Lunarpages VS iWeb – Windows Hosting Service Comparison

Lunarpages VS iWeb – Windows Hosting Service Comparison

Lunarpages and iWeb are two popular hosting companies serving millions of global sites for medium to large-sized businesses. This side-by-side comparison is made to help those who are looking for a Windows hosting provider that combines the all the needed features with reliability and affordability.

Below is a brief introduction to both two companies:

  • Lunarpages has launched themselves as a global IT solutions company and enterprise-level Windows hosting provider since the first presence in 1998. It provides multiple solution options from Windows shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated servers to managed and cloud solutions. Their satellite-powered data centers add a touch of professionalism.
  • iWeb has been in business since 1996 and extends their networks to include four data centers within the greater Montreal area. Their hosting solutions cover from dedicated and cloud servers to migration and colocation services. After several acquisitions, it now operates under Internap, with more than millions of websites under the management.

Editorial Ratings on Lunarpages & iWeb

As always, we’d like to give overall ratings on the Lunarpages and iWeb based on price value, plan features, server performance, support availability as well as our editorial live experiences. Obviously, they both have their own merits and demerits, and the following parts will take a closer look at their Windows dedicated web hosting service.

Ratings Lunarpages iWeb
Reputation rating 3 of 5 rating 3 of 5
Price rating 3 of 5 rating 3.5 of 5
Features rating 3.5 of 5 rating 3 of 5
Performance rating 3 of 5 rating 3.5 of 5
Customer Service rating 3.5 of 5 rating 3.5 of 5
Conclusion Not Recommended Not Recommended

Server Specifications & Hosting Freebies

When it comes to the mostly-concerned server specs,

  • Lunarpages provides two operating systems for their dedicated hosting plans, including Windows Server 2012 and Widows Server 2008 R2. The elementary plan supports Intel Quad core and 4GB RAM and use 2x250GB SATA hard disks to build RAID 1 which will greatly enhances data security.
  • iWeb uses the latest version of Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Sever 2014. Both Intel one single and dual processors are available, and the cheapest plan allows for 8GB RAM, 1x1TB HDD storage, 12TB bandwidth and 100Mbps speed. Except for this plan, customers can get either SW or HS RAID.

Technical features are nuts and bolts of Windows hosting, and we’ve listed some significant features of the two companies by selecting the most basic plans. Just scroll down and learn more differences.

Hosting Features Lunarpages iWeb
Processor 2.3GHz Intel Xeon 2.5GHz Intel Xeon
Core Dual Core Quad Core
Monthly Bandwidth 10 TB 12 TB
Storage 2×250 GB SATA 1×1 TB HDD
Uplink 100Mbps 100Mbps
IP Addresses 5 4
1-Click App Installer Yes Yes
Control Panel WebsitePanel Custom

On the flip side, Lunarpages offers MSSQL Sever Express, MySQL databases, Classic ASP and remote desktop services at no cost. The free domain name is available for one-year subscription and must be redeemed within the first 30 days of signup. Plus, $50 worth Facebook advertising credits, SSH access and free setup are included.

Which Company Delivers Greater Price Value?

Both web hosts offer monthly, bi-yearly and yearly payment options, and the respective pricing details are presented as below.

# Lunarpages Hosting Fees

Taking the basic dedicated hosting plan of Lunarpages for example, the price tags are:

  • $145/mo for 1/3-month billing cycles.
  • $135/mo for 6-month billing cycle.
  • $125/mo for 12-month billing cycle.
  • $115/mo for 24-month billing cycle.

For additional backup storage, this company charges for $10 per GB, and each extra IP address costs $3.94. Plus, customers who want a SSL certificate must pay $109 annually.

# iWeb Hosting Fees

Price varies greatly from one plan to another, and the elementary plan charges for:

  • $104/mo for monthly contract term.
  • $104/mo for quarterly contract term.
  • $98.80/mo for bi-annually contract term.
  • $93.60/mo for annually contract term.

(Notes: The two web hosts both offer a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure the safety of online purchase. However, refunds are not given for any account upgrades or add-ons, and only the hosting portion will be refunded in full. With Lunarpages, the cancellation will have a setup fee of $99 deducted from refund, and there is no pro-rated refund after the claimed 30 days.)

Data Centers & Network Infrastructures Comparison

Uptime and speed mean a lot especially for those who want to succeed online, and both two companies do a lot of hard work to set themselves apart from other hosts:

  • Lunarpages owns eight well-equipped data centers throughout the United States, such as Las Vegas, Irvine, San Diego and Hawthorne, etc. All of those locations are PIC compliant and include multi-tier redundant power systems. Their highly-trained personnel always work proactively in case for any outage or downtime.
  • Lunarpages Data Centers

  • iWeb currently has six data centers located at Montreal, Dallas, Singapore, Amsterdam, California and New York. Almost each location is 98% powered by hydroelectricity that produces 56% less CO2 than wind energy. To deliver high-speed global connectivity, they use state-of-the-art technologies and partner with many ISPs around the world.

iWeb Data Centers

To test the time it takes for a web page to load, we’ve used a powerful speed checker tool named Pingdom. As shown, neither of Lunarpages and iWeb delivers satisfying page loading speed, and we can take the speed chart of HostGator for reference.

  • Lunarpages takes around 5.08s to load a page.
  • Lunarpages Speed

  • iWeb takes about 2.44s to load a page.
  • iWeb Speed

  • HostGator only takes 1.40s to load the same page.
  • HostGator Speed

How About the Support Options of Lunarpages & iWeb?

Both Lunarpages and iWeb attach great importance to customer service by providing the following support tunnels:

  1. Phone Call. By dialing the published hotline number, troubled customers can get effective and instant assistance from the on-site support staffs. Besides, the toll-free phone call support can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  2. Email Ticket. This support option is offered by most companies, and users can open or review a support ticket through the so-called “Control Center” or “Support Center”. Note that, user account and password are required to log into the ticket system.
  3. Live Chat. This is best suited for those can’t get through to the support representatives and speak languages other than English. Those passionate and professional technicians are available via the “Live Chat” button on the website, and customers can send a message without logging on the account panel.

Lunarpages Support Options

Meanwhile, both Lunarpages and iWeb customers can get step-by-step tutorials and guides via the knowledge base. Their Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages also provide another way for webmasters express ideas and doubts.

The Bottom Line – Customer Satisfaction

Customer voices are also crucial when selecting a hosting solution. To make an unbiased judgement, we’ve investigated many forums and analyzed numerous customer reviews during the past months. However, the final result is not encouraging.

Taking this review site for instance, Lunarpages has been given 3 out of 5 stars by around 76 webmasters, while iWeb only gets 2.5 out of 5 stars by the ratings of 5 webmasters. Once explore deeply, we can notice most comments are made by Lunarpages and iWeb regular users, some of whom lost a large sum of money before opting out the service.

Customer Satisfaction Screenshot

In this case, we recommend another respected hosting brand – HostGator. Due to its dedication to the improvement of Windows hosting service, HostGator has received overwhelming recognition and popularity from the public. It’s a complete solution for those who want rich features, quality support and high-performed servers at an affordable price.

This is the chart of the HostGator customer reviews collected at a leading hosting review site – HostUCan. Their services are highly rewarded.