ixWebHosting VS DiscountASP.NET on ASP.NET Hosting

ixWebHosting VS DiscountASP.NET on ASP.NET Hosting

Both ixWebHosting and DiscountASP.NET provide ASP.NET hosting. This comparison aims to help you distinguish one from the other and locate your choice. Based on the performance monitoring and using experience, we compare the two web hosts on some crucial factors including the prices, feature, uptime, speed, and customer service.

Rating ixWebHosting DiscountASP.NET
Pricing 3 4.5
Feature 4 4,5
Performance 2.5 5
Support 3 4.5
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In the year of 1999, ixWebHosting entered into hosting field in a living room with a small team. With the development of over 10 years, it has grown into a real hosting provider with half a million websites and counting under management.

Unlike ixWebHosting who tries to meet every need, DiscountASP.NET focuses all the resources on ASP.NET hosting service since the establishment in 2003. With one single mission, it has been working at delivering the best value to webmasters on a global scale. Thanks to the efforts, it is recognized as an ASP.NET hosting leader with the title of a Microsoft Gold Hosting Partner.

ixWebHosting VS DiscountASP.NET on Prices

ixWebHosting has launched 2 ASP.NET hosting solutions named Business Plus and Unlimited Pro. In the regular time, it sets the prices from $12.95/mo and $14.95/mo. With up to 65% discount, it cuts the prices down to $4.50/mo and $9.95/mo.

DiscountASP.NET offers an all-in-one solution called Base ASP.NET Hosting Plan, starting from $10/mo regularly. With the below promotional link, the regular price will be reduced down to $5/mo for the annual plan.

DiscountASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

In comparison, you can purchase a cheaper ASP.NET hosting package from ixWebHosting for a 3-year subscription. However, you will be charged extra $30 for setup if you sign up for short terms including 1 month and 3 months. But DiscountASP.NET waives any setup fee regardless of your billing cycles. Move on to have a reference to the pricing table.

Feature ixWebHosting DiscountASP.NET
Plan Business Plus Base ASP.NET Hosting Plan
1-Month $15.95/mo+$30 setup $10/mo
3-Month $15.95/mo+$30 setup $10/mo
1-Year $10.95/mo $5/mo
2-Year $9.95/mo $5/mo
3-Year $4.50/mo $5/mo

It happens that all the ASP.NET hosting solutions provided by the two web hosts come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Admittedly, the time for full refund is competitive in the industry. Anyway, you will be risk-free to try the hosting service within the initial 30 days. Besides the same refund policy, ixWebHosting also allows you to have a 7-day try for free.

ixWebHosting VS DiscountASP.NET on Feature

It is hard to draw a conclusion that which web host has feature advantage over the other. Simply judging from the cost-effectiveness, DiscountASP.NET cannot compare with ixWebHosting mainly due to the limited disk space and bandwidth. However, it has a close partnership with Microsoft, continually breaking new ground as a technologically innovative market leader to meet the requirements of webmasters. The below table is exactly the best explanation for our words.

Feature ixWebHosting DiscountASP.NET
Plan Business Plus Base
Disk Space Unlimited 1000 MB
Bandwidth Unlimited 80 GB
Windows Servers 2003 R2 2012/2008 R2
ASP.NET 1.0/2.0/3.5/4.0 2.0/3.5/4.5.2/4.6.x/5
Control Panel Custom cPanel
IIS Remote Management No Yes
Isolated Application Pool Yes Yes
Node.js No Yes
MS Web Deploy No Yes
Price $4.50/mo $5/mo
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ixWebHosting VS DiscountASP.NET on Performance

In order to find out the details on performance, we have carried out a test for the uptime and server response time with a monitoring tool in the past 30 days. The result shows that DiscountASP.NET has done a much better job than ixWebHosting. We believe there are two reasons for the better job with an average of 99.98% uptime and 280ms server response time.

  • Advanced data center infrastructure: DiscountASP.NET houses servers in top-tier and secure data centers which are located in California and UK. Webmasters are free to choose which one to host their site on the principle of shortening the distance between visitors and servers.
  • A solid team: DiscountASP.NET shapes a solid team with Microsoft certified technicians and system engineers. They have been monitoring the network and servers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to provide a reliable, secure, and fast hosting environment for webmasters.

ixWebHosting VS DiscountASP.NET on Customer Service

We often care much about the support methods though the two web hosts both make the promise of 24/7 customer service. ixWebHosting allows you to contact the team via multiple contact tunnels including online live chat, toll-free phone, and email.

And you can get professional support from the DiscountASP.NET team via email. Though email support cannot compare with chat and phone support in the response speed, it is widely used for resolving technical issues because the support staff needs time to investigate the trouble and resolve it for you.

Final Thought – We Recommend DiscountASP.NET

In terms of cost-effectiveness, DiscountASP.NET is not as competitive as ixWebHosting. However, it is more trustworthy for you to host a site. As a Microsoft-recognized ASP.NET hosting leader, it will let you have a good using experience due to the cutting-edge technologies, reliable hosting environment, and fast speed.