TMDHosting VS WinHost on Windows Hosting

TMDHosting VS WinHost on Windows Hosting

It is important for you to choose a reliable Windows hosting provider. You are likely to take TMDHosting and WinHost into consideration because the former one attracts your attention due to the cheap hosting solutions and the latter one is famous for the professionalism because it has being focusing all the resources on the Windows hosting.

We are going to present an objective comparison between TMDHosting and WinHost which shows you what edges one has over the other. In this way, you will make a wise decision according to your needs.

Before the detailed information, we would like to share an overall rating table with you. Here a question may arise in your mind that how we mark the two web hosts. You will get an exact answer from the following explanations.

Rating TMDHosting WinHost
Cost-Effectiveness 3 4
Advanced Feature 3 4.5
Speed 3 4.5
Techical Support 4 4.5
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TMDHosting Edges over WinHost

Budget-friendly hosting solutions

There are some similarities between TMDHosting and WinHost. For example, both have three Windows shared hosting solutions, both support 3/12/24-month payment, etc. Simply judging from the below rating table, you will take it for granted that WinHost is cheaper than TMDHosting. However, things turn different when we try to find more information.

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  1. WinHost charges $15.87/yr for a new domain name while TMDHosting includes a 1-year free one in all the plans.
  2. It is more flexible to send the payment to TMDHosting: through credit card or PayPal. However, WinHost only accepts the payment through credit card.
  3. The minimum plan of WinHost comes with 3 GB disk space and 50 GB bandwidth while that of TMDHosting comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It is true that the WinHost Basic Plan can meet your basic needs, but you need to go with the Max Plan or the Ultimate Plan if you add rich media into your website.
Pricing TMDHosting WinHost
Plan Starter Basic Plan
3-Year Payment $3.99/mo No
2-Year Payment $4.99/mo $3.95/mo
1-Year Payment $5.99/mo $4.95/mo
3-Month Payment $8.99/mo $5.95/mo

60-day refund policy

If you are not satisfied with the hosting service, you can submit a refund request to the billing department of TMDHosting and WinHost. You can reduce the risk to try a new host with the 30-day full refund policy of WinHost and the 60-day one of TMDHosting. There is an industry practice that the refund policy does not apply to the domain fee.

WinHost Edges over TMDHosting

Latest technologies

If you are in pursuit of the latest technologies, such as, Windows Server 2012, ASP.NET 5, and ASP.NET MVC 6, you will learn that WinHost is a proper web host from the feature table. It is true that TMDHosting comes with richer basic features like a free domain name, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth, but it does not open some detailed information like the version of ASP.NET MVC to the public.

In addition, WinHost has built its own control panel which is as powerful as Plesk. Before your subscription, you are free to check whether you can well manage your website with the custom control panel.

Feature TMDHosting WinHost
Plan Starter Basic Plan
Disk Space Unlimited 3 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 50 GB
Free Domain 1 0
Website(s) 6 1
Control Panel Plesk Custom
Application Pool Isolated Isolated
Windows Server 2012 R2 2012 R2
ASP.NET 5/4.6 5/4.6
ASP.NET MVC Unknown Version 6/5
SQL Unknown Version 2016/2014/2012
IIS Unknown Version 8/7
Classic ASP Yes Yes
SSL Certificate Yes Yes
Current Price $3.99/mo $3.95/mo
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Much better hosting environment

WinHost is able to shape a better hosting environment for you because it houses 100% DELL servers at a first-class data center near its office. The servers are featured with RAID 10 disk arrays, 64-bit software, 32 GB RAM, and dual quad core processors. To make your website more secure, WinHost even hosts each element of the services on separate servers.

Below is the monitoring of the uptime and speed of WinHost.

Though partnering with Cisco, DELL, and Supermicro, TMDHosting still fails to deliver a satisfying speed. We cannot rule out the possibility that TMDHosting overloads the servers.

Better customer service

There is often a misunderstanding that WinHost is inferior to TMDHosting on the customer service because WinHost only provides around the clock support through the support portal while TMDHosting has multiple contact tunnels. The support holding time of WinHost is a little longer than that of TMDHosting. However, the answers from WinHost are much more helpful than those from TMDHosting.

What’s more, WinHost also creates a knowledgebase where you can find answers to commonly asked questions and a forum where you can discuss your situations with others.

WinHost Is the Better Windows Hosting Provider

For a personal blog or a small website, you are advised to try WinHost because you only need to pay less than $4/mo to enjoy the latest technologies, a much better hosting environment, and a better customer service. Moreover, you are also backed by the 30-day refund policy. In a word, WinHost is the better Windows hosting provider.