MyHosting VS HostGator on ASP.NET Hosting

MyHosting VS HostGator on ASP.NET Hosting

MyHosting and HostGator almost have the same long history in the web hosting industry. At present, they both offer Linux/Windows shared hosting, VPS, as well as other online services. This comparison, however, only makes between their Windows hosting services to figure out which web host should be your choice.

From our trials and reviews, we found that MyHosting is far away from being a good Windows hosting provider because it provides neither of the latest Windows hosting features, fast speed, or helpful Windows-related technical support. Due to these weaknesses, this web host cannot actually compare with HostGator which maintains a good reputation.

More details are presented in the following ratings as well as the content thereafter.

Rating MyHosting HostGator
Price 2 5
Feature 2.5 4.5
Reliability 4 5
Loading Speed 2.5 5
Tech Support 3 4.5
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Common of MyHosting and HostGator – Good Uptime

Despite many differences between the two web hosts, they both provide quite excellent uptime for their Windows hosting services, so that your websites hosted with them are always accessible for the visitors.

MyHosting and HostGator are using more than one data centers to house the servers. To improve the service reliability, they have made many efforts, and the following things are all true with them.

  • The servers are equipped with RAID storage arrays to guarantee the safety of data.
  • The servers are connected to multiple fiber optic networks that ensure the redundancy.
  • The data centers feature a high level of physical security with card access, camera surveillance and security guards.
  • The data centers feature 100% power availability backed by UPS and diesel generators.
  • Constant cooling and fire suppression are performed.

For all Windows hosting users, MyHosting guarantees 100% uptime. Although the company cannot fulfill this commitment in most months, the real uptime averages over 99.9%, which is also great.

HostGator promises 99.9% uptime, while it performs even better than the competitor in our uptime monitoring. Its uptime seldom falls below 99.9%.

Another Similarity Between Them – Fast Speed

Both web hosts are reliable, providing good uptime. And what’s better, the speed of their Windows hosting services is also fast, according to our tests. There are reasons, of course. For example, the excellence of HostGator attributes to the multiple data center locations in the US, the high-performance network gear from Juniper and Cisco, and the expert network monitoring.

Here is the comparison between the speed of the two web hosts.

What Makes HostGator Better than MyHosting?

Except for the good uptime, MyHosting lags behind HostGator in almost all other aspects, such as the price, ease of use, Windows hosting technologies, speed, and Windows hosting technical support.

More plans with better prices

MyHosting has always been offering two Windows shared hosting plans which are now priced from $18.69/mo and $37.44/mo for the first term. There is no information about the renewal rates. To be honest, even the special introductory prices are too expensive for most shared hosting users.

HostGator also provides two plans – Personal Plan and Enterprise Plan. These plans are regularly priced from $5.95/mo and $17.95/mo, while the current promotion with the coupon code HG45PERCENT brings a 45% discount for $3.27/mo and $9.87/mo only. These prices are much more affordable than those of MyHosting plans.

HostGator Coupon Code Activation

In addition to the cheaper price, HostGator allows a longer period of time for users to ask for a full refund. 45 days should be enough for trials and tests. And for MyHosting, the money-back period is 30 days.

Better features

When it comes to the Windows hosting features, there are many similarities between the two web hosts. For example, both of them offer the following things.

  • Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7.
  • Unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer.
  • PHP, Python, Silverlight and ASP.NET 3.5.
  • Free website backups.

For the differences, you can check the following table.

Feature MyHosting HostGator
Plan Business Personal Plan
Website Unknown 1
MySQL DBs 5 Unlimited
MSSQL DBs 1 Unlimited
Email Accounts 20 Unlimited
FTP Accounts 1 Unlimited
ASP.NET 4.5 No Yes
Classic ASP No Yes
Control Panel Unknown Plesk
Price $18.69/mo $3.27/mo
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More professional Windows hosting support

Both MyHosting and HostGator provide live chat, phone and support tickets as the support methods. As all these channels are available 24×7, you can ask for technical support at any time you want. The difference, however, lies in the quality of the support.

First of all, HostGator has a large support team with hundreds of Windows hosting experts who have the knowledge and skills to help you. MyHosting is much smaller. Besides, the HostGator support staff responds much more quickly to issues they receive, according to many users’ reviews and our experiences.

HostGator Is the Better Windows Hosting Provider

When they are compared, HostGator wins a lot over MyHosting since its technical support, performance and features are much better. What’s more, you can get all these advantages at much lower prices. So as a conclusion, we would recommend HostGator as your choice.