SeekDotNet VS GoDaddy – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

SeekDotNet VS GoDaddy – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

SeekDotNet is a web hosting company who specializes in Windows hosting since its establishment in 2001, claiming that it will always provide the latest Windows Web Hosting technologies. Founded in 1997, GoDaddy is well-known for being the world’s largest domain name registrar, owning 62 million domains under management and serving more than 14 million customers with 5000+ employees.

From the perspective of the specialty, it is natural for you to locate your choice with SeekDotNet. However, you may tend to choose GoDaddy when simply judging from the firm size. In fact, it is necessary for you to take more factors into consideration like price, feature, uptime, speed, and support. Driven by the desire to give you the best answer, our editors have dug into the details. Based on what we have browsed, we have made an overall rating table to impress you with a general idea at first.

Rating SeekDotNet GoDaddy
Pricing 3.5 3
Feature 2.5 4
Performance 3.5 3
Support 2.5 2
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Prices – SeekDotNet Wins

SeekDotNet sets low prices for its four Windows hosting solutions (Windows Economy, Windows Business, Windows Professional, and Windows Enterprise). To our surprise, we discover that you can get one at a low price of $0.99/mo.

So far, GoDaddy has released three ASP.NET hosting plans (Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate), the prices for which are starting from $9.99/mo. With a considerable 50% discount, the prices are now reduced down to $4.99/mo.

All the Windows shared hosting plans offered by the two hosting companies come with 30-day full money back guarantee. A slight difference lying between the two web hosts is that GoDaddy sets limitation for this refund policy. The 30-day refund policy is only designed for the GoDaddy clients who sign up for annual plans.

Features – GoDaddy Wins

Since there are seven Windows hosting plans in total, it is hard to make a specific comparison among all of them. Therefore, we select Windows Professional from SeekDotNet and Deluxe from GoDaddy.

Feature SeekDotNet GoDaddy
Plan Windows Professional Deluxe
Disk Space 30 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 100 GB Unlimited
Hosted Site(s) 5 Unlimited
MSSQL Databases 5 2
MySQL Databases 5 25
FTP Accounts 5 50
Email Accounts Unlimited 500 MB
Control Panel Plesk Plesk
Regular Price $7.99/mo $13.49/mo
Discount N/A 51%
Special Price N/A $6.49/mo

At present, you must learn why SeekDotNet can charge you for $0.99/mo only. The reason is mainly that the SeekDotNet minimum plan is packed with more limited resources than the above one. It is true that GoDaddy offers you much richer resources, but the price is a little expensive either in the regular time or during the promotion period. Though both of them deploy Plesk as the control panel, we are sorry to tell that you still have better choices.

Performance – SeekDotNet Wins

To guarantee the maximum uptime and speed, the two web hosts both have invested much to build multiple first class data centers, all of which come with high performance servers, UPS power and diesel generators. Besides, they also have employed experienced technicians to monitor the servers and the network so that the emergencies can be addressed in time and the damages can be reduced to the greatest extent possible.

According to our monitoring during the past 30 days, the uptime of SeekDotNet is 99.92% and that of GoDaddy 99.93%. Generally speaking, the two web hosts both do a good job, carrying out their promises of at least 99.9% uptime. Below is the uptime testing we have made on GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting.

As for the server response time, SeekDotNet averages 540ms while GoDaddy is slower with over 700ms. From the perspective of the speed, SeekDotNet is the winner in this battle. The GoDaddy Slowness can be reflected in the following chart.

Support – Both Are Not Good

After browsing many real customer reviews, we have to say that you should not be too optimistic about the technical support of the two web hosts. Though both of them promise to provide 24/7 support via email, ticket, or phone, the bad reviews reveal the truth that they fail to achieve that.

During our survey, the most important message we notice is that both of them have ever completely refused to give a refund despite the 30 days money back guarantee on their official sites. The requests for refund were often never answered and simply ignored. All they have responded is that they have processed to cancel the accounts but the money has never been refunded to the users.

Another annoying thing is that the GoDaddy support team will try to sell services the users don’t ask for and you will not see any help in the future. The users even said that the technical support guys seem incapable of resolving issues now.

Final Verdict – Both Are Not Recommended

To sum up, the two web hosts are not good options especially when we take the poor support into account. What’s more, they are both not cost-effective, not offering cheap prices and rich features at the same time.

According to our experience, we have selected some great hosting companies like Host4ASP.NET which have done an excellent job in all the aspects in order to provide the users with the reliable ASP.NET hosting service.