Linux VS Windows – Why You Need Windows Web Hosting?

Linux VS Windows – Why You Need Windows Web Hosting?

Should you choose a Linux or Windows for ASP.NET web hosting service? Lots of website newbies are confronted with this question because a great majority of web hosting providers offer both Linux and Windows operating system, even many other choices.

Recently, we have been asked about this question frequently from hundreds of customers who concerned about whether the operating system makes a difference.

In the following exploration, we help you to make a brilliant choice between Linux and Windows, which is based on our real hosting experience with ASP.NET web hosting.

What is Linux?

Linux is a Unix-like and POSIX-compliant operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. Initially, Linux was developed as a free operating system for Intel x86-based personal computer. Consequently, it has been ported to more computer hardware than any other operating system.

As a leading system, Linux is run by more than 95% of the 500 fastest supercomputers worldwide. It has gained tremendous popularity for the following advantages.

Linux Web Hosting


  • Cost: Linux is free of charge or at a low cost. Coming along with Linux are fully fledged server and desktop applications, including FTP, DNS server, file Server and web server.
  • Scalability: A Linux-based web server meets the requirements of scalability with which users don’t have to make any site design change.

What is Windows?

Windows is operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft. It has dominated the market of personal computer around the world, taking over 90% market share.

With Windows as the operating system, users are capable of realizing true integration with Microsoft products and SQL database. Among countless advantages, the most highlighted feature of Windows is its capability to run classic ASP or .NET script which offers powerful language support.

Windows Web Hosting

  • Cost: Windows web hosting always costs more than Linux, even costs thousands of dollars for each server.
  • Support: Windows supports ASP, ASP.NET, powerful SQL server database, and access database.

Standards for Choosing a web hosting platform

The specific criteria for selecting a suitable bear no relationship to your current system. Both Windows and Linux have done a great job in performance, stability, ease of use and security. The choice rests with your requirements of your website hosting. To be specific, you should ponder the following questions.

1 Does your website need ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server?

This question helps get an answer of whether your website counts on Windows technologies as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server. That means you have to think over whether your website has to excuse ASP or .NET code, or gain access to Microsoft Access and MSSQL database directly.

If the answer is positive, then it is greatly convenient and advisable to choose Windows web hosting packages. Although there are also Linux-based web hosting services supporting above Windows specific technologies, they dwarf in comparison with Windows web hosting services.

2 Does your website need PHP, Perl, MySQL, WordPress?

phpIf your website needs PHP, Perl or MySQL database, Linux web hosting undoubtedly excels Windows. Because it is easier for your website to work with Linux operating system than with Windows when it comes to PHP, Perl or MySQL database.

To be more exact, sometimes PHP and Perl scripts which you have downloaded from the Internet have to be modified again in order to adapt the difference of them running under Windows.


Generally speaking, both Linux and Window has made their own contribution in their unique way. The key point is not which one is superior. It is advisable to pick one of them according to your specific demands of website.

If you need Windows specific technologies as PHP, Perl or MySQL database, then choose Windows web hosting services. Otherwise, you had better choose the cheaper and more popular Linux as platform.

Based on our real hosting experience, we have worked out the following collection of best ASP.NET hosting.

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