MyHosting VS Arvixe – Are They Good Windows Hosting Providers

MyHosting VS Arvixe – Are They Good Windows Hosting Providers

On the market are many Windows hosting providers among which MyHosting and Arvixe are two options. If it happens that you are interested in them, this comparison exactly shows you whether the two web hosts are good Windows hosting providers.

Based on real-time monitoring and user reviews, the following comparison analyzes all the crucial parts, including the hosting cost, feature, support, and performance.

Rating MyHosting Arvixe
Price 2 3.5
Feature 2.5 3.5
Performance 4.5 3.5
Tech Support 3 3
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How Much You Need to Pay?

Established in 1997, MyHosting has accumulated 60,000+ customers. To be honest, the customer base is not accordance with the long history. Since there are Windows shared hosting and Windows VPS available, MyHosting is likely not to meet your growing needs due to a lack of Windows dedicated hosting.

Moreover, the prices for the Windows hosting plans start at unbelievably $18.69/mo. To our surprise, we cannot find any information about the renewal prices. Anyway, the special offers may have added a burden to your budget. Supposed that MyHosting is able to provide Windows dedicated hosting, you will also be overcharged.

Arvixe entered into the hosting industry in the year of 2003. According to your business size and budget, you can select a proper plan from the Shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting to run your site on Windows platform. Unlike MyHosting, Arvixe now charges you as low as $5/mo for a shared hosting plan. In addition, the renewal prices transparently start at $8/mo.

What Resources Can You Get?

It is a fact that some hosting providers play a pricing trick, so we will see whether MyHosting and Arvixe are two of them. Considering your budget, we select the cheapest Windows hosting plans from the two web hosts to make a detailed comparison.

Features MyHosting Arvixe
Plan Business Hosting Plan Personal Plan
Domain(s) Unlimited 1
Disk Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
FTP User(s) 1 Unlimited
Free Domain Name No Lifetime
Control Panel Web-Based Plesk
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
AJAX Yes Yes
Windows Server 2008 R2 2012 R2
Dedicated Application Pools No Yes
Advertising Credits No $200
ASP.NET 4.0 2/3.5/4.5
IIS 7 8.5
PHP 5.2 5.5/5.6/7
Special Offer $18.69/mo $5/mo
Refund Policy 30 Days 60 Days

To be honest, the Arvixe plan is budget-friendly because you only need to pay as low as $5/mo to get a lifetime free domain name, free marketing credits, rich server resources, Plesk control panel and advanced features. However, we cannot figure out why MyHosting charges such a high price for the out-fashioned features, such as Windows Server 2008 R2, ASP.NET 4.0, and so on.

During the comparison, we find that Arvixe provides a 60-day money back guarantee for the Windows hosting plans. But you need to pay attention that the money back guarantee does not apply to dedicated servers. Anyway, the Arvixe refund policy is much more considerate than the MyHosting 30-day free trial.

Can You Get a Good Hosting Environment?

Since you may have taken it for granted that Arvixe is a good Windows hosting provider, we have to say that you have drawn an early conclusion. You still need to move forward to find more details about the awkward uptime, mediocre speed, and poor support. Previously, you may have noticed that we do not recommend Arvixe in the comparison table.

Arvixe guarantees that its shared servers will be accessible 99.9% each month which is backed by a credit for the uptime failure. It seems that Arvixe is confident enough in the uptime, but our monitoring in below reveals that the real hosting uptime averages 99.75%. On the Internet, we also find many negative reviews towards the Arvixe constant downtime.

Because of the close relationship between the uptime and performance, you should not be surprised about the slow server response time. If you are looking for a cheap hosting for your personal blog regardless of uptime, then you can consider Arvixe. However, there is no doubt that you need to stay away from Arvixe due to the 700ms server response time if you run a business site.

How about MyHosting? After our in-depth exploration, we can answer why MyHosting has the courage to charge you for high prices. On one hand, MyHosting is able to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime which is not fulfilled by Arvixe. On the other hand, it has an average of 300ms server response time which is competitive even in the whole hosting field.

Are You Backed by Helpful Technical Support?

If any problems like downtime happen to your site, it is crucial for you to get helpful support from your Windows hosting provider. When we made tests for the support team through the live chat, phone call, and ticket system, we are disappointed about the two web hosts because our problems keep unsolved in most cases.

Are They Good Windows Hosting Providers?

We would like to give a negative answer to the question because we find some reasons for you not to go with the two web hosts. MyHosting is not a good choice due to the high prices, out-fashioned features, and poor technical support. And we advise you not to choose Arvixe mainly due to the bad uptime and customer service.

Surrounded by many Windows hosting providers, you have a great chance to find an ideal one to meet your requirements. If there are no candidates on your list, we have some recommendations which are presented in the below table.