InterServer VS A2Hosting on Windows Hosting

InterServer VS A2Hosting on Windows Hosting

It is true that you can select a Windows hosting package from countless web hosts. However, you may have the problem to tell which one is worthy of your trust. If it happens that you hang between InterServer and A2Hosting, you can have a reference to this article which tries to make things clear so that you can spare many troubles in the future.

With the experience of more than 10 years, InterServer and A2Hosting have accumulated a great number of customers whose voices are heard to complete our comparison. Besides, we also make an in-depth exploration to the two web hosts. Therefore, you are able to get a general impression from the below objective rating table.

Rating InterServer A2Hosting
Prices 4.5 4
Feature 3.5 4
Uptime 3.5 4.5
Speed 2.5 4.5
Technical Support 3 4.5
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Pros of InterServer

Cheaper hosting fee

There are three plans you can choose from A2Hosting. To be more budget-friendly, the prices for them are reduced to $4.90/mo with 51% off the original ones starting from $9.99/mo. In addition, you are not required to select an unreasonably long term because the lowest price is available for the 2-year payment. Since it may not be easy for you to locate your choice, you can also choose a monthly payment which starts at $6.37/mo.

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There are some pricing differences between A2Hosting and InterServer. Firstly, InterServer only has launched an all-in-one Windows hosting plan which is normally priced from $5/mo. Secondly, the discount price of $4/mo is available for 3-year subscription. Thirdly, you will receive an additional discount off if you go with the monthly plan. Finally, the price you sign up for will remain the same for the life of the account. Therefore, you are able to enjoy a lower hosting price.

Richer server resources

Though both offer cheap hosting plan(s), we need to take a closer look at the server resources. Given the similar prices, we decide to take the InterServer plan and the A2Hosting Lite plan as an example. According to the table, it is obvious that InterServer is more generous about the server resources like unlimited mailboxes and unlimited FTP users.

However, A2Hosting never stops the steps to load accounts with the current versions of the popular developer features, such as, PHP 7.1, IIS 8.5, etc. In addition, you are backed by an anytime pro-rated refund policy which allows you to take a lower risk after 30 days. The most important thing is that A2Hosting will create backups for your data on a daily basis.

Feature InterServer A2Hosting
Plan Windows Web Hosting Lite
Websites 20 1
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Mailboxes Unlimited 25
FTP Users Unlimited 5
Control Panel Plesk Plesk
Bacckup Weekly Daily
Windows Server Unknown 2012
ASP.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5 2.x/3.x/4.x
ASP.NET MVC 4/5/6 4/5
PHP 5.5/5.6 5.x/7.0/7.1
IIS Unknown 8.5
MSSQL 2012/2014 2014
Full Refund 30 Days 30 Days
Special Offer $4/mo $4.90/mo
Conclusion Recommended

Pros of A2Hosting

Green hosting provider

If you are an environmentalist, you will hold high expectations for A2Hosting who partners with so as to offset the carbon emissions. To be eco-friendly, A2Hosting has also been planting trees, reducing trash, recycling older servers, purchasing renewable energy, etc. In a word, a green web host will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Better hosting environment

There is no doubt that you are looking for a reliable hosting provider who can guarantee your online presence. As a webmaster, you may have checked what hosting infrastructure InterServer and A2Hosting have built. For example, A2Hosting includes SSD drives, CloudFlare CDN, high-performance servers, and more in the 3 global data centers.

Since facts speak louder than words, we have kept a record of InterServer and A2Hosting in the past 30 days. Our monitoring tells that A2Hosting has the ability to shape a much faster and more reliable hosting environment which is critical for an ecommerce site. The statistics of A2Hosting can help you have a better understanding about the excellent job.

Better Support

It is not an easy job to well manage a website because there are many setbacks getting in your way. If anything happens to you, you are free to get a real support from InterServer and A2Hosting in the contact method you like. Generally speaking, both have been attaching a great importance to the customer service because our problems are addressed in time.

However, it seems that the support team of A2Hosting is more professional because it answers our questions in a quicker and more professional way. At this moment, we have confirmed the A2Hosting words that it hand-picks the support team to guarantee a quality customer service.

A2Hosting Is the Better Windows Hosting Provider

In a big picture, A2Hosting is more suitable for you to choose a Windows hosting plan. You can pay as low as $4.90/mo to get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and some of the latest features. What’s more, you can benefit a lot from the good uptime, fast speed, and considerate support.