How to Start a Business Website in China?

How to Start a Business Website in China?

Since China has become a potential superpower, there are more and more commercial opportunities in this country. Thus, many people wish to start their business in China and build a website to help them expand the market. Before creating a site, webmasters need to take many factors into consideration, such as a good hosting company, a suitable domain and the way to optimize and publish the site.

Some people may have no idea about how to develop a website in China successfully. To help readers finish those steps with ease, we display the specific methods in the following article.

Select a Suitable Hosting Provider

make choiceMany readers may ask the same question that who can provide them with the most reliable and fastest hosting service in China? Based on our real hosting experience and surveys on more than 100 companies, we find that some Hong Kong hosting providers have the ability to offer excellent hosting services in Asia, especially for Chinese websites.

Hong Kong web hosting is free for ICP license, so webmasters don’t need to spend nearly one month to ask for this permit. Thus, for the people who want to create a website without consuming a lot of time, Hong Kong hosting company is a good option.

Generally speaking, all people focus on the reliability and speed most. With Hong Kong web hosting, they can enjoy a fast connection speed to China mainland and some other Asian countries. Some web hosts provide VIP connections to China mainland, in which websites are delivered 100% uptime. is one of best Hong Kong web hosting companies offering high performance service for $4.95/mo, about 50% offer the regular price. You can read this post for more about the service in this region.

Choose a Proper Domain

proper domainYou need to choose an SEO-friendly domain name that is easy to understand and remember. When selecting a domain name, you need to avoid specific symbols, too long or too complicated words and the hard pronounced words. Besides, the domain name should be related to your website.

For example, if you are operating a coffee shop, you’d better set the domain as “”. Thus, the visitors can get the information about what kind of your business is at the first sight. In this case, your site can be easily searched by many other people, and the site is able to get a high ranking on the search engines.

Upload Your Website with FTP

When finishing managing the web content and choosing a suitable hosting provider, the last step you need to do is uploading your website to the servers. One of the most typical uploading methods is FTP, a file transfer program, with which you are able to copy all the content from your website and transfer them to the web server.

During this process, you need to make sure that the data, files, images, videos and some other web content are copied over to the server. And then, your website can be viewed by people on the Internet.

Optimize the Content and Layout of Your Website

optimizationFascinating web content can help you attract a large number of visitors who are commonly interested in something special and amazing. The content should be concise and include the key information. You can post the articles with some beautiful images, making the web pages look vivid and attractive.

Besides, the elegant and clear layout is also a critical element of site building. Some site-builders like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla can help you design the website with ease. Take WordPress as an example, there are numerous themes and plugins on, with which you can beautify and enrich your site effortless.