Omnis VS GoDaddy on Windows Hosting Solution

Omnis VS GoDaddy on Windows Hosting Solution

A good Windows web host can make their hosted websites from a few static pages to a fully interactive media site. From the sea of web hosts, Omnis and GoDaddy are likely to get your attention. When it comes to the need for a right hosting decision, most of you will be confused about where to start. To bring you the convenience, the Omnis vs GoDaddy comparison has summarized their advantages and disadvantages.

Price and feature information mainly comes from their official website. Also, our monitoring on hosting environment, personal tests for support quality, and user feedbacks contribute to this more comprehensive and objective comparison. At this moment, it is advisable to read the below rating table which comes before the detailed comparison.

Rating Omnis GoDaddy
Hosting Charges 4 4.5
Feature Offerings 3.5 3
Hosting Uptime 5 4.5
Loading Speed 2.5 3
Support Quality 3.5 3
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Advantage of Using Omnis

Cloud web hosting

With Omnis, your Windows website is hosted on a serious of networked servers instead of a single one. Traditionally, downtimes will happen to your website because the planned maintenance or unexpected errors on that server. However, the cloud web hosting can transfer your website content across the Internet at the same time.

It is a fact that both web hosts are reliable web hosts, but Omnis provides a more stable hosting environment for their hosted websites. Below are the uptime records of GoDaddy, which fall slightly behind those of Omnis in the past month.

Unlimited server resources

With unlimited server resources included in the Window Cloud plan, Omnis also offers a free domain name. Though there is also a free domain name with the annual plan, GoDaddy allocates much limited server resources for the Economy Plan and Deluxe Plan. What you can see from the below table is the Omnis generosity about the server resources.

Basic Feature Omnis GoDaddy
Plan in Review Windows Cloud Economy
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited 100 GB
Databases Unlimited 11
FTP Accounts Unlimited 50
Email Accounts Unlimited 1
Website(s) Unlimited 1
Free Domain 1 1
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Advantages of Using GoDaddy

Cheap hosting fees

The allocation of server resources makes GoDaddy a more affordable choice. The original prices can be reduced down to $2.99/mo, which are according to the contract term period you select. With Omnis, the starting price of $7.95/mo is available for the biennial payment.

Hosting Charges Omnis GoDaddy
Plan in Review Windows Cloud Economy
Quarterly Payment $10.95/mo $7.99/mo
Semi-Annual Payment $9.95/mo
Annual Payment $8.95/mo $4.49/mo
Biennial Payment $7.95/mo $3.99/mo
Triennial Payment $2.99/mo
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Plesk control panel

For Windows users, an easy website management should rely on Plesk control panel. GoDaddy is among the web hosts who include Plesk control panel into the Windows hosting solutions to deliver an easy using experience. Omnis claims to provide users with an easy to use control panel but it fails to get good feedbacks from them.

Disadvantages of Using Omnis and GoDaddy

Limited package features

After the further investigation into their plan, we find their lack of some features. For example, Classic ASP is not on the Omnis feature list and GoDaddy restricts the application of SSL certificate to the former two plans. In addition, their versions of some Windows features remain a question for both our editors and Windows users.

Feature Offerings Omnis GoDaddy
Plan in Review Windows Cloud Economy
ASP.NET 3.5 Unknown
ASP.NET MVC Unknown 3
MSSQL Unknown 2014/2012
Windows Server Unknown 2012
PHP 5.6/5.5/5.4 5
IIS 7/6 8.5
Backup Yes Paid
Website Builder Yes Paid
Classic ASP No Yes
SSD Yes No
SSL Yes No
Isolated Application Pool No Yes
Current Price $7.95/mo $2.99/mo
Full Refund 30 Days 30 Days
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Long server response time

Server response time refers to the amount of time a web server needs to answer a request from a browser. Without quick server responses, the efforts to optimize your page speed will be in vain. After a long time of our monitoring, we are disappointed to record their bad records for server response time. For example, GoDaddy averages server response time to about 800ms in the past month.

Generally speaking, each server hosted on data centers should be reconfigured with SSD drives, CDN, and other advanced technologies. Quality servers will contribute a lot to faster page loading speed. From this perspective, both web hosts should have more investment on the reconfiguration.

Low support quality

Also, our editors have spent some time testing their service quality. It is not a good using experience because we cannot often get effective technical assistances from their support representatives. What Omnis distinguishes from GoDaddy is the provision of phone, chat, and email support. However, the secret behind the appearance can be revealed after the combination of our tests and user feedbacks.

Wrap Up

Just like a coin, both Omnis and GoDaddy have two sides. Considering their major disadvantages, we don’t advise you to take a high risk trying their Windows hosting service. In the market, below are some good alternatives, any of which enables you to better run a Windows site.