MyHosting VS GoDaddy on Windows Hosting

MyHosting VS GoDaddy on Windows Hosting

MyHosting is known for its VPS solutions, while it also offers Windows web hosting services. GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar, but to extend the business scale, this web host has been offering multiple Windows hosting plans, too.

Both MyHosting and GoDaddy claim that they can provide professional and satisfying Windows hosting services for the demanders. However, after reading their feature information, testing the performance, and trying the support, we find that neither of them is an ideal choice.

To show why, we will present their similarities and the special edges one by one.

Rating MyHosting GoDaddy
Uptime 3.5 4
Support 2.5 3.5
Speed 3.5 2.5
Price 2 3
Feature 2.5 3.5
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Similarities Between MyHosting and GoDaddy

One good thing about hosting with MyHosting and GoDaddy is that they both offer good service uptime. Their servers and networks are stable and reliable. The common disadvantage, however, is the Windows hosting technical support that is not helpful enough.

Good uptime

MyHosting and GoDaddy have the same uptime guarantee – 99.9%. Such a guarantee is backed by their redundant power supply for the multiple data centers, well-connected network, 24×7 security monitoring of all servers and networks, and reliable operating system.

Our monitoring system displays that MyHosting is excellent enough in achieving its promise of the service uptime.

GoDaddy is also outstanding in this aspect by delivering the same good uptime.

Not-good-enough Windows hosting support

MyHosting and GoDaddy are experienced in offering quality after-sale support. For example, they have prepared a knowledgebase covering some common Windows hosting issues, various starter guides, and video tutorials. However, we wouldn’t say they can offer the best technical support for Windows hosting users due to the following reasons.

  • MyHosting has a small support team serving Windows hosting users, and the response speed for tickets and chats are is slow. Tickets may take up to 24 hours to get replied.
  • GoDaddy doesn’t offer support though email. Live chat is not available 24×7, either.

MyHosting Advantage over GoDaddy – Faster Speed

The two web hosts both have earned a high score in the service reliability. However, for the hosting speed, MyHosting maintains an edge. Due to the hand-picked servers, custom-built network and constant monitoring, MyHosting is able to make sure less than 350ms server response time on average and full page loads within 3 seconds.

For GoDaddy, however, slow speed is an old problem that has been there for many years. The company indeed operates multiple data centers in different countries to ensure shorter distance and faster speed, but no good results have been achieved.

The following chart is the comparison between the two web hosts’ hosting speed.

GoDaddy Advantages over MyHosting

GoDaddy loses the score in speed when compared with MyHosting. However, it wins in the cost-effectiveness. At much lower prices, this web host provides newer Windows hosting features and more server resources. If you run a modern site, you need to consider GoDaddy.

Cheaper prices

MyHosting provides two Windows hosting plans named Business Hosting and eCommerce Hosting. These plans are rated at $18.69/mo and $37.44/mo for the first term, which are much more expensive than most shared hosting plans from the leading Windows hosting providers. If you want a time to try, MyHosting enables you to do that by allowing 30-day refunds.

GoDaddy now offers 3 plans, the regular prices of which start from $9.99/mo to $21.99/mo. Compared with the MyHosting plans, these plans are indeed affordable, while you can get a 50% discount if you are going with GoDaddy for the first time.

The discounted prices of the plans start from $4.99/mo, $6.49/mo and $10.99/mo respectively. A free domain is included in any annual plan, and a 30-day refund guarantee is also available.

Richer features

There are indeed some common features included in the two web hosts’ Windows hosting plans, for example, the Plesk control panel, PHP, Perl, Silverlight and MySQL.

For the differences, MyHosting provides more email accounts and unlimited disk storage in its plans, while GoDaddy limits the usage more strictly in the cheapest plan – 100 GB disk space and 1 email account.

However, GoDaddy is undoubtedly better when it comes to the critical features like the operating system, database version, and some other developer features. It seems that MyHosting doesn’t care much about Windows hosting users because many of the technical things are out-of-date.

For instance, while most Windows hosting providers nowadays utilize Windows Server 2012/2012 R2, MyHosting only adopts Windows Server 2008 R2. Besides, as MSSQL has already received its updates to the version 2012/2014/2016, MyHosting still uses MSSQL 2005.

For more details, just read the feature table below.

Feature MyHosting GoDaddy
Plan Business Hosting Economy
Multiple Sites Yes No
Disk Space Unlimited 100 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts 1 50
Email Accounts 20 1
MySQL DBs 5 10
Windows Server 2008 R2 2012 R2
IIS 7.5 8.5
ASP.NET 4.0 Unknown Version
ASP.NET MVC Unknown Version 3
Web Deploy No Yes
WebMatrix No Yes
Classic ASP No Yes

From the table, you can learn that neither of them is excellent enough in offering great Windows hosting features because of the obvious limitations, but GoDaddy is better in the Microsoft technologies.

Should You Choose MyHosting or GoDaddy?

We won’t give you a positive answer because we don’t think MyHosting or GoDaddy is a great choice for Windows hosting. The former is expensive and short of useful features, while the latter is slow (which has a bad impact on the user experience and website rankings).

In this case, you’d better add some other web hosts onto your shopping list. If we can get the honor to offer suggestions, the following ones are good to consider.