure that all information is correct and then click “Create” button. And now, you can get started to send the first message with Mac Mail.

outgoing mail server info

Set Up an Email Account in Windows 8 Mail App

Windows 8 has launched more possibilities for users as well as enables user-friendly interface for both personal computer and mobile devices. If your computer comes with the Windows 8 operating system, you can set up an email account in a build-in mail app with ease. Once starting Windows 8, a Metro interface comes out with an array of applications, among which Mail is the one to be selected.

windows 8 metro interface

Target Settings from the Charms Bar and expand a list of options for email management. Click Accounts > Add an account and get started to add your new account.

windows 8 mail settings

There are several types of accounts available for you to choose from, including Hotmail, Google, Exchange, Outlook, etc. You are allowed to add as many accounts as needed to each type. For example, if you have an email [email protected] to be set up, then click “Google” and simply type the email address & password. Finally, click “Connect” to finish the email configuration.

Since there is no ideal account type included in the list, you are required to click “Other Account” and then expand more details. Enter a list of information as required including email address, username, password, incoming email server, and so on. Enter your full email address in the Email Address and Username fields. Type the accurate password for your account in the Password field.

Type the server names of incoming email server and outgoing email server with correct ports. Check “Incoming server requires SSL” and “Outgoing server requires SSL” if needed. Besides, there are two additional items for SMTP server and that is optional for you to check. Here, we suggest you to check “Outgoing server requires authentication” and “Use the same username and password to send and receive email”.

add your other account

Having all settings done, click “Connect” to complete the setup. Send a message to this email address you have set up just now and then check if the test message can arrive in the inbox. If so, you have successfully set up your new email account on Windows 8 Mail app.

Select any method mentioned in this guide to complete new email account setup according to actual situation. We hope that this guide can help you set up a new account with ease.