InterServer VS GoDaddy on ASP.NET Hosting

InterServer VS GoDaddy on ASP.NET Hosting

Are you tired on the way to select a reliable ASP.NET hosting provider? You may want to locate your choice this time when you compare InterServer with GoDaddy. This article will help you find an exact answer to whether the two web hosts are proper for you to host an ASP.NET site. From now on, you can follow our steps to explore the detailed information about InterServer and GoDaddy.

As a website owner, you naturally want a cost-effective ASP.NET hosting plan, good hosting environment and solid support team. On the basis of your concern, we have launched an investigation and worked out the below editorial rating table which is for your reference only.

At present, you may be disappointed by the low scores which show that both InterServer and GoDaddy are not good or good enough for you to locate your choice. But you will know why after reading the details.

Rating InterServer GoDaddy
Pricing 4 3.5
Feature 4 3.5
Uptime 2.5 4
Speed 2.5 2.5
Support 3 3
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InterServer Edges over GoDaddy

After our exploration, we find that InterServer is much more cost-effective than GoDaddy. The following text will show how much you need to pay and what resources you can get from the two web hosts.

Much Cheaper Prices

There is only one ASP.NET hosting solution released by InterServer. If you are limited by your budget, you are allowed to select the monthly payment of $5/mo. The lowest price -$4/mo- is available for 3-year contract. With a price lock guarantee, the renewal prices will remain the same as the introductory ones for the lifetime. If you pay ahead of time for the monthly service, you can also receive an additional discount off.

Though you are freer to upgrade or downgrade a GoDaddy package, the prices for the ASP.NET hosting plans are not budget-friendly at all. The discounted prices range from $3.99/mo to $7.99/mo and the renewal ones vary from $7.99/mo to $16.99/mo. Therefore, GoDaddy is much more expensive than InterServer in a long term.

Richer Features

In fact, InterServer and GoDaddy share some similarities on features, such as, unlimited data transfer, Plesk control panel, and some more. Since InterServer only has released one plan, it includes almost everything you need to host a site. What’s more, you can enjoy a 20% template discount and $100 marketing credit for Google AdWords.

Though the price of GoDaddy – $3.99/mo- is covered with a 1-year free domain, the disk space and email accounts are strictly limited by GoDaddy. For the sites with high traffic, however, you need to pay more to enjoy the unlimited resources.

Feature InterServer GoDaddy
Plan Windows Web Hosting Economy
Domain(s) 20 1
Disk Storage Unlimited 100 GB
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Email Account(s) Unlimited 1
FTP Users Unlimited 50
MySQL Databases Unlimited 10
ASP.NET 1.x/2/3.x/4.x/5 Unknown
ASP.NET MVC 4/5/6 3
PHP 5.5/5.6 5
IIS Unknown 8.5
Windows Server Unknown 2012
Microsoft SQL 2012/2014 2012/2014
Control Panel Plesk Plesk
Free Domain No Yes
Classic ASP Yes Yes
Web Deploy Yes Yes
Web Deploy Yes Yes
Ad Credits $200 No
Ad Credits $200 No
20% Template Discount Yes No
Refund Policy 30 Days 30 Days
Current Price $4/mo $3.99/mo

GoDaddy Edge – More Reliable Hosting Environment

Though GoDaddy lags behind InterServer in terms of the cost-effectiveness, it is more competitive via a more reliable hosting environment. To show their faith, both InterServer and GoDaddy make a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If the network availability does not meet the guarantee, InterServer will provide credits for the failure. According to our monitoring, it is InterServer that fails to fulfill the promise with 98% uptime. Below chart is a record of GoDaddy uptime.

InterServer VS GoDaddy – Common Points

Previously, we have discussed the edges that one has over the other. However, we do not recommend InterServer and GoDaddy due to the long server response time and poor customer service.

Both Slow Load Speed

Since InterServer cannot guarantee a good uptime, there is no need for you to hold expectation for the server response time. When turning eyes towards GoDaddy, you will also be upset due to more than 750ms server response time. Since some more hosting providers are more than 100% faster than GoDaddy, you can gain a good using experience from them instead of GoDaddy.

Both Not Good Customer Service

Obviously, GoDaddy is not a good hosting provider who attaches a great importance to the technical support. The reason is that you are not backed by email support and 24/7 chat support. Though you can contact the support team with a phone number at any time, it is difficult for non-English language users to express their issues. In comparison, there are email, phone, and chat support available for InterServer clients. However, the support holding time is too long to bear.


At the beginning, you will be attracted by the InterServer cost-effectiveness with cheaper prices and richer features. When you dig into the details, you are discouraged by the terrible hosting uptime, slow server response time and poor technical support. Though GoDaddy is able to guarantee a reliable hosting environment, the high prices, slow speed, and poor customer service get in your way to have a try.

Jumping from the two web hosts, you can find much better ASP.NET hosting providers. After reviewing many web hosts, we dare to make some recommendations for you. Being responsible for you, we select the following ASP.NET hosting providers who have done a good job on the core aspects.