Best 3 Kooboo Hosting Solutions with Quality Services

Best 3 Kooboo Hosting Solutions with Quality Services

Kooboo, as a cross-international web development firm, includes adequate practices and products to cover every individual need. Among so many kinds of services, the Kooboo CMS – an ASP.NET- based and enterprise-level content management service – is mostly beloved.

Due to the popularity of Kooboo CMS, there are many Kooboo web hosting solutions springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. But, to be frank, it does not bring any convenience for some new starters or newbies. As a matter of fact, when facing with various Kooboo solutions, many people find it is quite difficult to select one.

Here, we have selected three excellent Kooboo hosting companies – HostGator, WinHost and DiscountASP.NET, all of which have low-cost pricing, powerful Windows hosting tools and outstanding performance as well. In below, there are some significant features of the three mentioned providers.

Most Reliable and Fast Kooboo Hosting > HostGator

HostGatorAs a top-notch and industry-leading hosting company, HostGator attaches great importance to uptime. This web host adopts brand-new and superb infrastructures in its two top-tier data centers located in Provo, UT and Houston, TX separately. For instance, to make sure Kooboo users’ websites stay away from any interruption, the company makes use of UPS battery backup and power distribution units, diesel fuel tanks and Detriot diesel generators.

Apart from stable hosting environment, HostGator promises to deliver ultra-fast loading speed for Kooboo users. This web host utilizes the newest network facilities, including high performance gear from CISCO, Arbor Networks, Juniper, Arista Networks and so forth. In the further, it uses an array of network carriers which include Hurricane Electric, Level 3, Comcast and nLayer. According to our monitoring results, its server response time averages 340ms in the last 30 days, which is quite satisfying.

In regards to pricing and plans, HostGator offers two high-quality Windows hosting plans – Personal and Enterprise plan. Although charging the plans for $5.95/mo and $17.95/mo regularly, it now supplies people using the coupon code HG45PERCENT with a sale price of $3.27/mo and $9.87/mo. A 45-day unconditional money back guarantee is also available.

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Most Cost-Effective Kooboo Hosting > WinHost

WinHostSet up in 2009, WinHost has devoted itself to delivering world-class ASP.NET and Windows web hosting services worldwide. Also, as a cost-effective and budget hosting option, it takes pride in providing professional service at a well-balanced cost. To be more specific, it offers three ASP.NET-based plans – Basic, Max and Ultimate. In terms of cost, this provider regularly rates the plans at $4.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $19.95/mo.

To highlight its service, WinHost now offers a time-limited 20% discount, which puts the initial prices to be as low as $3.95/mo. Note that this promotion offer is exclusive to people who use this promotional link. In the meantime, this company provides customers with a 30-day money back guarantee, which allows customers to have enough time to judge the quality of the products and services.

In addition, this web host has been dedicated to delivering informative technical support for customers who have sticky issues. Customers can contact support by writing a detailed email, and the technical staffs are always right on-target and respond with passion and patience.

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Most Feature-Rich Kooboo Hosting > DiscountASP.NET

DiscountASP.NETSpecialized in offering professional Windows web hosting solely, DiscountASP.NET has its own confidence to provide Kooboo users with superb Windows hosting solution on the world-class Windows Server 2012 platforms. The company makes use of industry-standard environments with the newest technologies, such as SQL Server 2016/2014/2012, ASP.NET 4.5/5, ASP.NET MVC 6 and Internet Information Services 8.

In addition, DiscountASP.NET offers Kooboo users 1-click app installer, which enables them to have a quick installation of Kooboo CMS. It is admitted as one of the outstanding advantages that this company is over the average web hosts. In the meantime, this company supports ASP.NET Ajax and SQL management studio access, and all of its services are Microsoft Expression Web, WebMatrix and Dreamweaver compatible.

DiscountASP.NET has released one hosting plan – Base. Giving considerations to cost-effectiveness, this company now prices the plan at $5/mo. Note that the price is 50% off the initial price and is only valid for people going through promotional link below. A 30-day money back guarantee is provided.

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