LunarPages VS HostGator on Windows Hosting Services

LunarPages VS HostGator on Windows Hosting Services

In this Lunarpages VS HostGator comparison, we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the two companies based on their plans, pricing, reliability and technical support. All reviews and results are based on our real experience, so as to provide some pertinent and practical suggestions to customers who are in need of trustworthy hosting. Note that this comparison focuses on Windows hosting only.

Editorial Ratings of Lunarpages and HostGator

With over one decade of hosting experience, HostGator gains good reputation by supplying reliable and budget-friendly hosting solutions and services. Compared with HostGator, Lunarpages has less experience and fewer loyal followers.

Before entering to more comparison details, we have formed the following rating table to render you with an overall impression on the Windows hosting services of the two web hosts. What worth mentioning is that the statistics used in the table and other sections are based on our comprehensive investigations and users’ genuine reviews.

Ratings Lunarpages HostGator
Reputation 3 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Feature 4.5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Speed 2.5 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Reliability 2.5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Support 3 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Price 2.5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
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Plans & Pricing

priceHostGator provides two Windows hosting plans, including a Personal Plan and an Enterprise Plan. As their names imply, the two plans are designed for individuals and businesses respectively. Of course, Personal Plan and Enterprise Plan come with different prices and contents.

With the default 20% discount released by the company, the Personal Plan is rated at $4.76/mo while the Enterprise Plan is charged for $14.36/mo. To be honest, the pricing level of such two powerful plans is quite attractive in the industry. Besides, customers can even get a 45% discount by using coupon code HG45PERCENT, starting at $3.27/mo only..

HostGator Coupon Code Activation

As for Lunarpages, it only provides one Windows hosting plan. The Windows plan is priced at $9.95/mo, which is available for three-year order. If customers do not want to pay for three-year at the same time, Lunarpages has a three-month order, but the price is raised to $12.95/mo and a setup fee (value for $30) is required.

Besides more budget-friendly hosting prices, HostGator also provides a more hassle-free refund policy. It promises to offer refunds for those who are not satisfied with its hosting services during their initial 45 days. Also, the company provides anytime prorated money back guarantee to reduce both the risks and worries that users may face after their purchases.

By contrast, Lunarpages offers a 30-day money back guarantee that barely ties with the industry’s standard. In this case, users with this company may not be able to try out whether its Windows hosting services are suitable or not in a relatively relaxing way.


In order to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of HostGator and Lunarpages, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of their features. To be fair, we present feature information of all plans and list some essential features in feature table below.

Company HostGator HostGator Lunarpages
Plan Personal Enterprise Lunarpages
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel/Plesk cPanel/Plesk Plesk
Microsoft SQL Unlimited Unlimited Limited
SSI Yes Yes No
Python Yes Yes No
Instant Setup Yes Yes N/A

It is a tough task to compare them and select the better one especially when only focusing on either price and features. But we have to say that HostGator has a wise marketing setting. HostGator deliberately releases the two plans for different demanders while Lunarpages has only one optional plan.

Moreover, HostGator includes multiple free extras within its hosting plans while the other company simply lacks these offerings. For example, HostGator provides a free Weebly site builder along with 4,500 free templates for users to set up their websites in a simple and fast manner. Also, it offers free migration services for sites, domains, databases, and so on.

Sometimes customers do not need to spend too much on their websites like blogs and family websites. For business owners, what they need is much more than what Lunarpages Windows hosting provides. All in all, HostGator hosting plans are more rich-featured and practical.

Performance & Reliability

priceHostGator utilises top-notch data centers in Provo, UT and Houston, TX. The data centers are enhanced with state-of-the-art server hardware, electrical, network and HVAC systems. With the support of robust facilities and infrastructures, HostGator issues a solid 99.9% uptime guarantee. And the truth proves that it indeed keeps this guarantee.

Check the following chart for more dynamic statistics about HostGator uptime in the last thirty days.

Our monitoring team hosted websites on HostGator in last year and during the test period, we collected real-time statistics. And now, we are confident to tell all that HostGator is reliable. It is stable even in peak periods and the average response time of HostGator servers is within 350ms. For detailed information, please look into the speed chart below.

Data centers used by Lunarpages are located in different locations such as Irvine, Denver, Chicago and Ashburn. These data centers boast fully redundant power with several diesel generators. Besides, the company declares that it invests a lot in security and stability facilities.

However, we heard numerous complaints about Lunarpages down and low-speed from users. Some customers complain that they encounter downtimes frequently – almost once a week -and the maintenance process is complex and long. Another downside is that Lunarpages is slower than the average speed in the industry according to our test results and user comments.

Technical Support

priceBoth companies offer multiple contact channels to all customers, such as email/ticket, live chat and phone call. It is worth mentioning that HostGator provides toll-free phone call support while Lunarpages charges extra money for that.

Apart from the three basic channels, HostGator clients can also get help through its video tutorials and forums. Like HostGator, Lunarpages offers a wiki and a community forum where customers can get solutions of some general questions.

Despite the fact that the two web hosts share multiple common points from the perspective of technical support, HostGator has outperformed the other company mainly for two reasons – providing more communication channels and being more responsive.

  • Besides the offering the above-mentioned support channels, HostGator also provides Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to help users interacting with each other over the web.
  • As a highly reputable hosting provider, the company knows the importance of granting users with responsive assistance. Therefore, it spares no efforts to cut the average waiting time for responding to each support request and deliver suitable solutions for users worldwide in a timely manner.

Conclusion – HostGator Is Much Better

From the in-depth illustrations that we have made in this Lunarpages vs HostGator comparison, obviously, as a reputable and popular web host, HostGator has many advantages over Lunarpages in aspects like price, features, reliability and customer services. Lunarpages has a lot to improve especially in performance and marketing strategies. In a word, HostGator is worth recommending.