What Are the Most Used Control Panel in Windows Web Hosting?

What Are the Most Used Control Panel in Windows Web Hosting?

WebSitePanel, Plesk and Custom Control Panel, are proven to be the most common used control panels in Windows web hosting after the comprehensive exploration and comparing of hundreds of control panels in the field. They are highlighted for the tidy layouts, easy to understand interface and simple operations.

Control Panel plays a significant role in managing websites conveniently and efficiently. Administrator can use it to access important information and change personal information as password and other preference.

WebSitePanel > Superior Control Panel

What is WebSitePanel?

WebSitePanel, product of SMB SAAS System Inc.,is a hosting automation tool supporting Private Cloud Servers. It centralize the administration of hosting infrastructure and realize resources sharing across multiple customer accounts. Host4ASP.NET, one of top-notch web hosting providers, uses WebSitePanel as control panel.

What’s the Highlights of WebSitePanel?

WebSitePanel is open source and completely customizable, which is ues friendly for starters with easy setup. With WebSitePanel, users can manage everything from a single interface and simplify the development process, which greatly save time and money spent on system administration. Meanwhile, it is highlighted for the following features, including:


  • It supports Windows OS as Windows Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008 and Windows 7 & 8.
  • There are no licensing fees charged for WebSitePanel, making it the most cost effective control panel.
  • It offers Mail servers support for SmarterMail 2.x, MailEnable 2.x-4.x, Merak Mail Server 8.x-10.x, MDaemon 9.x-10.x, ArgoMail server 1.x and so forth.
  • It enables users to get virtualization including Hyper-V Technology, System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2.

Plesk > Advantageous Control Panel

What is Plesk?

Plesk, also known as Parallels Plesk Panel, is a creative software package, which is universally used as a commercial web hosting automation program. It is very use-friendly, so HostGator, one of the world-class web hosting providers, takes it into confidence.

What is Plesk Good for?

Plesk, released in 2003, is a universal option for it supports both Linux and Windows web servers. It includes 4 different login levels as Administrator, Client/Reseller, Domain Owner and Mail User, which varies in degree of functionality.

With Plesk, almost all of your web hosting requirements can be met including the following features, just name few of them.excellent

  • Plesk supports Unix-based operating systems as Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, SUSE, and Red Hat Linux. Besides, it supports Windows Sever 2003 & 2008.
  • It has better clustering support and offers comprehensive built-in SiteBuilder software.
  • Plesk is a PHP based panel, so the working environment can be created both in MySQL and MS SQL.
  • Its web servers support includes Apache, IIS 7.5, IIS 7.0, and IIS 6.0.
  • Users can get Mail servers support as Mail Enable, Exim and SmarterMail 6.x-9.x.
  • It features ISC BIND DNS Server, Master/Slave management, load Balancing support, automated file matching, DNS recursion and SOA settings.

Custom Control Panel > Great User-friendliness

What does custom control panel mean?

Custom control panel is used to custom design and build control panels for any applications. Because of the custom property, web hosting companies are allowed to set almost what they demand. WinHost is one of those web hosting providers who feature custom control panel, which may be a little challenge for users who are used to the most popular cPanel.

However, in the long run, it is really the most user-friendly and flexible control panel. Besides, there are some tips and technical support to help user handle the custom control panel easily and efficiently. With the guidance of user forum, knowledge base and tutorial, users are bound to adapt and take full advantage of the custom control panel.

Awesome Ingenuity

The most prominent highlight of custom control panel is the amazing ingenuity, which enables web hosting providers to design and develop a control panel in their unique style. To be specific, no matter utilizing Linux or Windows platforms, they can manage files, software, Email etc. with high flexibility and security, including:

easy to use

  • Adding, configuring and removing domains and subdomains
  • To configure web server security
  • Execute the configuration and administration of MySQL Databases
  • Manage files and folders on the server with clear and easy-to-use interface


Finally we can again reach a conclusion that WebSitePanel, Plesk and custom control panel are all very easy-to-use control panels, on account of their considerable user-friendliness, and strong support for operating systems.